The Heir Teasers November 2019

The Heir Teasers for November 2019

The Heir Teasers for November 2019 on Zee World

Friday 1 November  2019

Episode 146

Chandar is completely drunk and tries to take advantage of Preet. Preet attempts to escape but the exits to the outside are shut. Raj confesses to Sakshi that he loves Preet.

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Saturday 2  November    2019 

Episode 147

Raj forcefully carries Preet to his jeep and reveals his love for her. However, Preet chooses her sister’s safety over Raj’s love. She is in for a big shock when she finds Chandar in her room.

Sunday 3  November   2019

Episode 148

Sakshi leaves after brainwashing Preet against Raj. Meanwhile, Amba meets Rohan and pleads with him to runaway with Simmi before she is forced to marry Simmi to Chandar. Rohan does not approve of Amba’s plan but decides to keep Simmi safe.

Monday  4  November    2019

Episode 149

Amba is taken aback when Chandar states his decision to marry Preet. Preet agrees to marry Chandar in order to save Simran. Mohini is unhappy as her plans are not going well.

Tuesday 5  November    2019

Episode 150

Preet asks Raj to sign the divorce papers as she prepares to wed Chandar. Is this the end of Raj and Preet’s love?

Wednesday 6  November    2019

Episode 151

Raj pleads with Preet to spend some time with him. Later, the love birds share some romantic moments in the kitchen.

Thursday 7  November    2019

Episode 152

Chandar gets frustrated as he watches Preet & Raj perform prayers together. He goes out of his way by getting Babli involved in his evil plans.

Friday 8 November  2019

Episode 153

When Raj refuses to sign the divorce papers, Chandar threatens to kill Babli. Chandar celebrates victory but Preet & Raj seems to be a step ahead. Jagan is arrested by the cops.

Saturday 9  November    2019 

Episode 154

Rohan and Raj’s plan to expose Raman’s murderer is ruined. And Preet ends up taking the blame for the offence she didn’t commit.

Sunday 10   November   2019

Episode 155

Preet meets with the priest to recite false verses for the marriage rituals. During the ceremony, Raj aims a gun at Chandar. The sight of this pushes Simran to revealing the true killer of Raman.

The Heir Teasers for November 2019 on Zee World

Monday  11   November    2019

Episode 156

Although Mohini is apprehended, Chandar still doesn’t change his ways. Preet makes attempts to free herself from her marriage to Chandar.

Tuesday 12   November    2019

Episode 157

Rohan escapes with Simmi to marry her in a temple. In the meantime, Preet is forced to sit at the mandap with Chandar.

Wednesday 13   November    2019

Episode 158

Chandar gets taken by the police while Preet is rushed to the hospital. Amba makes it a point to keep her daughters away from Raj and the Bajwa family.

Thursday 14   November    2019

Episode 159

Preet refuses to accept the rose given by Raj and decides to leave him as per the contract. Raj makes up his mind to celebrate Diwali with Preet and calls it his stubbornness. On the other hand, Simmi, who has now regained her memory, refuses to accept her marriage with Rohan.

Friday 15 November  2019

Episode 160

Jhimil is tied up to a tree by a Baba. Preet arrives on time to save Jhimil with the help of Raj.

Saturday 16  November    2019 

Episode 161

All the women stand by Amba to become the village head. Raj overhears a ploy against Amba. What will he do now?

Sunday 17   November   2019

Episode 162

To help the Pawania women achieve their goal, The Bajwa sons disguises into the Pawania house. Chandar feels happy to be the mastermind behind everything.

Monday  18   November    2019

Episode 163

Raj and Rohan, who are now disguised as women, are disappointed upon seeing that Preet and Simmi have not maintained a fast despite the ‘karwa chowth’ festival. Later, as everyone gets busy with the prayers, Preet goes into her room and secretely proceeds with the ‘karva chowth’ ritual.

Tuesday 19   November    2019

Episode 164

As the members of the village council settle down to have their food, Preet informs them that she and the other ladies want Amba to be elected as the head of the village. Instantly, all the men are furious and they leave the house before even beginning their meal.

Wednesday 20   November    2019

Episode 165

Preet offers shelter to Romila, unaware that he is Raj.

Thursday 21   November    2019

Episode 166

Preet realizes that the woman staying with her is none other than Raj. She instantly get furious at him not minding his good intentions. The men of the village come together to take action against Amba and Preet.

Friday 22 November  2019

Episode 167

Chandar is mad when the women over power the men. Gunjan is compelled to keep Raj’s identity a secret. Later, it is revealed that Priyanka is the betrayer in the house.

Saturday 23  November    2019 

Episode 168

Chandar has managed to trick Raj & Preet again by making Priyanka the suspect. A woman wrapped in a shawl sneaks into the mansion in an attempt to steal jewelry.

Sunday 24   November   2019

Episode 169

Preet is in tears as she informs Raj that her sister Gunjan is the woman betraying them. Later, Preet tries to speak to Gunjan by making her realize the importance of family. However, although Gunjan gets emotional, she refuses to share her problems that is causing her to act against her family.

Monday  25  November    2019

Episode 170

Jagan is seen to be the brain behind Gunjan’s actions. Raj saves Aman from Chandar and is shocked to see Jagan’s involvement in the whole conspiracy.

Tuesday 26   November    2019

Episode 171

Preet is worried that something bad is going to happen, while the ladies enjoy in the Pawaniya house along with Amba. Just then Jagan walks in with Raj and Rohan, which angers Amba as she does not want to see any Bajwas in the house.

Wednesday 27   November    2019

Episode 172

Preet hugs Raj, which enrages Amba. Amba strictly states that there is no place for Bajwas in the house.

Thursday  28   November    2019

Episode 173

Amba dresses Raj’s wounds and questions him concerning Simmi & Rohan’s relationship. She places a tough condition before him. What could this be?

Friday 29 November  2019

Episode 174

Jagan is given a deadly poison by Chandar to feed the entire village. Raj engages himself with house chores at the Pawanias.

Saturday 30  November    2019

Episode 175

Jagan makes Raj give the poisoned milk to Babli and a kid. The village council gives Amba their permission to rule, with support from Preet. Babli faints as a result of the poison.

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The Heir Teasers November 2019 on Zee World


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