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Ring of Fire 7th March 2021 Update

Ring of Fire 7th March 2021 UpdateRing of Fire 7th March 2021 Update on Zee World Update

Ring of Fire 7th March 2021 Update – Anurag and Vishu eagerly wait for Ragini and Shristi at a restaurant. Girls see them alone and start flirting with them. Vishu asks if girl if she does not feel cold in sleeveless clothes. Girl says she is and asks his jacket. Vishu removes his jacket and gives it to her. Shristi fumes seeing this. Anurag asks Vishu not to remove anything else and asks if he is not feeling cold.

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Vishu says he is Bihar’s hot blood and does not feel cold. Anurag says London. Girl asks Anurag’s number. Ragini enters and says 36, that is her shoe number which will fall on her. Shristi says Vishu is his her husband and if she does not go, she will be trashed with slippers. Girls run away. Ragini and Shristi then scold Anurag and Vishu. Anurag says what he could do, she did not come at all. Vishu says he was enjoying.

Revathi fumes seeing Shristi and Ragini missing. Power goes off. Dulari brings candle singing Kabhi deep jale kabhi dil…song.. Revathi yells at her. Rohini passes by and thinks bhabhi is very angry. Revahti asks what is she doing here. Rohini says speaking to her husband and he wished her hi.. Revathi walks in angrily.

Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi continue their formal chat and order dish. Rohini comes and sits in next stable.

Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi chat formally. Vishu talks about his invention and asks Shristi to help. Shristi says she will. Anurag talks about construction. Waiter serves dish. Ragini sees only carrots and 260 rs as price and shouts. Anurag says it is common in hotel. Shristi says carrot is 50 rs per kg. Rohini thinks they are selling carrots instead of romance. She orders liquor and asks waiter to serve them. Waiter serves drinks as complementary. Ragini drinks it and orders more for her and her team. They all 4 get heavily inebriated.

Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi start acting weird under inebriation. Ragini says it is very hot, she will remove her jacket. Anurag says he will take her in open air and takes her towards car. Vishu takes Shristi to cycle. Anurag and Ragini’s drama starts near car. Shristi tries to lift her sari to ride cycle. Vishu imagines her in bath towel and says no need for that, he will drive cycle. She says even that is fine.

Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi get heavily inebriated and start acting weird. They dance on Jungle Hai Adhi Raati hai. Rohini waits for them and hopes Revathi does not notice them. Revathi waits wihth Dulari. They reach home singing. Rohini notices them and says Revathi let us speak. Revathi she will better watch satsang than chatting with her and leaves with Dulari.

Rohini walks out and asks Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi to come. Shristi plays teacher and asks them all to stand in a que. They obey here and continue their jokergiri. Rohini gets them inside house. Their drama continues. Vidhvan sees Anurag wobbling and asks what is he dong. Anurag goes in front of him. Vidhvan asks if he is inebriated. Anurag says he will never drink again and kisses his forehead.

Vidhvan asks him to go to his room. Anurag asks him to forgive him first. Vidhvan says okay. Anurag says he will drop him to his room first. Vidhvan sees Shristi and Ragini heavily inebriated and scolds Anurag.

Rohini tries to control Shristi and Ragini, but fail. She walks to Vidhvan and says she mixed alcohol in children’s drink, they are good. Vidhvan says he knows and warns her not to make mistake again. Revathi walks in. Vidhvan walks to her and gets romantic. She shyingly says they are parents of 3 children. He holds her and says for him, she is same young bride. Daadi walks in. They both get nervous.

Ring of Fire 7th March 2021 Update – Daadi asks them to continue while she gets water from kitchen. Revathi says she will get her water and walks to living room. Shristi and Ragini are busy taunting Dulari. Revathi enters and stands fuming. Dulari provokes her that her bahus spoit her name. Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi’s drama continues..

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