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Gangaa 9th June 2020 Update

In Gangaa 9th June 2020 Update, the episode starts as Ganga teases Sagar if he was worried for her. He denies. She continues to tease him. I will go back to ashram then. He stops her. You wont go anywhere. You will stay here for forever. You will stay with me only. She knows he felt bad when she said that he isn’t her friend. I had to say so just because I could stay in the competition. He nods. She asks him if he is still upset with her. She denies. She teasingly follows him to tickle him. They enjoy a sweet moment.

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Right then, Niru calls out for Ganga. She excitedly goes out to see him. He has brought a cycle for her. Sagar feels bad as she dint see his card.

Prabha complains all the while giving Raman his things as he gets ready for office. He talks romantically to her but she is not interested. He attends a call. She notices the money in wallet. She takes it out when he is busy on the call. He leaves for office without noticing the missing cash. Prabha is very happy now. I will rule in Ginny’s party now.

Ganga thinks of the competition in her village where she had won the cycle. It was still given to Munakka. Ganga thinks of her Bappa. Niru asks her if she dint like it. She says it is very nice. You are just like my Bappa. You take care of me. Amma ji comes out to see why Niru was making so much commotion. Ganga shows her the bicycle. Sagar looks at his card. Amma ji asks Niru how much more he will spoil Ganga. Niru replies that good people deserve gifts when they achieve something big. Now Ganga will go to school on her cycle only.

Ganga shows her cycle to Sagar. He points out that she dint value his gift as it wasn’t expensive. She says sorry to him. I got excited seeing it. I don’t want expensive things. Babu brought it for me. He understands me so well, not you. I loved cycle since always. My Bappa’s memories are attached with it. Why will you understand though? He thinks that she always says that to him. One day I will show you that no one understands you like me.

In his room, Ganga’s words echo in Sagar’s head. I will prove it to her that I know and understand her. I know all her likes and dislikes. He gets an idea.

Sagar brings Ganga upstairs. He has brought something for her. Ganga realises that he has brought jalebis for her. He nods. He offers them to her. She refuses to eat them. You don’t remember that I don’t eat any of such stuff? Amma ji has clearly told me against it. He offers to stand guard so Dadi does not catch her. She cannot cheat anyone or lie to anyone. I am seeing it atleast. ( Gangaa 9th June 2020 Update) I don’t do all this. He shares that he had to go far to buy it. I used money from piggy bank. She stays put. You don’t understand anything that I say. This irks him all the more. He leaves. She thinks that she upset him but she was right. He does not understand anything that I say. She looks at the jalebis.

Sagar asks his father if it is too difficult to understand girls. Niru laughs hearing his question. Make the girls believe that they are important for you. Ask for their suggestion. Sadly, there are very few people in our society who make women believe that they are strong enough to take good decisions, to support them; and that they are equal to men. Sagar wonders how men will do it.

Niru explains that men should give authority to women in any situation, be it big or small. It can be even as small as asking them to take out clothes from wardrobe. Sagar realises that that is why he asks his mother to do it every morning. Madhvi comes to ask money from Niru. He simply asks her to take it from the wallet. NIru points the same to Sagar.

Sagar peeks in at Ganga. She is drying clothes in the balcony. He loudly speaks to himself in his room. I don’t know what to wear. Ganga comes to see what he is doing. He asks for her suggestion on what to wear. She sits down to check them all out. She picks one for him. he appreciates her for being too smart. I would have continued to think about what to wear if I was in your place. She offers to do it for him every day from now onwards.

He thinks that his plan worked. She begins to set his wardrobe right. He also tells her that she doesn’t have to ask for money from Madhvi anymore. I will give you. He gives her his piggy bank. She reminds him of how he earlier used to ask her not to touch his stuff. He changes his statement. You can take anything you want. You don’t even have to ask me about it. She is surprised as to how he changed so much all of a sudden. He goes quiet. How do I tell her now that I am trying to become like papa? She will never say it then that I don’t understand her. He replies that he has grown up now. I have become like papa. She tells him that he has a lot of time in becoming like Babu. Sagar is all the more confused. What all these girls want!

Ganga is riding her cycle inside the house. Amma ji asks her to take a break now. You are enough to trouble me now this bell has added to it! Sagar and Niru come downstairs. Barkha compliments him for knowing what girls want. Ganga is so happy after getting this cycle. She calls Sagar to her. This is how to impress girls. Learn something from your papa. Sagar realises that he will have to learn what all will make Ganga happy. I will have to learn it all from papa? It is too tough!

Barkha wants a small celebration on Ganga’s return. Let’s all go out for dinner. She insists. Madhvi reminds her that she is not a kid anymore. When will you learn to act like grownups? Barkha talks about dinner plan but Madhvi has already cooked dinner. Amma ji allows them all to go out. Madhvi is not interested but Barkha requests her to atleast come for Ganga. Madhvi gives in. Barkha sends Niru to get ready. Madhvi is uncomfortable.

Ganga wonders why Bahu ji does not look happy. Barkha wants Ganga to come with them. Amma ji denies. Widows don’t go to restaurants. Barkha tries to take her side. Ganga is a little kid. Everyone has a right to live their life as per their wish. These celebrations are for her only. Ganga only refuses to eat anything after sunset, especially outside food. Barkha says you can atleast give us company. Don’t eat anything! Niru appreciates Barkha’s outlook. I enjoy meeting such broad minded people. It looks like we can bring about a lot of changes in the society.

