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Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update



Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update starts with Prachi asking everyone to see that they are married and tells that they have taken garland from a shop and exchanged it. Vikram says we don’t accept this marriage. Ranbir says I accept this marriage and signs her saying this girl is right who is on my right. Pallavi asks if something went in his eye. She hugs Ranbir and asks if she is your friend.

Ranbir whispers that she is Prachi and came to help me. Prachi shows her face to pallavi. Pallavi declares that she accepts this marriage. Vikram asks how did she agree so soon. Pallavi says they are blessed by mata rani. She asks Ranbir to take her home. They are about to leave, but Mr. Chaubey stops her and tells that they have not accepted this marriage and Ranbir will marry just Maya, this is final.

Some NGO women come there and tell that Ranbir is married and asks him not to snatch his wife’s right from her. They ask who are you. The women says they are NGO workers and ask Mrs. Chaubey why is she forcing Ranbir? Maya says this girl is not his wife. Prachi asks her to agree to Ranbir’s sayings. Maya says you can’t do this with me.

Prachi tells that she thinks him as a pati parmeshwar and had kept the fast and tells that she thinks she should have kept fast for all day to ward off Maya. Ranbir gets impressed with her. Pallavi asks beeji and Vikram to help her and tells that the girl is Prachi.

Mrs. Chaubey tries to see Prachi’s face. Beeji says she is new bride and tells that even her muh dikhayi haven’t happened. Vikram says she can’t lift her veil infront of me. They tell that they will do muh dikhayi at home and are about to leave, but chaubey stops them. NGO women says if you stop them then bad thing will happen with Maya.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update

Prachi says she don’t want anything bad happen to Maya and tells that if they snatch her husband from her then she don’t want to curse them. She asks them not to snatch her right from her. Pallavi asks her not to curse anyone. Mrs. Chaubey takes Maya inside. Her mother asks Maya to stop this marriage. Maya asks did you forget what happened with Bua.

Mrs. Chaubey asks Maya to stop this marriage and tells that if you get the curse of the girl. Maya asks if you are illiterate. Mrs. Chaubey says she is 12th pass. She says if you get cursed then. Shahana hears them. Mrs. Chaubey says she will convince her husband. Mr. Chaubey comes there and tells that this marriage will happen as this is the matter of his prestige.

Aryan tells that Chaubey family are shocked due to the curse. They thank NGO women. Shahana comes there and tells that Chaubey is not agreeing to stop the marriage. Security guards come there and ask them to come as Mr. Chaubey is calling them. They all gather in the engagement hall. Mr. Chaubey tells that he will not let the girl’s life ruined and will get her married to someone else. He asks his nephew to marry the veiled bride. His nephew agrees.

Ranbir asks if this is a joke and tells that she is his wife and will not marry. He says he will not marry Maya and asks what is this drama? Maya asks my Papa is trying to find solution. She says she will see her face. She lifts Prachi’s veil and is shocked to see her face. Mrs. Chaubey realizes seeing her.

Pragya comes home and calls Prachi. Mrs. Chaubey says she is Maya’s friend and asks why is she doing this. Mr. Chaubey tells NGO women that this girl is not his wife. Prachi tells that he shall not force Ranbir to marry his daughter and tells that Ranbir didn’t propose Maya that day. Mr. Chaubey asks her to go and tells that he is forgiving him. Pallavi calls Aaliya and asks her to ask Abhi to help them.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update ends as Mr. Chaubey asks who is having objection with this marriage and tells that he will make this forced Jodi. The guards take Ranbir to stage forcibly and Mr. Chaubey makes Ranbir get engaged to Maya forcibly. Ranbir’s family and Prachi get upset. Mr. Chaubey hugs Vikram and congratulates him. He invites them for holi party and asks them to come, else he will call them forcibly. They all get tensed.

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Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update



Kundali Bhagya 9 March 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update starts Preeta says to that she and karan were meant for each other and he was written In her Kundali Bhagya, Maira asks her the world of dreams in which she is living as she should forget karan because the entire Luthra family hates her to the extent that she cannot think off, and they will never accept her as their daughter in law.

Preeta replies that she is mistaken and she did not come to tell anyone that since she has been married to karan so she wants a share in the house or to taunt her that she is not the wife of Karan, Preeta explains that she came to inform Maira that she will never be married to karan and even knows what she is planning, Preeta explains that she knows Maira will go to any low so as to get Karan.

