Mehek Teasers November 2019

Mehek Teasers November 2019

Mehek Teasers November 2019 – Mehek and Shaurya proceed in their journey to become professional boxers in town. Meanwhile, Shaurya’s father (Jugraj) asks Shaurya to pretend to be in love with Mehek in order to bring her down The duo continue to get dreams of their past lives, Will they remember anything?

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Friday 1 November  2019

Episode 80

Jugraj notices Mehek and Shaurya’s bond and plots to separate them. Later, Shaurya confides in Mehek about the strange blurry dreams he gets. Mehek is advised to stay closer to Shaurya than before.

Saturday 2  November    2019 

Episode 81

Jugraj meets Vikram and bribes him to get Mehek out of Shaurya’s life. Shaurya takes Mehek to an eatery where he cooks for her upon challenging him.

Sunday 3  November   2019

Episode 82

On Swati’s insistence, Mehek wears a traditional attire to celebrate Eid festival. Shaurya sneaks out to spend time with Mehek but Jugraj sends his men to kidnap Mehek.

Monday  4  November    2019

Episode 83

Shaurya gets images in his head and feel sick. Meanwhile, Mehek and her sister are tied up by Vikram.

Tuesday 5  November    2019

Episode 84

Mehek convinces Shaurya to participate in the cooking competition coming up. It turns out to be Mehek’s trick to deceive him so that he can miss the important boxing match. Jugraj threatens to teach Mehek a lesson.

Wednesday 6  November    2019

Episode 85

A boy named Abeer follows Mehek around. Shaurya is shocked when he learns that Abeer is an alien who intends to use Mehek for a secret mission.

Thursday 7  November    2019

Episode 86

Shaurya tries to win Mehek over. Jugraj hires some thugs to attack Mehek’s family. For how long will Jugraj do this?

Friday 8 November  2019

Episode 87

Shaurya goes to confront his father while Mehek is haunted by recurring visions. Mehek apologises to Shaurya about the cooking competition incident. Shaurya and Jugraj turn out to be working together to fool Mehek.

Saturday 9  November    2019 

Episode 88

The coach warns Mehek concerning Shaurya’s intentions. However, this leads to a fight between them. Shaurya supports Mehek in her tough situation.

Sunday 10   November   2019

Episode 89

Shaurya foils Jugraj’s plan to rusticate Mehek from college. Later, Shaurya tells about the big plan he has against her.

Monday  11   November    2019

Episode 90

Mehek admits Kanta to a hospital. Shaurya attempts to donate blood to Kanta. Smriti is furious at Jugraj for giving her less attention.


Tuesday 12   November    2019

Episode 91

Shaurya takes Mehek to a party with his friends and Confesses that he like her. Will Mehek reciprocate?Swati tries to save Mehek from being caught.

Wednesday 13   November    2019

Episode 92

Coach Sharma sternly orders to stay away from Shaurya. Shaurya finds himself caught between his mother’s words and father’s bad advices.

Thursday 14   November    2019

Episode 93

Mehek’s love for Shaurya start to become obvious. Jugraj object to his daughter’s choice and put her under house arrest. Mehek tell Shaurya to speak to his father.

Friday 15 November  2019

Episode 94

Naren expresses his sadness to a sleeping Supriya. Pooja tells Naren to remain distant from her. During the interview, Naren becomes furious with one of the Journalists who asks a provocative question.

Saturday 16  November    2019 

Episode 95

Karan invite Mehek to Shaurya’s birthday party. He spikes her drink so as to take advantage of her. Luckily Shaurya comes to the rescue.

Sunday 17   November   2019

Episode 96

Jugraj is mad at Shaurya for ruining his plans. Mehek tells Shaurya her feelings in her drunken state. Shaurya makes it clear that he will not exploit a woman for the sake of his career.

Monday  18   November    2019

Episode 97

Sharma informs Mehek of his Plan to make her win a gold medal in the tournament. Meanwhile Sharma runs into a moving car which lands him in a hospital.

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Tuesday 19   November    2019

Episode 98

Yuvraj disguises to the hospital with the intention of killing Sharma. Shaurya sees Yuvraj removing the oxygen mask and goes after him. Will he be caught?

Wednesday 20   November    2019

Episode 99

Mehek looses her cool when Sharma opens up to her on who tried to kill him. Yuvraj is arrested, while Dadi asks him to create a misunderstanding between Mehek and Shaurya.

