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Gangaa 10th June 2020 Update

Gangaa 10th June 2020 Update starts as Niru sits down for breakfast. NIru and Madhvi don’t see eye to eye. Amma ji signals Madhvi. Barkha comes downstairs while talking to someone on phone. I wont be late. Amma ji thinks that the problem is here. Barkha greets Madhvi and Niru. Amma ji notices her haircut. Barkha has cut them on her own. I saw it in an Italian Fashion Magazine. Madhvi is not so happy with the haircut. It wont look so good with Indian wear. Diwali is just a few days away. Niru likes the haircut. It suits her. It is latest.

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Madhvi wont understand or compliment though. She has ample time only to argue nowadays. He gets up to go. He hasn’t eaten much in breakfast. His questions echo in Madhvi’s head. Barkha asks her sister if something happened between her and Jijz. She gets a call again. She rushes out to ask Niru for lift. He agrees. They both leave together. Ganga and Madhvi notice the sad / upset look on Madhvi’s face. Ganga walks up to her. I too dint like Barkha Didi’s short hair. Madhvi points out that Babu liked them. She leaves from there. Ganga gets an idea. This means Babu likes short hairs.

Pulkit is happily chatting with Saloni on his computer. Sagar reads his chat from behind. I love you Saloni! Pulkit is surprised. He holds him and pulls him to bed. When did you come? Its wrong to read someone else’s messages. Sagar teases him. He agrees to keep quiet when Pulkit stares at him pointedly. How will you make Saloni Di happy? She is angry with you at the moment.

Pulkit is thinking on the same matter. Girls like gifts a lot. I will send a gift to her of her choice along with a gift card. Girls are very simple. They get happy by little things. I am going to take bath. Don’t read my messages from next time onwards. Sagar agrees. He thinks of Pulkit’s words. Small things make girls happy. Then Ganga?

Ginny welcomes her friends. They notice Prabha entering. Prabha is wearing a bright coloured saree. Ginny’s friends indirectly mock Prabha on her clothes and purse. Ginny diverts Prabha. They are only joking. The ladies sit down to play cards. Meanwhile, they all talk about the gifts that their husbands will be giving them on this Karwachauth. Prabha lies to them as they have been talking about diamonds, a house, and a car. She knows the reality. I am not going to get even a gajra! Gangaa 10th June 2020 Update

A girl has come to Chaturvedi Sadan to give beauty parlour services to Madhvi. Ganga thinks of Niru’s remark in the morning. She asks the girl if she knows how to cut hairs. The girl nods. Madhvi asks Ganga who wants a haircut. Ganga thinks that Bahu ji will have to do this much to make Babu happy.

In the market, Sagar asks his papa to buy a gift for mom. She was crying as you spoke badly to her. You should get her a gift. Niru knows that he got a little too carried away in his anger last night. I hurt Madhvi. Sagar repeats Pulkit’s dialogues to him. They reach a jewellery shop.

Madhvi does not want to cut her hair short. The girl suggests trimming them. Madhvi agrees for hair trimming. Don’t cut them too short. She sits down on a chair. Ganga thinks that her plan will succeed.

Niru selects a Vani Mala for Madhvi’s long hairs. Sagar teases his father on it. On the other hand, Ganga gets Madhvi a haircut. Niru calculates the length of Madhvi’s hair. Sagar knows that his father loves his mother’s long hairs. Niru asks the shopkeeper to pack the Veni Mala for him. Niru loves Madhvi’s long hairs. He smiles as he thinks of her.

Gangaa 10th June 2020 Update on Zee World

The girl gives Madhvi a proper hairdo after the haircut. Madhvi is shocked to see her short hair.

Prabha serves dinner to Raman. She asks him about the gift that he will be giving her on Karwachauth. I want a diamond set. He reasons that they cannot afford such expensive things. They end up fighting over this matter.

Madhvi blames herself for her short hair. Ganga compliments her on her new look. Why are you tensed? Babu likes short hairs. He complimented Barkha Massi. Madhvi reasons that there is a difference between her and Barkha. She hears a car honk and gets tensed. Ganga keeps boosting her morale.

