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Fire and Ice 9 November 2019 Update

Fire and Ice 9 November 2019 Update starts when Pallavi meets Yuvi and says our plan worked, Kunj will be mine now, Yuvi says good for you but Twinkle didnt accept me, dont know what i have to do to get her, you have to help me this time, Pallavi says i cant help you sorry, i know i helped you earlier but I got Kunj and i cant help his enemy now, you are on your own now, thanks, she leaves.

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Yuvi says this girl is clever, i will get my way too one day then i will teach you lesson Pallavi to not mess with Yuvi. Its morning, Pallavi calls Usha and asks if she took her medicine? Usha says yes, you take care of me so much, Door bell rings, Usha asks Pallavi to hold. Usha opens door and says Twinkle you here like this? Twinkle comes to Sarna house with her luggage and dressed fully like a new bridem.

Usha says to Pallavi i will call you later, she ends call. Pallavi says what she is upto now? Usha asks Twinkle what you are doing now? Twinkle says i know i did mistake but i will set everything right, can you call my husband? Usha says you are shameless,

Twinkle says i know you are miffed with me but your Twinkle will make everything right. Twinkle sees kunj behind her. She goes to him and says see your twinkle is finally here, I love you kunj, i dont know why i denied your love, yesterday you came to pacify me and today i am here to win you back, lets make everything like before, lets make a life, kunj looks on with straight face and recalls how Twinkle blamed him that he wanted to humiliate her.

Kunj says Maa call women welfare and tell them that there is one girl here whose husband has left her, they can take her. Twinkle says i know you are miffed, i did mistake but i will pacify you for sure.

Pallavi comes there too. Kunj says there is no need for all this now, our relationship is broken so you can leave now. He asks Usha to bring his breakfast, he leaves. Usha says Twinkle go from here and dont come here again. She goes to kitchen with Pallavi. Twinkle smiles slyly.

Fire and Ice 9 November 2019 Update on Zee World

Kunj comes to his car. One beggar comes to him and asks for something, Kunj gives money, beggar turns out to be Twinkle, Twinkle takes off veil from her face and says i dont need money but you. She says forgive me Kunj, accept me once, please, Kunj says i cant take risk of getting rejected from you again, he drives away. Twinkle says i wont leave you alone Kunj. Yuvi sees all and thinks that Twinkle is literally begging him for love, she has gone mad.

Twinkle comes to Kunj’s office and says i have brought your favorite lunch, Kunj says with time favorites change, i am Rocky now and i cant eat your oily parathas now. Pallavi comes and says Kunj is right, he has to maintain his diet. Twinkle says when you love someone, you take care of every minute detail, i didnt bring any oily food but all organic food, Kunj is surprised and says okay i will eat but you have to wait, Twinkle says no problem, i waited long so i can wait little more.

Twinkle goes and waits in waiting area. Kunj does work with Pallavi, Pallavi is involving him in work but he says wait. Kunj sees Twinkle is waiting area and goes to her. he says to Twinkle that lets eat. Twinkle serves him food, he eats it and coughs. Twinkle eats it and says how did spice came in it? Flashback shows Pallavi stealthily putting spice in food, fb ends. Kunj says i know you are doing all this to torture me, i told you that our relation has ended, like you needed space, i need space now. He leaves with Pallavi. Twinkle says you dont know Kunj Sarna that your wife is stubborn.

Kunj is in car with Pallavi. Twinkle comes there on her scooty and says to Kunj that say you forgive your wife, you know you cant stay away from me, please accept me back. Kunj says not everytime you decide everything, this time i am deciding things. Twinkle says you look cute when you are miffed but its hot outside. please say you forgive me. Kunj says okay i forgive you but its too late, i am getting engaged to Pallavi in two days, i proposed her.

Pallavi is shocked to hear that too. Twinkle says thats not possible, when did you propose her? Kunj comes out of his car. Pallavi comes out too. Yuvi comes there too. Kunj sits on his knees infront of Pallavi and says will you marry me Pallavi? She gets elated and nods yes, she holds his hand. Twinkle is hurt seeing all this. Yuvi thinks that whole game has changed, soon i will be with Twinkle like Pallavi and Kunj and everything will be fine.

Usha comes to Leela with sweets and says my son has chose girl for marriage, he has chosen Pallavi as a bride and she is not like a girl who destroys family’s respect but always take care of house and everyone, i thought to share happiness with you. Twinkle comes there, Leela asks what is she saying? you went to talk to Kunj right?

Twinkle says to Usha that i was your daughter in law and will remain your daughter in law, i will win you and your son, you keep trying and i will keep trying too, lets see if your hatred wins or my love wins, Usha stares her and leaves. Leela smiles in support for Twinkle.

Kunj says to Usha that you went to Leela to tell her about my proposal to Pallavi? she says yes. He says you know how much i love Twinkle. Kunj says to Usha that it was just joke, i proposed Pallavi just to make Twinkle jealous, doesnt mean that i will really get married to her, Usha says you are still talking about Twinkle even after all this? i cant allow her in my house now.

Kunj says i cant give Twinkle’s place to anyone, i never saw Pallavi in that sense, its only Twinkle for me, i will go and talk to Twinkle to end this matter, he leaves. Pallavi listens all this from far and is stunned.

Yuvi is playing with candle flame, he recalls how Twinkle was begging to Kunj, he says why dont you understand Twinkle that i love you, i am alive because you are alive, my soul lives for you, you have to become mine, you have to become mine only, i got so many girls but i rejected them for you, i will get you Twinkle, he throws away candle. Fire and Ice 9 November 2019 Update

Pallavi comes there, Yuvi says why you are here? your reputation is at stake if Kunj sees you here, Pallavi says i wrong, Kunj proposed me just to make Twinkle jealous. Pallavi says to Yuvi that we have to do something big that Twinkle become yours and Kunj become mines in one go, Yuvi thinks.

Kunj is going when he gets Pallavi’s call, he is shocked to hear something which is muted. Twinkle has decorated room with candles. Its dark inside room, she sees silhuette and says i knew Kunj you would come, you cant stay away from me, you love me, i love you so much. Yuvi comes forward and says i love you too babydoll.

Twinkle slaps Yuvi hard, she says how dare you? dont you understand i dont love you, what is this cheap tricks? Yuvi says yes you think i am cheap and Kunj is decent guy, i got to know Kunj chose Pallavi, Twinkle says no my Kunj loves me, he said that just to make me jealous, Yuvi says but he loves his family too, he married you too because of his family, he can marry Pallavi too,

Fire and Ice 9 November 2019 Update ends when Twinkle says but he started loving me, he has that love in his heart for me and he cant chose anyone else but me, Yuvi says wow Twinkle so much confidence on Kunj? why dont we go to Kunj ourselves and asks whats in his heart, if he says infront of all that he loves then i will leave your life forever, he has to say once that he loves you, he thinks that now its going to be fun, he smirks.

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