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Fire and Ice 21 October 2019 Update



Fire and Ice 13 November 2019 Update

Fire and Ice 21 October 2019 Update starts when Yuvi comes back home and calls out Twinkle. Yuvi- twinkle, where are you? He said that the Mumbai manager was quite impressed by him. He continued to call her but no answer. He started to get worried and searched for her but didn’t find her He went to Usha whi was in the kitchen and asked about twinkle. She tells him that if twinkle is not at home the. She must be at Gurudwara and he leaves for gurdhwara

<< Fire and Ice 20 October 2019 Update

At Rocky’s ofice, He was angrily throwinbg a ball against the wall. Pallavi watches him.
Rocky says: that even after going to his house, he doesn’t feel at home like before.
And again throws the ball angrily.

Rocky says Yuvi has become the son of the family and whenever i am near twinkle i get angry ( i am not sure about what he says)

Pallavi: relax kuni, you have to control yourself. This fight is not a small one, it’s a long fight, at this time we cannot lose our patience
Rocky continued to throw the ball.

Yuvi prayed and then searched for twinkle. He spot a girl and misunderstood her to be twinkle, he went to her. He pat her shoulder but he saw that it was not twinkle and apologize to the girl.
Yuvi, woriedly, called twinkle but no answer. He gets more worried and then left thinking that twinkle might have left to go home.

Leela called out twinkle. Yuvi comes there and Leela asked him about twinkle. She said that she has been continuously calling her but she didn’t answer. She had to tell her something about license renewal or something like that.

Yuvi says that he went to Gurdhwara but she was not there, Leela says that she might have gone for license renewal office. Yuvi says he will call her, leela stops him and said that she has been trying since long but twinkle didn’t answer

Yuvi says this girl is impossible He assures Leela and tells her not to worry. And that he would go to the license office. He was about to leave when Leela stopped him. Leela says to yuvi that he can’t live with her right? Yuvi laughes and said to Leela that she has become naughty. They both laughed.

Yuvi searched for twinkle at License renewal office. Yuvi- such a long queue, how will i see her?
Yuvi was about to go in but was stopped by the people in the queue as they thought that he was cheating and going before them. Yuvi says that he was searching for his wife and went ahead.
He reache the counter and asked the man if a girl named twinkle sarna came there. The man checked the register then said no Yuvi got worried.

Leela and bebe were in twinkle’s room. Bebe says i came here to check if there is anyone upstairs.
Leela:”even i came here hearing a noise. Bebe conplained that twinkle was not picking up her calls and asked Leela if she talked to her. Leela said that twinkle is not picking up her calls and that yuvi went to pick her so they must be coming. Bebe said let them come, i will scold them today. And both smiled.

Yuvi was there at Rocky’s office Rocky says brilliant, now there is a new dramathat twinkle went missing. He says to yuvi why don’t you and your wife open up a drama conpany and that it will work more than the wedding business. He also says that they have put up all this drama so that they don’t have to pay him back his money.

Fire and Ice 21 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Yuvi got angry and said that you have fit a machine instead of a heart. Here i am worried for my wife And you are worried about your money. Listen to me carefully, Yuvraj Luthra doesn’t keep anyone’s favour nor does he steal someone’s money. I will see you afterwards, for now i am worried for my twinkle.

Pallavi, putting her hand on Rocky’s shoulder: Yuvraj, but where can twinkle go, any idea?
Yuvi- i just hope that twinkle reached home by now. He stared angrily at Rocky.

Yuvi tells Usha and Leela that he checked every place where twinkle could go but didn’t find her. He says that twinkle could have call once and that she didn’t even checked her messages till now.
Yuvi- how can she be so irresponsible? He called her again.

Leela says that its now afternoon and there is no news about twinkle and prayed that she is fine.
Yuvi worriedly call her and says that there is a limit of irresponsibility. They saw a phone vibrating under/near the bed. Yuvi bend down and saw the phone, he took it outamd says that it is twinkle’s phone.

