Gangaa 8th June 2020 Update

Gangaa 11th June 2020 Update

Gangaa 8th June 2020 Update starts as Gautam says I am not a Mahant but a Brahmin for sure. I know all the rituals. This was what was decided for the competition if I lose. Niru says you won. Gautam shares that Ganga helped him win. She is great that she helped me win by telling me the answer. She won in reality. I should be doing this much atleast. I have come to do the shrad but only if you allow. Amma ji nods. She asks Maharaj ji to make all the preps.

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Gautam wants to meet Ganga first. I got free from Bada Panda because of her only. I got this life because of her. I want to thank her first. Where is she? Everyone is quiet. He wants to know if she went back to the ashram to live with the widows. Amma ji asks them to sit. Ganga will come. Niru asks Gautam to sit. Amma ji thinks that Ganga will keep on creating problems for her even if she is away from the house. Mahant ji wants to meet her. What should I do now?

On the road, Ganga thinks of today’s shrad. I failed my promise. Now I wont be able to go back to the house. Barkha engages in a fight with auto driver as he is charging more money than necessary. Ganga intervenes. She actually helps Barkha is gaining extra 20 bucks back. Ganga leaves. Barkha calls out for Ganga but she is gone. Barkha gets a call from the person she has come to meet. He is late. Barkha thinks that she couldn’t even say thanks to that girl. She was so cute. Maybe she was a widow. She realises that it must be Sagar’s Ganga! Good choice, Sagar! She is something.

The ashram ladies feel bad for Ganga. Now she will have to live all her life in ashram only. Sudha is worried till when Ganga will stay hungry. She does not eat anything from the alms that we get. None of them have seen her since morning. Ganga enters just then. Ganga says I wont be able to go back to Babu’s house ever now. I need money to sustain my life and studies. She got work from her. I will get money for my expenses by doing something and other.

Amma ji asks her who will do household work if she will be busy in all this. Have you decided to trouble these ladies now? Only I can handle you, not them! Come now. Let them all live in peace. Maharaj ji has aged before his age. Mehri is good for nothing. I have a lot to do for shrad. Come with me. Ganga and everyone is thrilled that Amma ji has come to take Ganga home with her. Ganga broadly smiles at Amma ji. You said you will never come to take me. How did this happen today?

Amma ji gives her no straight answer. I don’t want to change my mind. Ganga yet again asks her if she came as she defeated Mahant ji. Ganga knows that she will scold her but never say that she misses her. Amma ji gives her answers in her style. I don’t like carrying problems with me all the time. Come with me if you want to. Ganga nods. She hugs Sudha Bua and Pishi Ma. Take care both of you. She runs to get her potli.

Ganga remarks that Amma ji looks someone else till she acts angry. Let us go home now. We have a lot to do. You don’t look good when you talk sweetly. Everyone smiles hearing their bitter-sweet convo.

Ganga enters Chaturvedi Sadan. She thinks of the old times. I am back to my house, my family now. I used to miss them all so much. Now I will live here forever. Niru and Madhvi, Maharaj ji and Mehri come out to welcome her inside. Amma ji remarks that Babu started showering his love again. He asks them all if they want to take Ganga’s aarti. Let us all go inside. Ganga asks Madhvi how she is.

Madhvi nods that she is good. Bal Mahant ji is waiting for you. NIru holds out his hand for her. She gladly keeps her hand in his. Title track plays. All of them get inside together. Ganga thinks of Sagar. He used to ask me to come. Now he hasn’t come down to meet me. He must be in his room.

Sagar comes to ashram. He returns Ganga’s stuff to Pishi Ma. Tell her to keep her things with her only. Tell her that I am angry with her. I don’t want to see her face or ever talk to her. Sudha Bua says this cannot happen. It all went wrong. Amma ji took Ganga home. Sagar is thrilled to know it. I should have been at home to welcome her. He runs out. Sudha and everyone smile.

