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Jodha Akbar 8th June 2020 Update

Jodha Akbar 8th June 2020 Update starts as Jodha is coming on the carpet. Jalal is moving towards her too. She recalls when they were getting married. People are roaring Jalal’s name. Jalal smiles at Jodhna. Jalal does the adaab. They smiles at each other. Jodha does the arti of Jalal. She recalls when she said to him that she will only come bvack she wants to. Jalal says come with me. He extends his hand and Jodha holds it. Ruks is in tears and is angry to see this. She leaves and so does Adham Khan. Jalal and jodha smile at each other.

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Jalal takes Jodha forward. They are moving together, in the castle. Rest of the people are following them. Jodha is happy to see that Jalal has made a mandir for her in there. Jalal says you took your Ghana with you so I planned on welcoming your Ghana back too. Everyone is smiling.

Pandit says all the arrangements have been made for the pooja.Can we start now ? Jalal nods. Pandit ji says you both have to sit along as a couple for that. Jodha says Pandit ji we both are always together. Pandit ji asks them to take their places. They sit together. Salima says to jodha that I am so happy to se that jodha and jalal are back together. Hamida says mee to Salima.

First Hindus gifted Quran Pak to the mughal king and now mughal kings is doing pooja for his hindu wife. A new combine culture is about to start. Its a new beginning where the two are meeting together.

Jodha and Jalal does the pooja rituals. Pandit ji says the asthampna is done.
Jodha says shahenshah I wanna say something. Jalal says I have to so much to talk about as well but you are tired now. Go and take some rest we will talk later on.

Scene 2
Hamid says to a servan that all the things are good. Jodha comes to Hamida’s room. SHe says parnam to her. Hamida says Jodha.. Jodha asks how are you ? She says I am better now. But when you left me without telling me I was so low. Jodha says please forgive me ammi jaan. She is in tears. Hamida says i can’t still see your tears. You don’t need to say anything. I can understand your emotions. hamida syas that a small kid cried and tells all the problems to his mom and you tolerated all the alone. I think there were shortcomings in my love. You didn’t even think that you are not just jalal’s wife, my daughter too. Jalal had to be punished. What was my fault and Salima’s ?

The small Rahim thought that his choti ami has left because he asked for stories. He came to me and said bring my choi ammi back I will never ask for stories. Why you punished all of us ? Jodha says please pardon me. I took too intense step in emotions. Hamida says you will be punished to for this mistake. From today you won’t go out of Agra. You won’t go out of this castle without telling me. Jodha says I accept his.

Hamida says If you hadn’t left jalal would never had realized his mistake. The human inside that kingv would never have come out. First time I saw jalal working as his heart directed him. He respected others’s emotions. I am grateful to you that you e him his heart back.

Scene 3
Jodha tells a;; the story to Shivani. She tells that he kept on sking for his pardon then i realized that it was too much. Shicvani says you have done wrong to him. He left his empire to look fro you and asked for pardon but you never said yes. I could see some special life on his face when he heard that you are coming back. he asked everyone to start arrangments for your welcome. Shahenshah loves you a lot. Jodha says not as much as you love tejwand. Shivani says please don’t tease me. Jodha says you can say everything. sHe asks are you happy with tejwand

Shivani sasy yes I am so happy and this has happened because of Shahenshah. How is everyone in amir ? Have mom and dad forgiven me ? Jodha says you are their daughter how can’t they ? You gave them reason to be angry. But when Jalal forgave you and tejwand, I could see peace on dda’s face. Shivani says such beautiful decorations.

Scene 4
Ruks says you will never win jodha becasue the game of heart and mind is still left. She looks at the painting and says wow its so good. She gives gift to the artist, Ruks says this haram has been ruled by the one who has been ruling jalal’s mind. You came and changed all the rules. This is now game of jalal’s heart. First time someone gave me a tought competition.

Scene 5
Jodha asks how this painting came in to my room moti ? Moti says Shahenshah have got it for you. When you were not here Shahaenshah used to stay here whole nights. I never saw him sleeping. He always used to look at your picture and kept on talking to your painting for hours. I felt like he has lost himself. He was broken even after being a shahenshah. I have seen him crying. He nevr met any of his wives after you left. I have seen love for you in his eyes. Shivani says jiji you lost in his thoughts ? There is time left in the night. Jodha runs after her. Shivani says I am sorry. They hug each other.

Scene 6
Jalal is in his room and recalls Jodha’s arrival. He smiles. He recalls jodha holding his hand. A man comes and tells him that jodha has come. Jodha comes in, jalal feels confused.

Jodha says shahenshah I wanna say something.. Jalal says thank God I heard those words again. I was dying to hear them. Please stay I am coming in a moment. He takes out a hunter from trunk. He says that I deserve punishment as well. I know that my words did hurt you. I want you to hit me with this. Only then I will be able to look in your eyes. He gives the hunter to jodha.