Usha says that if her phone is here then something mighy be wrong as she always carried her phone. Leela says how can twinkle be so irrespinsible. Last time also she did the same when she….
Everyone was shocked. Usha wondered if twinkle went to the resort again? Yuvi- possible, i will go and bring her back. And once she is found, you two take good class of het. She is crazy girl, she taken our lives by tension. He assures them and said that he will bring her back. Leela- go fast
Yuvi left.

Leela trying to reassure usha and herself- nothing happened to her, she would be there only. God is here, He will protect her. Yuvi asked the manager the keys of twinkle’s room. The manager checked and said that there is another family staying in the room that twinkle always booked for herself whenever she stays here.

Yuvi says maybe she took another room, plz check once more. Manager says no sir, sorry, there is no one by this name” Yuvi says ”damnit” He gets worried and thinks of her. Yuvi- last time i spoke to her she said that she has to say something important to me. He wishes to talk to her once

Yuvi says God, i just hope that twinkle is safe, she is not in any mess, God, twinkle, plz call once to tell tgat you are fine, then only my heart will be at rest Yuvi says there is only one way left, i should call Leela maa

Inspector says did she leave being angry? Yuvi says no sir.  Inspector says ok, tell me one thing, was there any conflict between you, any fight or violence? Leela-what are you saying? My son-in-law os not like that. I trust him completely. He takes very good care of my daughter. Ins- tell me you said that she webt missing before also and went to a resort. Yuvisays yes, i checked there but she isn’t there

Inspector says she might have gone to another resort. Yuvi says no. Inspector says it is not yet 24 hours since she went missing, so missing complaint cannot be filled and maybe she comes back by herself. And if she doesn’t come back after 24 hours then you can definitely comr here and file the missing complaint Leela and Yuvi looked at each other worriedly Leela put her hand on Yuvi’s shoulder to assure him

At night, Rocky and pallavi come at Sarna house, where bebe and Usha were sitting worrirdly
Rocky: what happened? I heard you DIL has run away from house. They felt bad listening to this

Rocky says i mean that she is missing from home. Any news where she went? Any call or message? Anywau if you want, i can help you searching for twinkle. Pallavi says yeah. Rocky says i have some good contacts they can help us, if you guys want. Yuvi, from behind says no need. He came in with Leela.

Yuvi says thanks but no thanks, this is our family matter and we don’t want any suggestions nor help from an outsider. So it will be goodif you stay out of this matter. In fact, i feel that you have kidnapped my wife. All were shocked hearing that

Rocky says seriously? Do you think that i am a small criminal that i will target a girl? If i had to do something, then i wiuld have proudly attacked from the front. Then be it in boxing ring or in real life. Stabbing in someone’s back is not my habit.

Yuvi says whatever. For now, it would be better if you give our family a little space, actually i have something important to discuss to them. So can you guys just leave and excuse us. Go ahead
Rocky was about to do something when pallavi stopped him

At Rocky’s room, Rocky says what do you think pallavi? Is this all a drama or is it genuine? Has twinkle doubted me and now Yuvi and twinkle are playing games with me? Pallavi says Knuj i don’t trust them but why would the entire family do drama? I mean that i felt they were in stress for real.

Rocky says i agree that my family is not as smart and mean as twinkle and Yuvraj they are clean conscious people, but at this moment whatever twinkle and Yuvraj would say they would believe ir to be true. Anyway, whatever Yuvraj and twinkle are planning, whatever games they are playing, they would not succeed. Because i am not that player who lose. I will surely take revenge from them by hook or by crook.

Next morning, Yuvi is worried and says damn this 24 hours rule. Who made this rule? They cannot file missing report within 24 hours but if i this 24 hour that person is hurt then who would take the responsibility? No one knows this answer. He sat down furiously

Yuvi says where are twinkle? Plz call me once to tell that you are fine. All were worried. Yuvi says  once i hear your voice, i will be at peace. Police inspector comes there

Inspector says that they can carry out personal investigation. He asked for twinkle’s details so that they can start the investigation Rocky and Pallavi came there and the inspector greet him
Everyone looked on surprised.

Rocky says don’t be surprised, i have call the inspector. He said that poloce commission is his fan so he call only once and he sent the inspector. Ins-yuvraj sir, you should have said that you know Rocky sir, we would have started the investigation in 2 minutes and maybe we would have something till now. He asked his junior to take the details and some pics of twinkle.