Maira says that she thinks that she can stop her even when she knows her intentions, Maira challenges her to do anything that she can to stop her and they will know who wins, she pleads with Preeta to not go to Karan seeking his help and she must do it on her own, Preeta mentions that it was never about winning or losing but what is right or wrong, even then she knows that she will win, Maira asks her to calm down to which Preeta says that she does not think that Maira is capable of the Luthra family and so she will do all that she can to stop her marriage to Karan. Maira asks her to do all that she can but once they are married she will never let him near Preeta, Preeta says that what they both share Maira can never understand, Preeta exclaims to Maira that Karan came to her and saved her from the case.

Shrishti comes and asks Preeta to come with her as she should never say anything to Maira because otherwise she will know about their intentions and they will not be able to save Karan from falling in their trap, they both leave and Sherlin comes to Maira asking what has happened, she refuses to say anything, Sherlin takes her away as they have to fulfil their plan.

Shrishti is looking at Risahb when Sameer comes asking her what ahs happened but she doesn’t say anything then gets scared, he asks her why is she looking at Rishab because he doesn’t like it when she sees someone else, she explains that she has no intentions but was seeing him because she felt sorry for him as he is a nice person and got married to Sherlin, Sameer says that her sister in lucky as she did not marry Prithvi.

Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update

Prithvi sees them then thinks that he will do all that he can to hurt them when he is able to get the property, then Preeta is constantly looking at Karan, he goes to her asking if she came to call Rakhi, they both start to ask question then she asks if he wanted to apply the colour on her first, then they are asking question when Maira and Sherlin give the waiter the drink with the medicine, Preeta seeing it knows that Maira sent it and then prevents Karan from drinking it, Karan is not able to realize what is happening with Preeta and leaves.

Maira is thrashing everything in the room, Sherlin comes to her saying that she must not do this as they must do all that they can to execute their plan, Maira asks what they will do as Preeta knows their plan, then Sherlin says that she has another plan and she will send a tray full of Bhang which they will give to Karan and even Preeta will not be able to stop it, they both leave to execute their plan.

Karan is walking in the house when Preeta is following him, he catches her when she tries to act as if she had a call, he takes the phone then asks why is she following him, Preeta explains that it is not the case and she is not following him.

Maira and Sherlin are watching when Maira says that she feels that their plan will never be completed because Preeta is constantly with Karan, then she ahs an idea on which they both agree, then Sherlin sees Prithvi so goes to him asking that he come and meet her in the guest room,
Maira goes to say to Ganesh that he must say to Preeta that Kartika is calling her in the washroom of the guest room, then when Preeta leaves, Maira also follows her, Shrishti seeing this is wondering what Maira is up to.

Sherlin is waiting when Prithvi comes asking why did she call him as it would create a problem, Sherlin asks if he loves her or cares for her and when she knows that he does then she asks why was he looking at Preeta, he says that it was because of love but then retracts his statement saying that he only looks at her with love.

Kundali Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Update ends as Sherlin mentions that all the men are after Preeta and she is facing a lot of trouble because she ahs not been able to get the property papers and even her husband does not love her, she has no idea what she will do, and even Mahesh would soon come out of the coma and when he gets healthy then it will be her last day in the mansion as he knows the truth about her. Prithvi calms her down and they both hugs, Risahb is walking in the hall and sees them which makes them both nervous.

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Ring of Fire 6 March 2020 Update



Ring of Fire 6 March 2020 Update

Ring of Fire 6 March 2020 Update on Zee World

Previous: Ring of Fire 5 March 2020 Update

Shristi rushes Vishu to the hospital and pleads with doctor to treat Vishu. Doc asks how did he injure. She says a few goons attacked them. He says it is a legal case and police should be informed first. Shristi says he cannot deny treatment first, else she will take action against his hospital. He asks who is she. She says she is a lawyer. He takes Vishu for treatment. Shristi informs Anurag.

Ragini scolds Parag for injuring himself and asks why did he ride bike when he has cars. He says his friend bought new foreign bike, so he rode it. She scolds to rest silently while she speaks to doc about his treatment. She walks out. Anurag rushes to hospital and asks Shristi how did he accident happened. She explains him whole incident. Ragini sees them and blood on Shristi’s sari and thinks whose blood it is. Doc comes, and Anurag asks how is Vishu now.