Jodha Akbar 8th June 2020 Update on Zee World

Scene 1
jalal ask jodha to punishe him, jodha takes hunter and ask how much should I attack, jalal says as much as you want, till my fault is not removed from your heart, till you are not satisfied you can beat til that and I will not say anything, jodha looks at him ,jodha says if this is the thing then I am at fault first and you punish me first, jalal says no you havnt did anything, I was wrong, jodh says no I did crime, you did what you had seen and what you understood but I didn’t allow the truth to come out to you, I hided truth, you kept asking forgiveness but I could nt see as I was blided by my ego, I did sin that my husband was begging me and I didn’t even look at you, I am criminal, I hurt a lot of people for my ego hamida, salima they are hurt and Rahim I hurt him too so I am biggest criminal so give me punishment.

Jalal says no I am criminal I asked you to leave from agra, because of me all are hurt, I am neither good husband nor good king, punish me please forgive, he folds his hand, jodha holds it and says no, jodha says husband bend infront of wife is not good and king bend infront of wife its even not more good and to tell you truth, I forgave from long time but I couldn’t forgave you, she says I didn’t return because you removed tax or you forgave shivani but I return to see the person who have heart, have softness, have love for his own and that person is stanidn infront of me, I returned because my mission is accomplished and person infront of me is best human and king, I am proud of you and that I am your wife, some prick goes in jodha’s eyes

Jalal gets worried and says I will take it out, he gets close and blows air in her eyes, jodha holds his hand, jalal looks at her.. in ankhin main plays.. they are not leaving hands, jodha is shy, jalal holds her hand in his palm, they share eyelock, jalal gets emotional and hugs jodha, jodha is stunned first, tries to control herself but closes eyes and feels jalal’s heartbeat, she pulls up her hand and hugs back jalal who is stunned and hugs her tightly, jalal breaks hug, they are getting close when ruks comes there. she is shocked to see them so close(wrong timing ruks)

Jalal caresses jodha’s cheek and both smile at each other, jodha is blushing, ruks is fuming. she is in tears and leaves.. ishq hai who ehsas plays… ruks thinks that you didn’t do rith jodha by coming so close to jalal. she gets unconscious and throws big vase. jalal comes out listening to sound, he sees ruks lying on ground and ask to call doctor, he takes her in his arms and takes to room.

Scene 2
jalal says don’t now how she got unconscious, jodha says maybe she was stressed or tired, jalal sprinkles water and ruks gets up, doctor comes there, ruks says its not needed I am alright, jalal says doctor will check you, doctor says nothing serious but she maybe be weak, she gives ruks energy syrup to drink. she says it seems you are not eating well, ruks says yes I don’t fel like eating, jalal says wow you eat like birds and even then you are ignoring food, doctor says I will check her in morning and leaves. jodha ask are you fine, ruks acts rude and says I want to go in my room, she gets up but falls, jalal holds her and says I will take you to room as you are not fine, they leaves while jodha is left behind and feels little bad.

Scene 3
Shehnaz is finding something when maham comes there and ask who are you, what are you doing here, shehnaz says I am jodha.. maham says ohh so you are jodha’s bandhi, what were you finding in trunk, shehnaz says I was finding Krishna idol, maham says its my room not jodha’s, shehnaz sasy all room are same here, maham shouts that you know whom you are talking, I am chief minister, its sin to enter in my room and I will punish you, shehnaz says no, javeda comes there and ask shehnaz what are you doing here shehnaz, maham sasyyou know her.

Javeda sasy she is with jodha, maham sasy jodha brought spy with her for me, javeda whispers that she is lil mad, maham ask her to take her away, shehnaz goes with javeda. maham sasy all mad are in my fate and that is making me mad who is not speaking.

Scene 4
Jalal brings ruks in room and ask dasi to keep check on her food and also give her healthy food, ruks says I am not that ill, jalal says you have to take care of yourself, ruks ask is this order? jalal says no request but it can be order too, he says to dasi to tell him if she doesn’t eat, jalal kisses her forehead, he says you take rest I have some work, he is about to leave but turns and nods to take care and leaves, ruks is happy.

Maham comes to hr secret place, she says I always come with hope that I get answers but you always disappoint me but now its enough my patience is lost, you think my warnings are void but you don’t know that with my real face even devil gets afraid, she beats and burns him, she says this is your last chance, next time I come I will take secret from you.

Scene 5
Jodha is doing aarti on tulsi plant, Rahim comes there, jaodh ask what are you seeing, he says jalal didn’t do any mistake, he said same verses of bhajan, jodha ask what? Rahim says when you were not here jalal use to give water to plant that why its healthy and prays here, jodha says really? Rahim sasy he used to take care of your everything, jodha says I cant believe this that jalal does aarti here, Rahim says I know he seem little stubborn but he do whatever you like.

Jodha Akbar 8th June 2020 Update ends as Jodha says no don’t say like this for elder, he ask for parsad, jodha ask him to take aarti 1st, he does and jodha gives him parsad, he says I know now you will go to jalal to give him aarti and parsad but don’t tell him that I called him stubborn, he leaves, jodha looks at tulsi plant and smiles shyly.

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