Rocky comes to yuvi- don’t worry Yuvraj we will find twinkle together. I can do this imon humanity sake And come we will help police They checked her room,

The junior one says that there are some scratches at the corner means that there has been some srtuggle here. Ins asked yuvi what he talked to twinkle the last time. Yuvi says that she wanted to tell something inportant but he couldn’t talk to her as he was boarding the flight.

Ins said that he thinks twinkle has been kidnapped. Yuvi, shocked- what? Rocky was also shocked Ins- someone must have came here and your wife has struggled with him to save herself. Yuvi- but who can kidnapped her? Yuvi received a phone call from an unknown number and he went aside.

The person- if you want to see your wife alive then go and release you mom, Anita Luthra or else…
Yuvi was shocked- who the hell is this? Do as you are told and make the police go away, those who are roaming in your room or else… And one thing more, police shouldn’t be seen here and explain that boxer bot to fly much He cuts the phone

Yuvi is shocked and tensed Caller says to Yuvi that if you want to save your wife then bring your mother Anita out of jail otherwise.. Yuvi says what? caller ends call, Yuvi says how did this man know all this? Yuvi comes out of house and says no one is here then how does man knows whats going inside? Yuvi gets call from client and says we want to give you contract for party in Mumbai, you were waiting for this contract, Yuvi ends call, yuvi says this seems mom’s plan so that i bring her out of jail but i wont let her succeed, he calls someone.

Babee says to Leela that dont know what has happened to Yuvi, he is not even talking to anyone, Kunj comes and asks if they got any news of Twinkle? Leela says dont know, Yuvi is not telling us anything, he wants to kdo everything alone, he says that he can go to any extent for Twinkle but not telling us anything, i feel like if he has gone to meet Anita, Babee says she has made our lives hell, dont know what her new plan is, kunj says you mean anita Luthra? i read news that she was involved in Kunj’s murder, i am sorry but why did you allow Yuvi to go alone there? i think i should go there, he needs my help, Leea thanks him, he leaves.

Kunj and Yuvi are at home, Kunj says to family that police is here, tell them if Twinkle had any enemy or she fought with anyone, policeman says give us her photo too, he asks Yuvi when he talked to her last time, was she is disturbed? Yuvi is lost and not answering policeman, Kunj calls Yuvi out and asks what happened?

Yuvi says sorry, what? he gets calls from unknown number again and gets tensed, he thinks that my worker has called, he might have got any info regarding Anita maa, i cant this here, he leaves from there to attend call. Babee says Yuvi is tensed for Twinkle thats why behaving like this, policeman says we will investigate, he leaves.

Yuvi talks to his man and says i talked to Anita’s men but no one told me about her plan, seems like she has given this work to someone outsider. Leela sees Yuvi talking with man and says seems like he is Yuvi’s man to find out Twinkle but why Yuvi is not telling anything to police? Yuvi says if mom’s team has not kidnapped Twinkle then who did it?

Someone throws note towards Yuvi and runs from there before Yuvi can catch him. Yuvi opens envelope and finds Twinkle’s mangalsutra in it, note reads that throw this boxer and police away and ksave your wife, you are busy with your men, if you dont understand then next time it will not be mangalsutra in envelope but something else. Yuvi says dont know who is doing this.

Kunj comes home and his hand is bleeding, Pallavi asks how this happened? Kunj says i was taking information about Twinkle, man came in my room and attacked me, he knows about this house well, he said that i dont understand anything and then he left, Yuvi thinks that man told me on call too that i dont understand anything, usha says who can do this? Babee says the one who kidnapped Twinkle, they must have got to know that Rocky is helping us thats why they attacked him too, she asks Rocky to go to his room and take rest, Pallavi says i will take him, Babee asks yuvi to call inspector and tells him that Rocky is being attacked, Yuvi nods. Rocky leaves, Leela stares Yuvi, all leave.

Leela comes to Yuvi and says do you want to share anything with me? anything serious? Yuvi thinks that if i tell her about extortion call or note then she will get worried, i cant tell her, he says i am worried about Twinkle, Leela says i felt you went to meet someone outside, Yuvi says no i went to get some fresh air, Leela says okay and is tensed knowing Yuvi is lying.

