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Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2021 Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2021 UpdateKumkum Bhagya 29th January 2021 Update – Ranbir Refuses To Marry Prachi By Cheat

Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2021 Update starts with Aryan asking Jai, why he connected Shahana and his name together. Jai says everyone knows about you both. Ranbir asks them to be quiet and says Rhea will go from here, she has to bring her to me. He says you have to tell her that I am talking on phone and shouting Chief Chief. They agree to bring Rhea to him.

Ranbir looks on. Abhi tells Pragya that he will file case against the mobile company for the low battery. He tells her that we shall leave from here as uncle and aunty don’t want us to stay here. Pragya gets up. Uncle comes and asks if he wants the kumkum to wipe off? He says you can stay here and shall not go. Abhi says it is proved that only wife’s wins, even if marriage is new or old. He asks aunty what she said that he agreed. Uncle says she said that we shall not forget our old days. He asks how did you come here?

Abhi says on horse, we took the horse of the baraat and ran away with it. Uncle asks where is the horse? Pragya says we had tied it outside the village. Uncle says you did good and tells that the goons are after you and want to kill you both. He tells that if they see you then will kill all of us and asks his wife to make food for them. Aunty praises Abhi to find happiness in everything. Ranbir pretends to talk to someone on call about Abhi.

Rhea comes there and hears them. He says there are some goons behind Chief and can do anything with him. Rhea asks where is he? Ranbir says house. Rhea says I need to go and asks him to come. Ranbir says I will come in my car and asks her to go. Rhea goes. Ranbir, Jai, Aryan and Palak dance, when Prachi comes there and look at them dancing. They get tensed.

The goons talk to each other and tell that Abhi and Pragya must have gone out of the village. They argue and decide to go out in Jeep. Prachi asks why are they dancing, as marriage haven’t happened till now. Aryan says they are dancing for premarriage celebration. Ranbir asks her to dance. Prachi says I will not dance. Pandit ji tells that the mahurat is good and if it passes then something bad will happen. Ranbir says this thing shall not happen. He asks Prachi to sit in the mandap and then asks Palak. Aryan gets worried and says his Dad shall not know. Ranbir asks him to come.

Purab asks Inspector to do something and says they are in danger. Inspector calls someone and asks to get the photos of the goons. He tells Purab that someone must have given contract to kill Abhi. Purab says Pragya di said clearly that she had hit someone with the car. The Inspector asks if someone hits your car, then will you shoot that person. She says this is the case of contract killing. Purab says he has no enemies. Inspector says what you might think right, is wrong for others. Purab gets convinced.

Pragya tries to help the aunty with the work. She says she will not take help of the new bride. Pragya says she will not let her work. Abhi asks aunty if she has charger. She brings mobile and charger and says they had brought it for her son, but he didn’t want to return to them. Abhi charges the phone and calls Purab. Pragya asks if he remembers her number. Abhi says no. He calls Purab and tells that they are safe in some uncle and aunty’s house. Purab tells that some contract killers are behind him. He asks about the shooter. Abhi gives the description. Inspector asks him to be there safely, till they catch the goons.

Ranbir explains his plan to Pandit ji, that just as Aryan pushes him, he will put garland in Prachi’s neck. Jai says then I will tell that I should have married. Ranbir says Shahana will hold Prachi so that she don’t refuse. Pandit ji feels guilty. Ranbir asks him not to feel guilty and declares them husband and wife, just as he completes the varmala rasam.

Rhea comes home. Tai ji opens the door and asks if Meera called you. Rhea says why she will call me and even if she calls me then also I will not pick my call. She asks where is Dad? Tai ji says with Pragya. Rhea says his call is not connecting and tells that he is in trouble. Tai ji gets tensed. Rhea calls Abhi and his phone is unreachable. She says she will call Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2021 Update ends as Jai and Palak are seated for the marriage. Prachi is seated with Palak and Ranbir is seated with Jai. Pandit ji asks Prachi and Ranbir to keep the garlands with them. Ranbir recalls their love proposal. Prachi stands holding the garland and asks why Pandit ji is hurrying up for marriage. Ranbir gets nervous. Jai asks Ranbir to put garland in Prachi’s neck. Ranbir says I can’t betray Prachi and marry her with cheat.

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