Madhvi covers her hairs using her saree. Sagar takes Ganga outside so his parents can have some time alone. Both Niru and Madhvi say sorry to each other for last night. They both have a surprise for one another. Madhvi shows him her new haircut. Niru does not look happy.

Ganga tells Sagar that she got Madhvi a haircut. Sagar points out that papa likes long hairs. He had even brought Veni Mala for mumma. He likes long hairs. How will mumma wear it now? I had told you not to use brains. Papa likes long hairs. How will mumma wear them now?

Niru looks at Madhvi in shock. She gets tensed. He asks her why she cut her hair. Right then Barkha comes there. She has got extensions done in her hair especially for Diwali. She loves Madhvi’s new look. Niru declines. It does not suit her. She looks weird. He walks out of the room. Madhvi gets sad.

Ganga apologizes to Madhvi. I thought Babu will like your short hair. Amma ji drops a glass seeing Madhvi’s short hair. She scolds Madhvi. Madhvi tries to explain her stance but Amma ji pays no heed to her reasons. You can do anything that you wish! There is no reason to listen to Amma ji! Ganga accepts her mistake. Don’t scold her. I asked that girl to cut Bahu ji’s hairs as per today’s fashion. I thought Babu likes short hairs. He will get happy seeing her thus and they both will patch up.

Madhvi realises that Ganga joined hands with that beautician. You cheated me! Who asked for your help? Are you happy now? Amma ji is fed up of all the drama in the house. Madhvi says I was mad to fall for your words Ganga. Babu got all the more upset with me instead. He dint like my short hair. Ganga shares that Babu brought a gift for her long hairs. A Veni Mala! Madhvi rushes upstairs.

Madhvi smiles seeing the Veni Mala. Sagar and Ganga are there as well. Ganga says Babu got angry as he brought this for your long hair. Sagar later told me that Babu likes your long hairs but I got them cut. Madhvi is not angry anymore. My hairs will grow once again. I am happy as Babu still thinks of me. Niru calls out for Maharaj ji. She sends the kids out. Don’t tell Babu that I know about it. He wanted to surprise me so now he himself will give it to me.

The kids hide behind the door to see what happens next. Niru goes inside his room. He lies down to sleep without saying anything to Madhvi. Ganga and Sagar want to see Madhvi and Niru happy together. Madhvi apologizes to Niru. I dint know you will not like my short hair. They will grow back again. He ignores her completely and switches off the lights.

Next morning, a few ladies come to Chaturvedi Sadan on the occasion of Sargi. Madhvi is getting ready too. She looks in the drawer for the Veni Mala but does not find it there. Maybe he wants to give it to me himself.

Raman very sweetly brings fruits for Prabha. She is still upset with him for last night. She wants expensive gifts but he says love is more important than money. He lovingly feeds her with his own hands. She goes to Madhvi’s house every year but is not going today. Everyone mocks my inexpensive clothes and jewellery. He gives up. He gives her the fees for Yash’s school. Please submit it in school today. She looks at the bundle of cash.

Amma ji, Sagar and Ganga are happy to see Madhvi finally smiling. Mehri and Maharaj ji bring sargi for all the ladies. Mehri tells Ganga about the fast. Amma ji gets a little emotional thinking of her past. Madhvi is about to eat a jalebi when Barkha holds her hand. She eats that one. Madhvi asks her if she is keeping a fast. Barkha nods. Madhvi points out that only married women keep this fast. Who are you keeping it for? Barkha agrees to tell her later. She asks Maharaj ji to bring a plate for her as well.

Gangaa 10th June 2020 Update ends as Madhvi notices the Vani Mala in her hair. Her smile fades. Sagar and Ganga also notice the Veni Mala in Barkha’s hairs. Niru comes downstairs while talking on phone. Barkha eats the food happily. Her words resound in Madhvi’s head. Ganga decides to talk directly to Babu.

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