Yuvi comes in police station and is dressed as policeman, he says i thought after being in jail for so many years, you would change but you are still playing games and making Twinkle’s life hell, i will accept your all demands but will save Twinkle. Yuvi gets call , caller says bring Anita out of jail then we will take her, he ends call. yuvi says fine mom, you son is coming to meet you so get ready. He sees policemen busy, he throws gas cylinder in police station, everyone gets busy in trying to figure out what is happening.

Yuvi sees anita in jail and coughing, she screams to save her, Yuvi puts mask on his face to be saved from gas, he comes to Anita’s jail and thinks that i cant become weak, she can go to any extent to get what she wants, she kidnapped Twinkle to get out of here, i will do it your way mom. He steals kkey of her cell and starts opening it, she asks who is there? yuvi opens jail and thinks that if saving Twinkle requires to release you then be it, i just hope Twinkle comes back home safe, he opens Anita’s cell to free her.

At home, Yuvi thinks that its been 3hours since i released mom, why did Twinke not return till now? Babee says to Yuvi that why did you not tell inspector that Rocky was being attacked? Yuvi says i forgot it, Babee says i know you are tensed, i told police everything. Usha sees on new tv that Anita is being released by someone from jail, everyone sees it, Babee says this witch ranaway from from jail.

Yuvi is tensed, Babee says what if Anita has kidnapped Twinkle? Usha says now she will try to destroy our lives, she will do anything to take revenge, Leela says first we have to kfind who released her from jail, who is behind all this, she asks Yuvi if he knew Anita was released from jail?

Yuvi stammers and says dont worry, i will find out, if my mom has done this then i wont spare my mom, i will bring back Twinkle, Leela says i know you care for Twinkle, you wont let anything happen to kher but you know your mom, she can do anything to take her revenge, she can go to any extent, if we dont tell police then how will they help us? we have to tell them everything then they will be able to help us, you are understanding what i am saying?

Fire and Ice 21 October 2019 Update ends as Rocky says police will be coming here soon and i am sure, yuvi will cooperate with them, Rocky eyes him, Yuvi thinks that this is such a mess, i cant share it with anything, ki cant take one step kwrong as it will increase threat on Twinkle.

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Lady Luck 19 November 2019 Update



Lady Luck 19 November 2019 Update

Lady Luck 19 November 2019 Update starts at night, Bhoomi roommate goes to washroom. A man enters room, thinks Bhoomi as roommate, makes her smell chloroform and kidnaps her. Bhoomi wakes up and shouts. Man asks who is she. She says he brought her here. He gives her water. His friend Saurabh/Ria’s boyfriend comes and asks whom is she. He says she is girl whom he asked to bring. He says she must be Ria/Roommate’s friend. During their conversation, Bhoomi escapes from there. They both start searching.

Lady Luck 19 November 2019 Update

Saurabh calls Ria to inform about Bhoomi, but she is busy searching Bhoomi in house. she then sees his missed calls. He calls her again, but she cuts call. He messages her it is about her roommate. She calls him and he says his friend Ansh kidnapped her roommate. She shouts that she asked him to go back to Delhi, but he did not and he wants her back after breaking their engagement. She then asks where is Bhoomi. He says she ran away. Ria panics. He asks her to come and meet him. She says ok.

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Bhoomi runs on road crying. She sees Ansh and hides behind tree. Ansh starts searching for her again. She starts running again and gets tired.

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Rajender and Bijender discuss about their worries for their children. They both say they should call Bhoomi. Bijender calls her, but she does not pick call.

Two drunkards starts following Bhoomi. She panics and continues running. Drunkards hear police siren and flee. Inspector stops van and asks who is she. She says she has lost her address. He asks her to her ID card. She says she does not have. Constable says she must be a pr*stitute and asks lady constables to arrest her. Bhoomi pleads she did not do anything, but lady constables hold her hand.

Ansh comes to her rescue, asks her why did she leave her husband. Inspector asks what drama is this. Ansh asks Bhoomi to keep quiet and tells they are newly married couple who came to this city today and his wife ran away after a fight. Inspector leaves. Bhoomi shouts at Ansh and Saurabh.