Gautam thanks Ganga for what she did for him. Amma ji thinks that this wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t stopped Ganga at the right time. Gautam’s mother tells Ganga that she got selfish that she asked Amma ji to stop you in time. Ganga replies that she did what she felt was right. My Amma ji is very good. She is like coconut. She only had sent Sudha Bua to call police. She is so smart. Niru feels proud of both Ganga and his mother. They took the right decision on time.

Gautam wants to live his old life. I will study now. Bada Panda had trapped me. Ganga is amazed to know that he studies. Gautam’s mother shares that Gautam is very good in studies. Bada Panda had trapped my son for money as we aren’t rich.

Prabha is shocked to see Ganga back inside Chaturvedi House. You stooped down before her? How and why did you give in before her? Amma ji rues that now she will rub salt to her wounds. Ganga says it wasn’t a game. Prabha is irked by her talks like always. Amma ji asks Madhvi to make preps for the shrad. Ganga assures her that she will take care of everything along with Maharaj ji’s help.

Niru remarks that the house has become so alive after Ganga’s return. Prabha makes faces. She tries to instigate Amma ji but she doesn’t let her utter even a word.

Ganga makes all the preps for the shrad in the kitchen. She even stops Maharaj ji from doing anything. Prabha says she is working as if this is her own house. Amma ji is impressed by her work. How did you so good in all this? Ganga replies that she learnt everything from Sudha Bua and Pishi Ma. I will do anything if you say it sweetly. No one can force me to do anything if they are angry. We will have to clean Mahant ji’s feet today as he has come to do the shrad today. He is older than us after all.

Gautam does the shrad. Sagar excitedly enters calling out for Ganga. She asks him to stop there only. Amma ji nods. The puja has begun. She sends Ganga to bring something from inside. Sagar feels sad that Ganga is already busy in her work. I came to welcome her. Gautam guides Niru about the rituals. Amma ji sends Ganga inside the kitchen to make bhog. Sagar is worried as Ganga got busy yet again. When will she talk to me?

Gangaa 8th June 2020 Update

Ganga looks after all the preps of the bhog. Sagar came so late. How do I talk to him in between all this? Sagar looks at her. The puja and lunch finished. Will you come to talk to me now or is there still more work?

Ganga apologizes to Gautam. I spoke rudely to you that day. He too knows he behaved badly with her. she says they are at equal points now. Gautam smiles. Sagar thinks that she doesn’t have time to talk to him but can talk to Mahant ji. Gautam leaves with his mother. Before leaving, Niru thanks him for doing his father’s shrad.

Ganga thinks of talking to Sagar now but cannot see him around. He is bad. He dint even wait for me.

Niru tells Raghav ji that he got a little late. I will leave for court pretty soon. Barkha greets him good morning with a side hug. Madhvi looks uncomfortable. He asks Barkha where she has been. Barkha lies that she went to market to buy something. I met a very strong character girl in the market. Auto driver was charging me extra and that girl scolded him! Ganga bluntly asks her what she is doing in her house. Why did you hold Babu like that? Madhvi was about to tell Ganga about her sister but Barkha is way too excited. I was talking about you only. You are Sagar’s Ganga, right? Amma ji and Prabha hear it as well.

Prabha emphasises on the last line. Ganga nods. But who are you? Barkha is amazed at her attitude. We will rock together. give me high five. Ganga refuses to shake hands with strangers. Niru and Madhvi smile. Madhvi introduces Barkha to Ganga. Ganga looks at Barkha from top to toe. She doesn’t look like you (Madhvi) at all. Look how she speaks to Babu. Barkha and Ganga cutely fight over Niru. He has to intervene to calm the situation. I am her Jija just like I am your Babu. What do you want as a gift? You have done such a big think. You should get a prize for coming back to house.

Ganga is more than happy to be back in the house. Barkha asks her if she met Sagar. Ganga denies. I cannot meet him as I have a lot to do. He would have come to me if he wanted to talk. She leaves. Barkha asks for juice from Madhvi. She goes inside to bring it. Prabha leaves for her house.

Niru asks Barkha not to take Ganga’s words to her heart. She is a little but has a very pure heart. Barkha dint mind it at all. I am also like her. Amma ji thinks of 2 problems that are inside her home. She has pain in her back. She asks Mehri to bring water for her. I need to take medicine. She watches Niru and Barkha talking happily to each other. Mehri decides to talk to Amma ji now only. This is the right time.