Madhvi asks him if he finds her thoughts old. Niru denies. But you must learn it from your sister how to speak your mind openly. Everyone should be like her. Speak with confidence. Do what you like! Barkha calls out for Sagar too. Get ready, we have to go out! Ganga is confused over Madhvi’s reactions. Why she looks so angry? Madhvi wants to think of what to do of the dinner that she had cooked. Niru remarks that she will do something. You are an expert in household matters. Madhvi goes in kitchen.

Niru comes to a restaurant with Madhvi, Barkha, Ganga and Sagar. Madhvi looks at Niru and Barkha as they talk happily to each other. Ganga notices Sagar staring at her. he brought a gift for me but dint give it to me. sagar is sure Ganga is still upset with him like always. She still isn’t talking to me. massi is right. I will have to learn it all from papa. Niru places the order. Barkha says Didi did not order anything. Niru shares that he is the one who orders food every time. She never gets out of the house so she isn’t used to it. Madhvi feels bad. Niru goes to washroom.

Gangaa 9th June 2020 Update on Zee World

Barkha eats ice cream from Sagar’s bowl. He refuses to share it with anyone but Barkha insists. Two guys sitting on the next table pass cheap remarks on Barkha. Barkha gets up to teach them a lesson. Madhvi stops her. It will be a big drama if your Jiju comes now. Barkha gives fitting reply to the guys. Niru hears the commotion. He threatens the guy of jail. They finally leave. Niru asks Barkha what happened. He reprimands Madhvi for not saying anything to the guys. It is wrong to stay quiet while witnessing something wrong. I had told you against coming here. She reminds him that they come here all the time. He says it is different today.

Barkha is with us today. This upsets Madhvi. You will go to bad places with me and want to go to a nice place because Barkha is here? Am I not good enough to be taken to a good place? She stops Barkha from speaking in between them. Niru asks Madhvi to talk properly but she walks out saying she does not want to stay here anymore. Ganga has never seen Bahu ji like this. What happened to her suddenly? They all head home as well.

Niru stops Madhvi when she is heading upstairs. Madhvi sends Barkha and the kids upstairs. Niru questions Madhvi as to why she created a drama in the restaurant. She says do you expect me to sit down and hear how backward I am. I don’t know how to behave in a good place. I am old fashioned? I need to learn a lot from my own little sister? Amma ji tries to find out the matter.

Madhvi tells her to ask her son. He finds everything wrong. He finds mistake in everything that I do. He thinks I cannot speak against wrong. Is it sensible thing to engage in a fight with random people in today’s date? He is busy in court all the time. We women stay alone in the house. What if something goes wrong with me or Barkha or anyone? He asks her if he should have let those guys misbehave with Barkha. Have you gone mad? Should I have not protected your sister? Madhvi affirms. I have gone mad. You don’t want to understand anything these days. Niru is boggled at her reaction. This is the problem if you housewives. She points out that she has been a housewife since the beginning. I am not a doc like Barkha. Why did you marry me if you dint want one? Why do you have a problem with it now? How will anyone in this house respect me if you don’t respect me?

Niru is not interested in what she thinks. She says this is the problem. You don’t care at all. He does not respect her. No one else will also respect me. Amma ji tries to calm them both but in vain. Niru asks Madhvi what wrong he did by saving Barkha from the goons that he has to hear all that. What is she still doing here if he and his house didn’t give her respect that she deserves? Why doesn’t she leave the house? Madhvi and Amma ji are stunned. Ganga hears it too. Babu is throwing Bahu ji out of home? Amma ji scolds Niru for talking nonsense.

Niru goes upstairs. His words echo in Madhvi’s head. I should leave the house? She breaks down. Amma ji tries to comfort her. Ganga decides to make things better between Babu and Bahu ji. I will not let them separate. I will have to do something about Barkha Massi too. This fight happened because of her only. I cannot see Bahu ji like this. I will have to do something.

Amma ji puts the pressure on work. Don’t pay heed to what he said. Madhvi thinks that she should not live here anymore. This is what he said. Amma ji says husbands and wives fight. You too said a lot to him. will you create problems in your home? I thought my DIL is smart. You should be happy that you got a husband like NIru. A wife is responsible for letting her husband go away from her. Be relieved that Niru hasn’t changed his mind. But if this continues then that day wont be far. You wont be able to do anything then. Barkha meets Madhvi on the stairs. She asks Madhvi if she spoke to Niru. Madhvi replies that she does not want to talk to her right now. She goes upstairs. Amma ji and Ganga too avoid her.

Sagar cannot understand why mummy fought with papa. He dint do anything wrong. If I was old like papa and someone was troubling Massi then I too would have fought like him. what’s his fault? Ganga asks him if he thinks Bahu ji is wrong. Babu was wrong in asking her to leave the house. Babu always says the right thing but he used wrong words today. it all happened because of Barkha Massi. She is very bad. Sagar takes Barkha Massi’s side. She dint do anything wrong. Why are you blaming her? They fight over girls and boys issue.

Madhvi comes to her room. She is in tears. Niru looks at her but then walks away without saying anything to her.

Ganga thinks of doing something. I wont let Bahu ji go anywhere. Sagar is sure his mumma wont go anywhere. Don’t use your brains or you will mess up something. Let me think what to do. Don’t do anything without telling me. we will do it all together. They both think of uniting Bahu ji and Babu together.

Gangaa 9th June 2020 Update ends next morning, Madhvi sets the dining table. Maharaj ji goes to call Niru for breakfast. He slept in study room last night. Amma ji taunts Madhvi about it. You still have time. Be calm if you want to keep your family intact. It is the dharma of every woman. You should quietly listen to your husbands. They might be stressed due to work or other things. Be good to Niru. Niru sits down for breakfast. NIru and Madhvi don’t see eye to eye. Amma ji signals Madhvi.

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