Ansh gets angry. Bhoomi requests Ria to take her home before dada/daadi wake up. Ria also says same. Saurabh tries to stop her. Ansh gets car. They all get in. Ansh says he is not their servant. Ria says it all happened because of him. Ansh agrees and starts driving.

Rajender and Bijender get tired calling Bhoomi’s phone unsuccessfully. Rajender asks Bijender to call Shanti and check. He calls her. Shanti wakes up and asks Murli to pick it, but he does not wake up. She picks call and asks Bijender why did he call. He says he and Rajender wanted to speak to Bhoomi once.

Shanti asks it is late night, but then says she knows they would not sleep without talking to Bhoomi and walks towards Bhoomi’s room. Janaki and Dhara come there and ask Shanti not to disturb Bhoomi. Shanti says okay and goes back to sleep.

Ansh and Saurabh drop Bhoomi and Ria home. Ansh apologizes Bhoomi, but Bhoomi does not. Ria holds her hand and walks towards flat. Ansh feels guilty. He sees Ria’s mobile on floor and goes to return it to her. Ria opens door and gets in. Shanti wakes up hearing Murli’s snoring and goes to get milk. She sees Ansh walking out and Ria and Bhoomi standing and asks who was he.

Bhoomi gets tensed. Ria says he was her brother and came to meet her. She asks why did not she tell her about brother. Ria says they did not speak in detail yet, so… Shanti asks why he does not stay with her. She says he paid both college and hostel fees, so he stays in hostel. Shanti asks why is Bhoomi tensed.

Ria says Bhoomi wanted to wake up daada/daadi to introduce brother, so she scolded not to wake them up. She apologizes Bhoomi and takes her to room. She says she and Saurabh love each other and wanted to marry, but her family opposed it, so she broke up wit him.

Ansh on the other side tells Saurabh that he saw love in Bhoomi’s eyes for him. Bhoomi on the other side tells Ria she should not hide anything from family. Ansh tells Saurabh that there is nothing right or wrong in love and he should convince Ria. Ria asks Bhoomi not to tell anyone and says she will inform family in a week.

Bhoomi wakes up in the morning and asks daada if she should keep someone’s secret. He says if it does not harm her or someone, she should. Bhoomi smiles.

Varun is having breakfast in the morning. Surbhi SMSes him to come out right now as she is waiting. He chokes, tells family he has some emergency case and leaves. He meets Bhoomi asks why did she sent threatening SMS. She says if she had not, he would not have come out.

Suman goes to check Bhoomi and finds a letter that she is going to solve her marriage issue herself. Vasundhara calls everyone for breakfast and asks Suman about Surbhi. Suman says she went to college for special lecture.

Vasundhara says she wants everyone on breakfast table in the morning and says after a few days Surbhi will go to her house after marriage, then she will have Bhoomi here and Maan will help her in business. She sees Suman tensed and asks what happened. Suman says she is sad that Surbhi will leave her house after marriage.

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The Heir 20 November 2019 Update



The Heir 20 November 2019 Update

The Heir 20 November 2019 Update on Zee World

The Heir 20 November 2019 Update

Raj takes Amba’s blessing. Amba goes. Mannu asks Raj not to go, everyone understands their relation. He says try to understand, we didn’t get Amba’s permission, I m not so selfish to hurt people, I have to go. She asks him to do something. He says big responsibilities come with big power, you have to think of bigger duties. He goes to get Rohan. Mannu cries and says I have won today but I m not happy, because I have lost.

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Raj goes to Rohan. Rohan asks can you live without Preet, I don’t accept this. Raj says I fold hands and request you, don’t start now like Mannu, she is also not understanding, what are you doing with Simran, she came to talk to you, what did you say, you will live without her, they all trust us, we can’t get back, Preet thinks she will become sarpanch soon, our plan is working, just one attack and then Bajwas’ name will spread everywhere, Preet will be out of sarpanch race. He smiles.

Amba hears this and gets shocked. She says when I felt I can trust him, he showed his colors, Bajwas will never change. Raj says I have to make this paper reach there and get Mannu’s nomination out, we have to do this before voting. Amba thinks what’s his plan, he worked hard to get Mannu reach here, what’s all this. Raj goes. Amba looks on.