Barkha is waiting for her friend outside the court. Raghav ji meets Barkha. He recognizes her as well. She is a little taken aback to see her. He says Niru isn’t here yet. She makes an excuse and leaves from there. Raghav ji is confused. If she had to meet Niru then what was she doing outside some other lawyer’s cabin.

Barkha tells her friend that she couldn’t wait outside for long. Barkha ends the call as she spots her college mates. They ask her where she has been. You dint attend internship duty since last few days. Barkha lies that she was unwell. They tease her as she is outside a court. People go to doc when they are unwell but you are here. Did you fall for any lawyer? Barkha makes an excuse and leaves in an auto.

Mehri goes to give water to Amma ji in her room. She also tells her about Barkha lying to her sister about going to university. She was nearby Babu’s office only. She lied to her own sister about her whereabouts. But why? Something is wrong. Madhvi overhears everything from outside the door. Amma ji asks her not to meddle in her household affairs. Madhvi gets thinking. What prompted Barkha to go to Niru’s office? Why did she hid it from me?

Barkha thinks of buying a perfume. I am confused about the brand though. She calls Niru to ask him about the perfume he uses. Prabha meets Barkha there. She is upset to know that Barkha has come here for shopping. I know you have come to buy something for your boyfriend. Barkha fumbles while making excuses. She leaves. Prabha is sure something is wrong. Barkha was cooking up stories.

Sagar gets to know what Ganga said to Barkha. She is arrogant. I waited to talk to her but she doesn’t care. Barkha suggests him to tell Ganga how happy he is that she is back. How will she know if you don’t show her how you feel? He asks her if he will have to do something. She nods. Buy a gift for her. It will show your happiness. He reasons that Ganga too can do something. Barkha denies. Guys have to do it all. Girls want them to show it all the time. They don’t understand things on their own. Trust me. Sagar gets thinking. You (Ganga) will get to know how happy I am by seeing my card since you have come back. I will give her a welcome card. Barkha agrees.

Prabha is checking out her sarees. I cannot wear any of them to Ginny’s kitty party. I have nothing to wear. I will have to buy a new one. Raman has no money and is anyways a big miser. Raman comes inside talking on phone. Prabha helps him find the file he is looking for. He looks at all the mess she has made. She acts all sweet to him. Raman asks Prabha what she wants. She asks for a new saree. My friend Ginny has invited me for a kitty party. She is so rich. Her friends are also very rich. Raman doesn’t have money. He goes aside to attend a call. Prabha makes up her mind to buy a saree anyhow.

In the ashram, Sudha calls out for Ganga. She realises that Ganga has gone back to Chaturvedi House. She gets all sad. Why am I thinking so much about her? It is good that she went away. She wont get anything except darkness here. She will get happiness in that house only. It is good that she left.

Ganga is in the balcony. She too thinks of Sudha Bua. She only would have lit diya. She must have done everything on her own as I am not there. She is a very good and a strong person. She doesn’t know it though. She looks at the moon by joining the thumbs and index fingers of both her hands. Sudha Bua too can get moon in her palms. Right, Bappa? Sagar keeps his hand on her shoulder. She asks him if he finally got time to meet her. He says the same to her. You only had no time for me. You had been talking to Mahant ji. She reasons that she was talking about puja.

How could I come to you between work? You left by the time everything got over. He shares that he had gone to ashram for her. I woke up early morning to return your stuff. She points out that he dint want her to come back here. This is why you went with all my stuff. He calls her mad. I was angry with you back then as you dint listen to me. People would have killed you by drowning you in water. You dint even think once what will I do if you die! He goes quiet as he realises what he just said. They both look at each other.

Gangaa 8th June 2020 Update ends with Ganga teasing Sagar if he was worried for her. He denies. She continues to tease him. I will go back to ashram then. He stops her. You wont go anywhere. You will stay here for forever. You will stay with me only. She knows he felt bad when she said that he isn’t her friend.


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