Thurday 21   November    2019

Episode 100

A ward boy presents an offer to Mehek of donating her kidney for money. Shaurya worries and heads to the hospital. He locks Swati in one of the hospital rooms.

Friday 22 November  2019

Episode 101

Swathi visits Shaurya’s house and questions him about Mehek’s whereabouts, but Shaurya asks his security guards to throw her out. He later visits Mehek to feed her. Mehek, however, outsmarts Shaurya and momentarily escapes from his grasp. Shaurya then handcuffs Mehek and brings her back to the cage. He orders her to withdraw the FIR that she filed against Jugraj. When Mehek refuses to do so, Shaurya threatens her with the consequences and gives her time to make up her mind.

Saturday 23  November    2019 

Episode 102

Arush’s mother orders him to get her Mehek’s kidney and gives him one last chance to do so. Swathi, meanwhile, visits Shaurya’s house with the police and questions him regarding Mehek’s whereabouts. He, however, had seen this coming and hands over his anticipatory bail papers to the police. Mehek later pulls a fast one on him and breaks free from the cage. As she tries to get away from a chasing Shaurya, Arush knocks her down with his car and hands her over to a bunch of goons.

Sunday 24   November   2019

Episode 103

As Mehek’s coach regains his senses, Swathi briefs him about all that has happened in his absence. Shaurya’s grandmother, meanwhile, asks him to send her a picture of Mehek. She uses the picture to blackmail Mehek’s coach into signing some papers. Under Arush’s supervision, a doctor knocks Mehek out with an injection. Shaurya later finds an unconscious Mehek and takes her with him. On noticing that Mehek is missing, Arush and his mother start to panic.

Monday  25  November    2019

Episode 104

Despite some trouble with his car, Shaurya manages to escape from the goons while an unconscious Mehek rests on the back seat. Shaurya steps out of the car soon afterwards to receive a call. He regrets this decision immediately when Mehek escapes with his car. After Arush tells Svetlana about Mehek, she decides to go back home after his engagement. Elsewhere, a deranged Mehek reaches her house to receive an alarming shocking news. Later, Svetlana accompanies Arush to Shaurya’s house.

Tuesday 26   November    2019

Episode 105

While Mehek and her sister are at the temple, Svetlana makes an attempt to kill her. Luckily for Mehek, she escapes this attack, but she holds Shaurya responsible for it. Later, that day Mehek tells her mother and her coach about her plan to stay back to fight back Shaurya and his father. Finally, when Mehek returns back to the college, she finds that Shaurya is already there. He and his friends try to make her angry so that she reacts violently, but she manages to keep calm.

Wednesday 27   November    2019

Episode 106

Shwetlata gets tense thinking about Mehek and Shaurya. To find a solution she approaches a baba. While Shaurya parties with his friends, a girl tries to get intimate with him. An intoxicated Shaurya assumes that she is Mehek and gets close to her. Meanwhile, the baba gives Shwetlata an idea to get rid of her enemies. While Shaurya’s friends convince him to dismiss Mehek from the college, Shwetlata orders the goons to kill Mehek.

Thursday  28   November    2019

Episode 107

Shaurya rips the sleeve off Mehek’s t-shirt while trying to make it up to her in college. Though Shaurya tries to apologise to her, the other students have a laugh at Mehek’s expense. An incensed Mehek drags Shaurya by his collar and assaults him as the whole college watches on. Jugraj later orders the principal to suspend Mehek from the college with immediate effect. Later that night, Svetlana makes things worse for Mehek by asking her goons to assault and kill her.

Friday 29 November  2019

Episode 108

A worried Shaurya reaches the garden where Mehek is held captive by Svetlana’s goons and desperately looks around for her. Meanwhile, their families worry about not being able to reach them. Just as the thug is about to stab Mehek, Shaurya arrives there. Although she is saved, she assumes that Shaurya was behind the attack and insults him. Elsewhere, a furious Svetlana is in for a shock when the occultist reveals an alarming fact about her past. Later, Mehek tries to deal with a drunk Shaurya.

Saturday 30  November    2019

Episode 109

When the coach gives Shaurya a concoction to get him slightly sober, he refuses to drink it. Mehek feels that Shaurya is pretending to be under the influence of alcohol. When he expresses his feelings for her, she is left startled. In the meantime, Baba warns Shwetlata that she cannot run from what is destined to happen. Shaurya then tells Mehek’s mother that he wishes to marry Mehek. She assumes that Mehek, too, is attracted to him. Later, Shaurya regrets his behaviour.

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