Gangaa 7th June 2020 Update

Gangaa 11th June 2020 Update

Gangaa 7th June 2020 Update starts as Bal Mahant ji rings the bell. I will answer this question. Sudha keeps requesting the Inspector to save Ganga. Help us in stopping this injustice from happening. The Inspector repeats his words.

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Niru says now you will lose your job. Officers like you don’t deserve this uniform. You don’t want to stop such illegal activities from happening in your area. What will happen if I complain against you? Wrong is wrong. You cannot let people play with others on the basis of religion.

Sudha is relieved to see him there. Amma ji wont be able to stop Ganga from taking Jal Samadhi for too long. He is surprised that his mother knows it yet she dint tell him. Sudha says she did all this so as to save Ganga. Niru assures them that he wont let anything wrong happen with Ganga. He leaves with policemen.

Outside, Amma ji looks around for Bal Mahant’s mother but cannot see her anywhere. A man comes out running. He says that Ganga is taking Jal Samadhi. Amma ji is shcoked that Ganga dint give the answer even though she knew it. I will save her. I cannot let her take Jal Samadhi.

Sahyogi boasts of Bal Mahant’s victory. I knew it that this girl wont be able to stand before Bal Mahant. He has so much knowledge while she knows nothing. He thinks that she ruined his game by telling the answer to Bal Mahant. Still it would help me. You all are lucky to see her taking Jal Samadhi with your eyes.

Niru is on his way.

Gangaa 7th June 2020 Update: Sahyogi announces that in the next birth, Ganga will come as Devi after taking Jal Samadhi. Take blessings and donate as much as you want to! Amma ji is angry to know that Sahyogi is tryin g to earn money even by using Ganga. He wont even get a place in hell. People blindly donate money. Sagar is worried. Amma ji asks them to stop. This girl will die. Why do you all trust it that she will become Devi in her next birth? She is a little girl. Someone save her! Why is Sudha still not here? It is very difficult for me to stop this madness. God please help me. She asks people to save Ganga.

Sagar gets happy to see his Dadi supporting Ganga. Sahyogi’s men hold Amma ji. Sahyogi continues asking people to see Devi’s blessings. He turns to Amma ji. You should be happy. people don’t like widows but see how they are touching Ganga’s feet today. Why should I stop them? Ganga says she did what Amma ji wanted. Amma ji denies. I wanted to save both of you. Bal Mahant is the son of that mother and then you! I kept asking everyone to stop the competition but no one pay heed to me. I am helpless. I cannot help you even though I want to. Sahyogi announces that it is time for Ganga’s Jal Samadhi. Sagar, Amma ji and Ganga are stunned.

Niru hopes that nothing happens to Ganga. She hasn’t seen anything. I hope we aren’t late. She should be fine.

One disciple pays drum while pundit ji blows conch. Another disciple opens one door. They bring in a big box. Sagar requests them not to kill Ganga. Leave me. Niru asks Inspector to hurry up. Ganga’s life is in danger. Ganga is forced to sit inside the box. Ganga and Sagar scream each other’s name. Amma ji looks on in shock. She continuously prays to God to save Ganga. Bal Mahant feels bad for her. Sagar suddenly shouts that there is a snake around.

Everyone runs helter-skelter. Sagar opens the box. Run away, Ganga. Listen to me today atleast! Sahyogi asks everyone to calm down. Catch that girl. Sagar is happy as he knows how fast Ganga runs. No one will be able to catch her. Sahyogi’s men are after Ganga but they lose track of her. NIru and policemen reach the ashram.

Ganga hears someone calling out for help. It is Bal Mahant’s mother. Ganga frees her. Who is she and who locked her here?

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Sagar tells Inspector that he helped Ganga flee or these people would have killed her forcefully. Inspector corners Sahyogi. You fool innocent people. You will be punished for your misdeeds today. Sahyogi asks him for proof. Ganga walks in with Mahant ji’s mother. She is the witness. Mahant’s mother slaps Sahyogi. You are a cheater! You trapped my son for your benefit. You wanted to kill my son just the way you killed Mahant Sadanand ji? You lied to everyone. You have cheated everyone. You have done adhrama. You will never be happy. People will never forgive you. Pundit ji is shocked to know the truth. Police arrests Sahyogi.

Mahant ji hugs his mother. Ganga quietly leaves from there. Sagar begins to talk to Ganga but does not notice her. Where is Ganga? Amma ji too looks around.

Barkha is looking at the old pics. She appreciates Niru. He still looks the same. His age has stopped. I want a husband like him only. Madhvi is more worried about what will be happening in Matth. Barkha tells her not to worry. Jijz will take care of everything. Madhvi cannot calm down be her words. Barkha notices Amma ji entering inside. Niru comes with her. Madhvi can see that he looks angry. Hope everything is ok.

Niru is upset with his mother as she did not tell him about Jal Samadhi. Thankfully, Sagar called me. Would you have stopped them on your own? Amma ji replies that she could not think of anything at that time. I don’t like her but I cannot force her to die. Sagar could not find Ganga anywhere in the house. He had thought that she would have been here. Niru reasons that Ganga wont come as she could not fulfil her promise. Sagar nods. Ganga is arrogant. She wont come back till Dadi brings her back. Niru offers to do it. I will bring her back with me at any cost. AMma ji asks him if he will yet again go against his mother.

