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Gangaa 11th June 2020 Update

Gangaa 11th June 2020 Update begins with Madhvi pulling Barkha aside. Who are you keeping this fast for? Barkha asks her to be a little patient, atleast till evening. I came to Banaras for him only. My parents don’t know about him as the situation is a little complicated. She says the word marriage. Madhvi asks her if the guy is from a different background. Don’t you trust me?

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Barkha wants the guy to come out before everyone by evening. That is his ultimatum. If he is strong enough to stand by my side then it will be good. Madhvi wonders if she doubts her sister for no reason. But that Veni Mala in her hair? Niru brought it for me. Why did he give it to her then?

Ganga asks Niru about the Veni Mala. You brought it for Bahu ji so how does Barkha Massi have it now? Did you give it to her? Niru nods. I brought it for your Bahu ji with so much love but she got a haircut. It was of no use for her. It is better that someone uses it. This is why I gave it to Barkha. Ganga says it was wrong. Bahu ji was so happy to see it. Niru is surprised to know that Madhvi knew about the Veni Mala. Ganga also tells him that she got Bahu ji a haircut. She got all worried about your reaction. You complimented Barkha Massi for her short hair. I thought you like short hair. Niru says Barkha and Madhvi are two different people.

Sagar adds that Ganga did it all for you only. You scolded mom. She was sad. Now she is all the more sad to see the Veni Mala in Barkha Massi’s hair. Please say sorry to her or talk to her. She will feel good. Niru thinks of giving Madhvi a better surprise now so she smiles again. Don’t worry, I will give her such a surprise tonight that all her sadness will go away. I wont let your mom or Bahu ji stay upset. I will also apologize to her but don’t say anything to her as of now. The kids happily promise him.

Mehri is keeping a fast today so Maharaj ji has to do all the work by himself.

Barkha joins all the ladies. She also gets henna on her hands. Amma ji is irked to see her so excited for the occasion which is actually celebrated by married women. Madhvi is puzzled. The ladies call out for Madhvi to join them. Amma ji advises her to celebrate the occasion with an open mind. Madhvi sits down next to Barkha. Barkha’s phone rings. She cannot hold the phone because of the henna in her hands. Niru holds the phone near her ear so she can talk. Madhvi observes them from far. Ganga looks at all the ladies from upstairs.

Niru keeps Barkha’s dupatta in place as it slips from her shoulder. Barkha holds her phone between her ear and shoulder so he leaves. Madhvi feels bad. Ganga comes down excitedly. She looks at the colourful bangles on the table and also notices henna cones kept nearby. She picks up one and runs away to another corner of the house.

Amma ji holds Ganga’s hand as she tries to apply henna in one of her hands. She calls it inauspicious! A widow can’t even touch it. Women dress up and beautify themselves for their husbands. Those, whose husbands are dead, cannot do any of it. Clean it as hard as you have to! I should see no such colour in your hand. I dint bring you back here so you can do as you please. If you do anything like this again or disobey me, then I will throw you out of the house! Sagar feels bad for Ganga. Dadi scolded her so much on such a small issue. Why can she not put henna in her hands? Why can she not do anything as per her wish? Ganga sadly looks at her hands. Sagar takes her out with him.

Prabha has bought diamond necklace for herself using the money that Raman had given her for Yash’s school fees. She gets Raman’s call but doesn’t pick it up. She is unsure of her decision for a second but then blames Raman for not taking care of her. I got a miser and useless husband.

Sagar has brought Ganga to a local bangle shop. Buy anything that you want to. I have decided to fulfil all your wishes. Ganga gets super happy. She shares that before him only her Bappa had got her bangles. He took her out to make her happy. I made a promise to myself the day you poured away your Bappa’s ashes. Now I will support you and take care of all your needs. Everyone gets a gift on Karwachauth. You too should get one. Ganga thinks of Amma ji’s words.

Gangaa 11th June 2020 Update on Zee World

A widow cannot do anything as their husband is dead. I cannot put henna or buy these bangles or keep a fast! She sits by a tree. Sagar thinks of what to do now. I brought her out to surprise her or to make her happy. He notices a pundit ji talking to a married woman about Karwachauth. He goes to talk to him. Can only a married woman keep a fast? No widow can keep it? Pundit ji says a widow can keep a fast too while thinking of Kanha ji as her husband. Sagar thanks him. Sagar smiles looking at the bangles.

Sagar walks up to where Ganga is sitting. Now you too can keep this fast. Pundit ji told me that a widow can accept Kanha ji as her husband. Ganga asks him if he is saying the truth. Kanha ji is the husband of a widow? He affirms. I have heard Dadi say the same. Ganga decides to keep the fast for Kanha ji. Amma ji too wont get upset then. He gifts her red bangles. He makes her wear them all in both her hands. Ganga is all smiles. She excitedly plays with her bangles. He shows her the henna cone. He put henna in her hands.

Ganga shows him her hands and makes sound with the bangles. He is happy to see her happy. I will also eat with you. She knows that he might not be able to do it. He will not eat anything, he says. You too will feel hungry if you see me eating something. I am doing such a big sacrifice for you. They talk cutely over it.

Amma ji calls out for Mehri. I had asked for something. Mehri goes to get ready as it is her fast today. Maharaj ji brings water for Amma ji. Madhvi’s friends come home for the evening puja. Amma ji calls Madhvi downstairs. Madhvi is stepping down when she overhears Barkha’s conversation. She asks her guy to not give excuses. When will you tell your family about us? I don’t want to hear anything. You will have to tell them about me today only. I kept a fast for you. You will make me drink water with your own hands. Why are you scared when you love me? Wont they doubt you when I gifted you tshirts or jackets? Now they will have a doubt?