Raj sees Mannu and keeps papers in pocket. He comes to her. Mannu refuses to talk. Raj and Mannu talk via Babli. Amba says Raj can’t be trusted, how to talk to Mannu. Raj says love is not dependant on place. Mannu cries and asks him not to go. Raj hugs her and cries. He says whatever I m doing is right.

Amba thinks to tell the truth to Mannu at voting booth, I have to be there before Raj changes paper. She leaves. Raavi and Babli come. Mannu says someone should be at home. Babli says Simran has come back, she gave vote and came. Mannu says why will Simran take care of Rohan. Rohan tries to get water. Simran comes. He gets dizzy and falls. Simran forwards hand. He gets up on his own. She leaves. Rohan drinks water. He hears Simran and sees her feet stuck in the railing. He goes and holds her. He goes.

At the panchayat office, Amba recalls Raj’s words and worries. The ladies say a new history will be written today. A peon asks Amba for signs. Amba signs the papers. Mannu gets glad seeing Amba. She says dad will be very happy today. Amba sees sarpanch.

Mannu says we will talk about peace first. Amba says you are very innocent, this won’t happen, no one wants to end enmity, Bajwas will succeed again. She catches Raj and asks what did you do, tell them. Sarpanch says calm down, we know our pind is a small village, we will know the election results.

Amba says no, Raj has changed Mannu’s nomination and added some Bajwas’ name, so that Mannu doesn’t get elected. Raj says yes, I changed the papers, but this happened with your approval. He shows the papers and asks Amba to see Preet has signed the papers for changing sarpanch candidate.

Amba says Raj has made Mannu do this. Raj asks Mannu about her signs. Mannu nods that she has signed on the paper. Raj says I will make another revelation, which will shock everyone. He shows Amba’s signs. She recalls peon taking her sign. She gets shocked and says yes, I signed but my focus was on you, you made me do this sign. Raj says its no use now, Sarpanch ji tell the results if candidate is ready. Sarpanch gets the result. He tells everyone that village took a big decision today, I want to thank the women. Amba leaves and cries. She thinks of Mannu’s words. She feels sorry for not saving Mannu.

The village council ask Amba to come. Raj and Mannu lift her and get her in. Raj says Sarpanch ji and entire village made you win, are you not happy, you manage everything now. They all chant Amba’s name. Amba gets shocked. Mannu says Raj has changed papers by asking me, I liked his idea, its true he has put your name in nomination, everyone knew this, they all chose you as sarpanch, when you are here, how can my status be higher than you.

Amba Pavaniya should be sarpanch, even Bajwas gave you vote and made you sarpanch, this village is like dad dreamt, Raj has won today. Babli calls Raj the best. They all clap. Amba says you all saved me from losing in life, how to thank you all, I did many mistakes, even then you had trust in me, Lala ji and Charan have dreamt of this peace, I wish Bajwas and Pavaniyas fight end, Shah is one who fights for everyone, there should be one Shah, I want Raj to take this responsibility.

Raj says I don’t accept this, I don’t want to insult you, Bajwas lost this chance before, its just Mannu who deserves to become Shah. Mannu says Raj…. Raj asks her not to refuse. He asks Amba and Mannu to manage the village and make it a heaven. Amba hugs them.

At home, Mannu makes Mannu wear the pagdi and kalgi. Waaris…..plays…..She does Mannu’s tilak and aarti. She hands over the ancestral sword to her. Everyone smiles. Amba says this pagdi got its righteous owner today, my dream got fulfilled today. Raj and everyone chant Preet’s name. Amba calls Raj. Raj hugs her. Rohan and Simran see each other.

Amba says I take this decision being Mannu’s mum, my daughter can’t get a better guy like Raj, I want them to become husband and wife, so this marriage will happen tomorrow, I got a son in Raj. Mannu hugs Amba. Amba says this time I will make you ready as a bride.