Doc says he did stitches, but Vishu lost a lot blood and needs blood transfusion. Ragini gets worried. Doc tests Anurag’s blood and says his blood group did not match with Vishu’s. Ragini enters and says she wants to donate and her blood group is universal O positive. Doc checks her blood and says she can donate.

Anurag informs Vidhvan that Vishu met with an accident and explains him whole situation. Vidhvan worriedly informs family, asks Brij to take care of maa and rushes towards hospital. Revati rushes behind him.

Ragini sits on a bench after donating blood. Narad brings her juice and insists to have it as she just donated blood. She says she does not need it. Anurag notices her silently. He sits outside operation theater and asks doc how is Vishu now. Doc says he is fine and will be shifted to ICU, will gain consciousness in 4-5 hours. Anurag tells Shristi that Vishu grew up so soon and took up his responsibilities so nicely. Shristi says he should, Ragini followed her responsibilities long ago. Doc gives medication list and asks Anurag to bring it.

Shristi prays god to cure Vishu soon. Vidvhan enters with Revati and Divya and asks Shristi how is Vishu now. Revati starts yelling at Shristi that she will take her son’s life and to get out of here. Vidhvan asks her to stop yelling. Anurag comes back and says she is scolding a woman who saved Vishu’s life.

Ragini takes Parag home. Vani asks Parag how he got injured. He says he was riding bike imaging Salman Khan and slipped. Vani scolds him. She sees bandage on Ragini’s hand and asks what happened to her. Ragini thinks she informs her that Vishu is injured, she will go to hospital, so she should not tell her truth. She tells that she donated blood to a needy person. Vani says she did good.

Vidhvan and family waits outside ICU. Nurse says Vishu is awake now. They all rush in, but Revati stops Shristi. Vishu asks where is Shristi. Vidhvan calls Shristi in. Vishu asks Shristi to sit near him. Revati angrily gives her way. Vishu tells Shristi that he protected her dignity as promised. Nurse asks everyone to go out and only one person stay at night.

Vishnu says Shrhisti will stay. Anruag asks everyone to leave while he stays with Vishu. Shekhar rushes in and asks Shristi if she is fine. She says yes, but Vishu got injured protecting her and tells him whole story crying. He consoles her and she leans on his shoulders. Vishu asks nurse where is Shristi. Nurse says she left. Vishu rushes out removing his IV lines calling Shristi. Shristi hears him and rushes to him. He asks not to go away from him. Anurag and Shristi get him back to bed and Shristi feeds him soup.

Ring of Fire 6 March 2020 Update continues as Anurag brings Vishu’s belongings to Vishu’s hospital room and says his beard has grown long, he will shave it. Vishu says he will shave himself and walks to washroom. Revati brings food and feeds Vishu. BVishu takes spoon and feeds it to Shristi. Revati gets angry. Shristi walks aside reminiscing Vishu’s words that if he grows up, Shirsti will be with forever. Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi hairan hoon mai…song…plays in the background. Shristi and Anurag take care of Vishu. Vishu sleeps holding Shiristi’s hand. Song continues in the background and Vishu sleeps. Shristi sees her pic in Vishu’s book.

Shristi walks out of Vishu’s hospital room reminiscing Vishu risking his life for her. Anurag comes and asks her to rest as she is tired. Shristi says she wants Vishu to get well soon as he got injured because of her. Anurag cheers her up and she smiles, feeling cold. Anurag removes his jacket and dorns it on her signalling her to smile. Ragini comes holding bouquet and chocs for Vishu and is gets angry seeing this.

She throws bouquet and chocs, walks to Shristi and snatches jacket and slaps her, says Sasuma is right about her, she wants to strangulate her. Anurag shouts Ragini… She comes out of her imagination when Shristi asks when did she come. Ragini says she comes at wrong time always, she came now to meet Vishu. She walks into Vishu’s room and gives him gifts. He says these are his favorite chocs and asks to take selfie with them all. She says she will not with everyone, but will with him once he gets well.

Next morning, doc discharges Vishu. Anurag takes Vishu home with Shristi. Revati greets Vishu, but gets angry seeing him holding Shristi. Vishu insists Shristi to along. She asks him to go, she will get medical file and medicines. Vishu walks in and Shristi walks out. Revati taunts Shristi that she got conscious now. Dulari comments and Revati continues. Shristi says she can apologize Revati even if it is not her mistake, but she will not tolerate if Revati tries to harm her self dignity. Revati snatches file and medicine and walks in angrily.