Madhvi notices Niru talking to someone on phone. He too is having a quite similar conversation on the other end. Madhvi thinks of the worst. Niru ends the call. Barkha’s call disconnects at the same time. Madhvi is heartbroken.

Ginny likes Prabha’s pendant. Prabha shows it off to Ginny’s friends. She even lies that her husband is very rich. He loves me a lot. He always gets me what I ask for. Ginny and her friends are curious to know how she manages to do so.

Sagar is waiting anxiously for the moon to come out. Ganga happily looks at her mehndi and bangles. She knows that he is hungry. I had told you not to keep fast. You wont be able to do it. He lies that he is looking up for her. She replies that she is not hungry anymore. These bangles and henna have made up for it. I am not hungry at all! She smells the henna. Sagar asks her if she is happy. She answers in positive. They hear the conch. This means moon has come up. They both look at the moon. He covers her eyes as she turns towards him.

One sees the face of her husband first after looking at the moon. I will take you inside the temple. You can look at Kanha ji. I know everything as I watch mumma when she observes this fast. He guides her on the steps. They are inside the temple now. Ganga has still her eyes closed. Sagar notices a piece of glass on which she is about to step. He immediately picks it up. He ends up standing between her and Kanha ji. Ganga looks at him as soon as she opens her eyes. You made a mistake! Why did you come in front of me before I could see Kanha ji? He shows her the glass piece. You were about to get hurt. Gangaa 11th June 2020 Update

All the neighbourhood ladies are doing puja. Madhvi is not looking so happy. Mehri’s husband too breaks her fast. Madhvi is waiting for Niru. Mehri asks her about Niru too. Barkha Didi too kept a fast. How will she break it? Madhvi combines Barkha and Niru’s conversation. She sends Mehri to check in the study. Niru comes there just then. Amma ji scolds him for being late. Madhvi does puja. Niru is about to break her fast by feeding her water when Maharaj ji calls out for everyone. See what happened to Barkha Didi! They all rush downstairs.

Barkha is lying unconscious. She has also slit her wrist. The ladies gossip about it so Amma ji dismisses them. Niru sprinkles water from Madhvi’s kalash to wake her up. Pulkit cannot reach the doc so he and Niru take Barkha to the hospital. Madhvi looks all shaken. Amma ji asks her to come along. Pulkit comes back. Papa took Massi alone. He asked me to stay back. Madhvi wants to go there as well. She asks him to take her there.

All the ladies break their fast. Prabha waits for Raman. He comes in the end. She had been waiting for him. He asks her directly about Yash’s fees. Principal called. He gave us a lot of time. Now there is no place for Yash in his school. I gave you money. Why dint you submit it? She lies that she couldn’t go as she was feeling dizzy. This fast is tough. Ginny comes to call Prabha when she notices Raman. Prabha introduces them to each other. Ginny compliments him. She also speaks about the diamond pendant. Prabha turns her back immediately.

Raman questions Prabha. Did you buy this pendant from Yash’s fees? Prabha takes him aside as she doesn’t want anyone to hear it. Raman doesn’t care. He asks her the same question all the more loudly. She replies that everyone mocked her. I had no other option. He asks her if she will steal. She keeps requesting him to speak in lower volume. He reprimands her for wasting the money for her benefit. You dint think about your son even once? She is worried about her rapport in the eyes of Ginny and her friends. Raman gets angry. These people are more important to you than your own kid? You worry about what they will say? You don’t care what will happen to your son if he is thrown out of the school? Everyone looks at them.

Prabha notices their gaze. She loses her cool. Why don’t you think about increasing your pay? You created such a fuss when I bought something on this occasion? Why did you get married when you cannot take care of a wife and son? Why did you ruin my life? He slaps her. Prabha looks at him angrily.

Nurse tells Madhvi that Niru left from here. Madhvi makes Pulkit call Niru. Niru lies to her that he is in hospital. I cannot talk now. He disconnects the call. She is in tears. Pulkit is worried seeing her thus. She shares that Niru lied to her. Pulkit tries to trace Barkha’s location using mobile tracker app. She is in Sea Blue Hotel. Madhvi heads for the hotel.

At home, Prabha fights with Raman for insulting her. what will they think of me? Raman knows that she risked their son’s life so her fake life can be maintained. It is good that your reality came out before them. Prabha says they got to know about you actually. They know how much you love your wife! He talks about being realistic. Stop taking support of lies to support your fake lifestyle. I have had enough. I am warning you for the last time. It will be good for you. You will return this pendant right away and submit Yash’s fees. I will look after the household expenses. I don’t trust you anymore with money. I will show you how a house is run. She tries to retort but he firmly tells her to stop. If you don’t return this pendant right away and pay Yash’s fees then I will be forced to do what you wont like! He walks away.

Ganga stands before Kanha ji’s idol. Did my puja went waste as I dint see you first? Sagar smiles hearing her innocent questions. He poses before her in Kanha ji’s style. No, I accept your puja. Kanha ji is in everyone, even in Sagar. Ganga says I know Kanha ji is naughty but this Kanha ji lies too. Sagar denies. Kanha ji is in everyone, in Sagar and Ganga too. That is why I am saying, seeing me is equivalent to seeing Kanha ji. She laughs. They have a sweet moment. He suggests her to see him every year, every day instead of seeing Kanha ji.

Gangaa 11th June 2020 Update – He cannot come out of me. She asks him if he will stay with her for forever. You will fight with me if you forget your promise! He refuses. I don’t fight with you, you do! He holds out his hand to promise her once again. I will never fight with you or leave you ever. Will you not make any promise? Ganga keeps her hand in his. I promise to be with you always. I will never leave you. They both smile at each other.

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