Mannu and Raj talk about uniting Rohan and Simran. She asks how shall we unite them. He says I have an idea, gather everyone in living area and then see my magic. She agrees. They all play a game. Raj says this coin is a key to unlock the questions going on in our heart. Rohan asks what nonsense. Mannu asks him to wait. Raj tells the rules. She asks them to think of their ancestors, Babli will question the ancestors and get answers. He asks them to close their eyes. Raj and Mannu do drama. Raj tells something to Babli.

Raj asks them to open eyes. He asks Babli to ask first question about Mannu. Babli asks who is Mannu’s soulmate. Raj moves coin by the magnet and says see coin is moving. Mannu says I won’t marry you Raj if your name doesn’t come. Raj moves magnet to his name alphabets. Raj says see its proved. Babli says I will ask second question, who is Rohan’s soulmate. Rohan refuses to play. Raj asks are you scared.

Rohan sits. Raj tries to name Simran. Rohan changes the coin and catches Raj’s trick. He says you kept a metal coin, which you moved by a magnet, I didn’t expect this with Mannu. He says I thought to stay here till marriage, but I have changed my decision, I m leaving right away. Raj stops him. Rohan asks him to move and leaves.

Simran cries talking to Raman’s pic. Mannu comes and asks her to think of Rohan, who supported her so much when she was ill, why can’t she give him a chance. Simran asks Amba to ask Mannu to stop it. She says if you don’t get quiet, I will not attend your marriage. Mannu says I will not marry Raj till you give a chance to Rohan. Simran gets shocked.

Simran cries. Amba asks her to think if Mannu will get a better guy than Raj. He says its tough for you, try to understand, at least do a drama in front of Mannu, her marriage should happen. Raj stops Rohan and asks are you punishing yourself, why can’t you give a chance to Simran. Rohan says she doesn’t love me. Raj says maybe your love ended, else you would have not touched this wine.

Rohan says I love her a lot. Raj says but you are scared to have a heartbreak. Rohan says no, I understand, I m ready to leave her for her happiness, is this not love. Raj says if you love her, you will make a last try to convince her, else I promise I will not marry Mannu. He goes.

Simran says fine, I will marry Rohan for Raj and Mannu’s happiness, who will explain Rohan. Rohan comes and says I understand, Raj told me if I don’t give a chance to Simran, he will not marry Mannu. Amba thinks Raj and Mannu are ready to sacrifice their love for Simran and Rohan. Simran says don’t forget this is just a drama. Rohan gets shocked and says yes, just a drama.

Its morning, Amba says the time for a new relation has started. Raavi asks the bride and groom to feed water to each other. Raj and Mannu smile. Raj asks Rohan to feed water to Simran first, then he will feed water to Mannu. Rohan takes the water for Simran. Simran drinks water by his hands. Raavi asks Simran to feed Rohan. Simran does it. Raj and Mannu drink the water by each other’s hands.

Amba applies mehendi to Mannu. Babli takes Raj for a surprise. Raavi applies mehendi to Simran. The lady asks Amba to write Mannu’s husband’s name. Mannu smiles. Raj signs Rohan and smiles. Rohan sees Simran. Raavi says I will also write husband’s name. Simran thinks of Raman and cries. She thinks of Mannu’s words. She thinks I can’t love anyone now, maybe Mannu is right, I should move on, I m going to start a new life by marrying Rohan for your and everyone’s happiness.

Raj smiles seeing Mannu coming to the mandap. Amba and Raavi compliment her. Pandit asks them to call groom and bride. Amba worries that Mannu can know Simran is acting. Mannu asks her to call Simran, are you hiding something. Simran comes with Rohan. Everyone see the newly weds. Simran asks Mannu to marry Raj. Mannu hugs Simran. Mannu and Raj take wedding rounds. They get married. They sign on the marriage register and get legally married too. Raj asks Mannu where will she go now.

Raj lifts Mannu and takes her to the room. Tere sang yara….plays….. their old moments are seen. After five years, two kids fight. One of them gets hurt. Everyone comes out. The girl says Maa, I have made him lose. Mannu asks her why did you wear boying clothes. The girl says I have to look like a boy to win. Mannu says who said this, its nothing like that, girls have equal power as boys, power is not physical, power is in realizing own identity. She says this fight and difference between boys and girls, don’t know till when will this go on, we have to stop this, society can’t go ahead about boys and girls, we have to give values to kids, that they respect people.