Ragini angrily holds gun to shoot at empty bottle, but then remembers promising Anurg that she will not shoot first. She fumes that she cannot tell babuji that she left Anurag, but once Anurag goes back to London, she will.

Divya takes Vishu to his room and asks how is the decoration she did. He says it is nice. Anruag asks to sleep on bed and not tent. Vishu says Shristi will sleep her. Revati says she ran away and was just acting. Vishu says he will bring Shristi back. Anruag stops him and asks him to relax, else Shristi will not come, he will take her to Shristi later.

Shristi returns back to work. Shekhar says good she came back. Shristi asks if he wants to hire another assistant. He says he cannot see her sad, so he will take her out for dinner and she deserves it. She thanks him.

Anurag gets a call from London employee that he has to join job in 2 days, else he will consider another candidate. Anurag agrees and thinks he has to leave for London tomorrow itself. Revati hears that.

Ring of Fire 6 March 2020 Update on Zee World

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Jodha Akbar 6 March 2020 Update



Jodha Akbar 6 March 2020 Update

Jodha Akbar 6 March 2020 Update on Zee World Update

Previous: Jodha Akbar 5 March 2020 Update

BK asks him to punish him but he says that he wont as he is father like but he will always remember that BK was responsible for ruining the life of his most trusted aide.BK thinks that Maham Anga has told this to Jalal and she will pay for her deeds.

Jalal was not pleased that for the first time in his life he had to question BK. MM comes and he tells her that he is confused about a certain thing(BK issue). MM tells him that love makes a person week. She encourages him to be strong and his people praise him for his decisions so be cautious and firm in his convictions.

Jalal was torn between his father like BK and mother like Maham Anga.

He prays and decides that he will go and meet Ruqaiya in Agra who is his wife as he really likes her.

Some person(sorry dont know his name )–Shaifuddin(got this from wiki asks him where was he as he did not find him in forest. He tells him about the meeting with Jodha, Shaifu tells him to wage a war on Amer and Jalal tells him to wait as he wants to visit Agra first, next morning.

Jalal is on his way to Agra, his entry in the palace is announced. On one side of the palace is the harem where the girls are dancing and they are all awaiting Jalal’s arrival with some eunuch.

A girl is taking bath in a pond and surrounded by other women and she inquires about what is lacking in her which dissuades Jalal to go to Ruqaiya, Jalal’s first wife, confidante,childhood friend whom Jalal’s trusted to the core and she was well versed with running of the kingdom. Guards inform her that Jalal is on his way to meet her.

The women have a one upmanship to get a glimpse of Jalal, while Jalal has an eye only for Ruqaiya, they make an eye contact….and the rest of the women get jealous.

On the other hand, The girls along with Jodha and her bhabhi is leading them to the secret tunnel which will help them find a way out of Amer just in case the war breaks out and they lose. Jodha comes to know that her bhabhi is pregnant but has not shared the news with anyone , not even her husband as this can weaken the resolve to fight the war. Jodha thinks why only women are supposed to sacrifice their happiness.

Abida Begum, Jala’s mother welcomes him with sweets, Maham Anga comes in between, tastes the sweets and then passes it to Jalal. A lady questions her behaviour and she tells her that she wanted to assure that there was no poison mixed in the sweet. Jalal is surprised and tells her that now he wants her to feed him the sweets. His mother is very hurt and rest of the ladies are shocked, MM gives a winning look to BK. BK tells one of his soldier that we will have to be very careful about MM.

Jodha Akbar 6 March 2020 Update continues as Jalal enters the chambers of the harem, the women try to pamper him but he goes to the room of Ruqaiya. He sees the chess board spread in front of him with the real life people in the boxes. Ruqaiya tells him that she wants to continue the game which he left in between the last time. She tells him that stubbornness is her right as she is a women, young at age and a beloved of the king. She asks him where was he without the army and he tells her that since she is more of a friend than a queen to him, he had been to Amer. Ruqaiya is surprised.

Scene started with Jalal and Ruquaiya , Ruquaiya asked why he had gone to Amer. Jalal answered , to find out the battle strategy of the enemy. They resumed the game n Ruquaiya won the game. Then an eunuch came n interrupted them n requested Ruquaiya to come n solve some problem in the harem.