Niru nods. Your words are important but it is equally important for me to fulfil my responsibility towards the girl whom I had brought home. Amma ji knows that Ganga wont come. She did not fulfil my promise. You know my stubbornness but have you seen how stubborn she is? I can bet she wont come back. Niru knows how much Ganga loves her self respect but today she will have to come. He leaves.

Prabha is telling her friend about Ganga. Amma ji is very strict. She never listens to anyone. She wont let Ganga come back ever. She notices the beautiful cup set. Her friend shares that she got it from Germany. She asks servant to clean the mess as Prabha spills the tea. Her friend has got the rest of the stuff from UK. Prabha mistakes it for Uttarakhand. Her friend excuses herself to attend a phone call. Prabha rues that she dint get lucky like her friend. My husband is good for nothing. Her friend wants to meet Prabha at her home too.

Prabha does not want her friend to come to her small house. I will have to do something else. She lies to her friend. My husband is not back from Singapore yet. I will call you over to my house as soon as he is back. Her friend asks her the connection between Indian Railways and Singapore. Prabha cooks up a story. Prabha thinks of doing something to make an impression on her friend.

Ganga is in the ashram. She thinks of what all happened today. She is sad as she could not fulfil her promise given to Amma ji. Sudha and all the ladies come there. Sudha gives guava to Ganga. I know you don’t like alms. I have plucked it from a tree after taking the permission of the guard. Ganga takes it. Sudha asks her if she knew the last answer. Ganga nods. Sudha hugs her. Why did you keep quiet then? Anything could have happened with you. Weren’t you scared?

Ganga denies. You all were there to help me but Mahant ji only had his mother by his side. She was crying badly. What would have happened to her if he had died? It is good that Amma ji stopped me from giving the answer. Sudha talks about her promise to Amma ji. How will you go back in that house then? Ganga replies that she can never go back in that house now. Niru asks her why she is saying so. I have come to take you with me.

Madhvi brings milk for Sagar. He is sitting by the window. She asks him to have milk. You have been running around all day without eating or drinking anything. Plus, I will be really upset if you do anything stealthily next time. He says sorry to her. I was worried for Ganga. You had told me not to go so I went without telling you. He is not in a mood to drink milk. She tells him not to worry. Papa will bring Ganga. Sagar knows how stubborn Ganga is. She wont listen to anyone including Papa.

Madhvi has faith in Niru. He too hopes that his father is able to bring back Ganga. It will prove if her self-respect matters more to her or my friendship. Madhvi hopes that Ganga agrees to return home.

Gangaa 7th June 2020 Update – Niru reminds Ganga that it was he who brought her home from ghaat. I took all your responsibility back then. I too have the same rights today too. You are right. Amma ji has not asked me to bring you back yet I will do it. You will live with us. She could not fulfil her promise. How will I face Amma ji then? I will be a liar then. I miss all of you a lot. I can live in ashram while missing you all and crying for you but I wont be able to live in the house without fulfilling my promise. It will eat me from inside.

Niru nods. I know how much you love your self-respect. I had understood it on day one only that you wont compromise on it even if the situation is worst. Still I came to take you with me. I thought you might change your mind but no problem. I wont pressurize you. Follow your heart. You will tell your Babu whenever you need something? She nods. He tells her to take care of herself. He sadly leaves from there. Sudha and all the ladies are moved to tears.

Sudha stops Mamta from going after Ganga as she runs inside. Let her stay alone for a while. She wont cry before us. She knows that she only has blocked her way to go back to Amma ji’s house. She must be hurt. She will feel better if she cries.

Sagar is not happy to know that Ganga dint come today too. Our friendship stands nowhere before your self-respect!

Ganga looks out of the window. She reminisces the old times with Chaturvedi family. Sorry Babu. I hurt you by refusing to come with you. Sagar too must be angry with me. He will never understand why I said so.

In his room, Sagar thinks that Ganga will never consider him her friend. You dint do right with me. I wont forgive you even if you apologize to me 10 times.

Next morning, Sagar has kept kites and the wooden bicycle on the bed. He looks angry. Barkha brings Banana milkshake for him. He refuses to drink it. Let me do my work. I am going to return her all her stuff when she does not want to come back. I am going to return it all to her. Barkha stops him. Ganga will come one day. Let her stuff stay here. Sagar denies. She has proved it what she finds more valuable. I am going.

GangaaBarkha fails in stopping him. You worry so much for her. You think you will get her out of your life by returning her things to her? No, it cannot happen. Her phone rings. She picks up the call and simply says that she is coming.

Amma ji lights incense sticks before her late husband’s photo. Like every year, I wanted to do your shrad following proper rituals today as well but I wont be able to do it. Please forgive me. Hope you understand my problem. Niru joins her. She sits down on the bed. Niru and Madhvi pay respect to Niru’s late father. Maharaj ji comes to tell Amma ji that someone has come to meet her. She does not want to meet anyone but he suggests her to see the person once. You may get happy after seeing that person.

Gangaa 7th June 2020 Update ends as Amma ji is pleasantly surprised to see Bal Mahant and his mother waiting for her. He says he isn’t Bal Mahant but Gaurav. His mother thanks Amma ji for saving her son. He adds he has come to do her late husband’s shrad.


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