Kindred Hearts Teasers for November 2019

Kindred Hearts Teasers for November 2019

Kindred Hearts Teasers for November 2019 – Jia struggles with fighting her feeling that Arjun is very far from her despite living in the same house. Find out what will happen in Kindred Hearts this November.

Friday 1 November  2019

 Episode 71

Arjun ignores Ambika instructions and adorn Jia with sindoor on her forehead, Rano is furious, she threatens to kill Jia if Arjun doesn’t accept her as his wife. Despite Rano’s continued misbehaviour, Ambika continues to defend her.

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Saturday 2  November    2019 

 Episode 72

Jia is disgusted by Rano’s mistreatment of Ambika. Arjun shares a plan with them to unveil the mystery.

Sunday 3  November   2019

 Episode 73

Arjun, Jia and Akash capture Rano and threaten her to reveal the secret that she has been hiding. They are almost successful in doing so when Ambika finds them and foils their efforts.

Rano on Kindred Teasers hearts November 2019 Zee World

Monday  4  November    2019

 Episode 74

Arjun, Akash and Jiya drug Rano, in a bid to extract the secret from her, but fail in their attempts. When Ambika comes home, Rano complains to her about her son’s deeds and subjects her to a humiliating punishment.

Tuesday 5  November    2019

 Episode 75

Rano plays a game with Arjun, Jia and Akash which puts them in a terrible dilemma. This time, she puts Ambika’s life at stake and asks Jia to marry Akash.

Wednesday 6  November    2019

 Episode 76

Jia is disheartened as she decorates Rano’s room but goes ahead as she has faith in Arjun. Rano makes her stand outside her door until further instructions and shuts the door. She then tries to get closer to Arjun who looks for ways to escape.

Thursday 7  November    2019

 Episode 77

Since Arjun foiled her plan to get intimate with him, Rano is frustrated. When Jia and Akash come there, she asks the them to leave the house as he didn’t marry Jia.

Friday 8 November  2019

 Episode 78

Arjun and Jia find out the big secret as Ambika narrates the whole story to them. At first, Arjun is in disbelief. However, he later vows to make Rano pay for all the pain she caused to their family.

Saturday 9  November    2019 

 Episode 79

Jia, Arjun and his mother think of different ways to catch Rano. Arjun and Jia go in search of her by using a tracker Arjun planted on her ring. This tracker leads them to the wrong place.

Sunday 10   November   2019

 Episode 80

Ambika is shocked when Rano’s men bring her husband in a drum. Later, Ambika escapes and runs after the men taking the drum. Rano then orders her men to throw the drum down the stairs.

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Monday  11   November    2019

 Episode 81

Ambika, Arjun, Akash and Bini become worried when they are unable to find Jia and Ambika’s husband. Binni then notices the tyre marks on the street and arrives at some conclusion. Shortly after that, they find Jiya’s phone with her message for Arjun after which they realise Rano’s plan.

Tuesday 12   November    2019

 Episode 82

Arjun and his family’s find Jia battling for life, sealed away inside a wall. Realising that Arjun has been severely injured by a poisonous nail, Aakash gives him medical treatment at home.

Wednesday 13   November    2019

 Episode 83

Akash gives Rano a newspaper, pretending to be a vendor. She spots a picture of Ambika’s husband and reads that he is a terrorist, who has has a bounty of ten crore rupees on his head. Later, she brings a dead body accompanied by some policemen.

Thursday 14   November    2019

 Episode 84

In the middle of the night, Rano ends up running out of the house after getting horrified by someone’s presence. Using this opportunity, Jia, Akash, Ambika and Binni look for Arjun’s father within the house.

Friday 15 November  2019

 Episode 85

Rano plans to take revenge and kidnaps Ambika’s husband. She then learns that Binni is aware that she has stolen the keys and locks her in a room. She even tries to kill Binni but Jiya intervenes. The duo have a long struggle and Rano manages to flee from the place.

Saturday 16  November    2019 

 Episode 86

Rano sends bloodstained clothes to Ambika’s place in a parcel. Ambika is grief-stricken as she assumes that Rano has killed her husband. Rano then tells her family members that she was only bluffing but threatens to kill Ambika’s husband if they ill-treat her again. Later, Aakash informs his family members that Rano is suffering from a psychological disorder. In order to find his dad, he plans to hypnotise Rano and replay the incident that had occurred during Rano’s childhood.

Sunday 17   November   2019

 Episode 87

Rano shoves Ambika’s husband in a well and makes arrangements to set him on fire. Jia, Ambika, Akash and Binni reach there and try to save him. Jia, however, becomes suspicious when Rano refuses to stop their rescue efforts.

Monday  18   November    2019

 Episode 88

While the family discusses Aakash and Binni’s marriage, Arjun declares that Nisha will not be allowed to enter the house. Jia then tries to convince Binni to let Nisha attend her ‘kanyadaan’, a marriage tradition.

Tuesday 19   November    2019

 Episode 89

Jia agrees to forgive Arjun for his actions on the condition that he will let Nisha in the house for one day. However, Arjun does not buy into the condition and this leads to a fight between the pair. The next day, Aakash and Binni eventually manage to get Arjun and Jia to reconcile. But for how long will it last?

Wednesday 20   November    2019

 Episode 90

Just as Aakash’s parents are about to leave for their trip abroad, Arjun informs his family that he too has to go on a business trip. After Arjun leaves,Later, Arjun is kidnapped by a thug on the way. As Arjun returns to his senses, he is shocked to see his kidnapper.

Thursday 21   November    2019

 Episode 91

Jia and Binni decide to go in search of Arjun. Nisha’s henchman then attacks Arjun and gets rid of his body. The police then inform Arjun’s family that they are trying to find out about his whereabouts. While Jia returns from a temple, she runs into Nisha and tries to find out how and when she escaped from jail.

Friday 22 November  2019

 Episode 92

Jiya goes to the hospital to meet Nisha. She then takes permission from the doctor and brings Nisha home. On seeing Nisha, Binni and Aakash get furious and refuse to allow Nisha to stay at their place.

Saturday 23  November    2019 

 Episode 93

Nisha burns Arjun’s photo and conspires to kill Jiya. Thereafter, Aakash and Binni assure Jiya that Arjun will return and urge her to eat food. Meanwhile, Inspector Krishna questions Nisha about Arjun’s whereabouts.

Sunday 24   November   2019

 Episode 94

Aakash and Binni think of a way to inform Jia about Arjun’s demise. On seeing this, Nisha advises the duo to give Jia sleeping pills so that Aakash and Binni can perform Arjun’s final rites.

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