In the harem two women catfighting over some thing , when Ruquaiya entered. One of them is accusing Nazma of stealing her ring, which was gifted to her by Shahenshah, Ruyaiya ordered to search Nazma , n the ring was found. Ruyaiya saw the ring n slapped the woman who brought the charge , because it was Ruquaiya’s ring, given by Jalal, n she’d stolen it from RB. She said, Shahenshah has no heart n his mind is occupied by her.

It was shown that Akbar ,Bairam Khan n others are discussing over royal matters, on the other hand Rajputs are shown to be practicing sword fight. War is in the air.

Scene sifted, Maina Bati is going to the Kalai Mata temple , where Shaguni Bai is doing aarti of ma Kali. Maina Bati went to her n asked her help to change Jodha’s fate. She said no Rajput mother could tolerate such a grim fate of her daughter as her getting married to a Mughal. She saw in flash back Jodha telling her about seeing Jalal’s reflection in water in gaangaur n Suryabhan postponing the marriage. She pleaded Shaguni bai saying Jodha was her daughter too. Shaguni bai said she was herself shocked reading Jodha’s fate n if it was possible she’d have done any thing for Jodha. She cut her palm, causing it to bleed n said to Maina bati ” See, the palm lines refuse to disappear. Go and arrange for Jodha’s wedding, time is short n you can’t do any thing.” Maina bati very very upset. She nearly breaks down on her way back.

Maina bati inside her room, deep in thought, she struck upon some idea n her face lit happily, she wrote two letters promptly. Then she send them by the hands of a maid.Scene sifted. Suryabhan coming across the river in a boat ( the scenery was just SURREAL, with a beautiful full moon, moon washed silver river n two very beautiful lovers ). Jodha came to the ghat accompanied by Moti Bai. ( Eye lock between Suryadha ).Surya descened from the boat n asked Jodha why she’d asked him to meet so late at night. Jodha, puzzled, showed him a letter n said ” You’ve asked to meet by sending this letter. ” Surya produced a similar letter. Both utterly puzzled. Surya said the time is not good, war is approaching , it could be a plot by the mughals. We should be careful. Jodha, please exchange your odni with Moti Bai so that if any one was following you, he’d get fooled. Jodha followed his instruction.

Jodha n Surya started descending the steps of the ghat to ride the boat, but she slipped her feet n Surya caught her in his arms, ( Eye lock no. 2 ) both a little lost in each other n Jodha blushed. They FINALLY boarded the boat.

The boat is crossing the river , Surya –Jodha sitting close together, both looking at the moon. Surya broke the silence, ” Jodha ,promise me if any thing happens to me in war ,you’d marry some one else.” Jodha said, ” I know nothing will happen to you. You’re fighting for the land n such people never die. ” The boat jerked suddenly n she fell on Surya’s lap , who hold her ( Eye lock no. 3 ! their bgm in the back ground, this time a female version) ( The same lost-in-each-other-blush-awkwardness-following…

They resumed the conversion. Surya said “You know my life is at risk. You’ve to promise me if any thing happens to me, you’ll marry some one else. But I’ll wait for you all my life. ” Jodha said, ” I’ll wait for you, I know you’ll return for me. ” Surya said, ” I’m giving you my word, no matter what I’ll return for you.

The boat jerked n Jodha again fell on his lap n Surya hold her ( Eyelock no. 4 , or may be 5 ? I lost count, okay ?? Rest , copy-pasting -( The same lost-in-each-other-blush-awkwardness-following…etc.) They noticed they’re joining hands, both blushed n slowly un-entwined their hands. Jodha full on blush blush. ( me too ! )

( This time Surya seemed to have realized that other people were present in the boat lolz) He said, ” This is not proper, me touching you in this way. ” Jodha smiled n sad, ” It’s my honor that you’re tending to me” ( eyelock no. infinity I guess )The boat FINALLY crossed the small river after infinite time. ( must be helping the lovers to spend sometime together! )

Surya holding Jodha’s hand, aiding her to descend on the ghat. Raja Bharmaal n Rani Maina bati reached the ghat n witnessed it . Jodha –Surya happily came up n froze when they saw Jodha’s parents. ( Bharmaal looked shocked n angry, Maina Bati –gleeful, it was her master plan after all ! ) Surya-Jodha both looked guilty n the ending screen froze on their face.

Jodha Akbar 6 March 2020 Update on Zee World

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