Amba says your mum is saying right, I also did this mistake, everyone knows my family and village have suffered, I have raised my daughter as a son, but this won’t happen now, a new history will be written in this village.

The family keeps a ceremony and crown Mannu’s daughter as the Shah. Amba sees the Kalgi and recalls Mannu. She fixes the Kalgi to her pagdi. She says its big responsibility, Raj and Mannu have ended the enmity between Bajwas and Pavaniyas, you have become Shah, you have to manage this responsibility, you have to take care of this pind, you are the Waaris of entire pind. Everyone smiles. Waaris……plays…………

Amba gives the sword to the little girl. The girl goes to Mannu. Mannu kisses her. Mannu sees Amba and recalls her childhood moments. Mannu makes her daughter sit on Shah’s chair. They all smile.

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The Heir 19 November 2019 Update



The Heir 19 November 2019 Update

The Heir 19 November 2019 Update on Zee World

The Heir 19 November 2019 Update

Jagan goes to Chandar and tells him about sarpanch’s ghost. He asks him to find some way. Chandar says sarpanch is dead, have water. Jagan gets scared. Chandar says nothing will happen, see I will drink water and show, why will sarpanch’s ghost come to you, I have killed him, he will come to trouble me. Jagan says I will sit here, I won’t go.

Chandar laughs and lies to sleep. They hear their voices and get up. They go out. They get shocked seeing the video recording playing. Jagan says who did this. Chandar breaks the phone. The video plays in another phone. They get shocked.

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Chandar starts laughing. Jagan says you got mad. Mannu claps and comes there. Chandar says you played a good game, how did you get sarpanch’s ghost. Sarpanch comes there. Jagan says see the ghost. They get shocked seeing Sarpanch alive. Jagan says you said you killed him, he is alive. Mannu says Chandar, your game is over now.

Chandar says I never play a game that ends soon. Raavi says we all are witness, we have proof, none can save you now. Chandar asks really. He laughs. He tells film’s dialogue. He says I have Rohan and laughs. He asks Mannu to take this and show everyone, then he will kill Rohan. Mannu shouts to warn him. He says take your name back from elections, else see what happens with Rohan.

Jagan says I told you, you all are characters of my story, see Chandar is so smart, how we kept Rohan captive, what will you do now. They laugh. Chandar says see I have spread the disease in pind, I came back from jail and entered their house, now I will become sarpanch, I will not leave you all, I insulted everyone, accept failure now. Raavi scolds Jagan.

Jagan says I have no family now, Bebe and Charan left me, now Chandar is my family, I supported him in every crime, do anything you want. Chandar goes to hold Mannu. She gets back. Raj comes and slaps Chandar. Chandar threatens about Rohan. Raj smiles and shows Rohan coming. Chandar and Jagan get shocked.

Chandar holds Jagan’s collar and scolds him. Jagan holds his collar and argues. They fight. Amba opens the house division rope. She beats Chandar with the ropes. She says you tried to break my house, you just deserve hatred, you are an illness, fraud man, I can’t let you succeed. Chandar turns and holds the ropes.

Raj goes to catch Chandar. He calls police. He asks inspector to take Chandar. Chandar and Jagan get shocked. They get arrested. Mannu asks them to stay together and grind wheat in chakki in jail. Amba sees Mannu.

Simran gets haldi milk for Rohan. He turns face away. She says you are hurt, have this. He asks her to stop it, he can’t bear this more. He says I love you a lot, but I got blind in this love, I forgot Raj and Preet, I got against them, Preet got defamed, I understood one thing, whatever I do for you, you will never accept me, when you lost memory, I used to protect you, you have thrown me out of your life, its better that I don’t keep hope from you, such love has no destination, which makes a person away from his relations. She looks at him.

Mannu thanks Raj and says this was possible because of you. He asks why are you thanking me, we have to convince your mum.

Raj says its result of my deeds, Amna will never agree to give your hand to me. Mannu says then leave me, why are you wasting your life. He asks her is she mad to say this, he will die without her. She says this is the only way now, we have to convince mummy, She hugs him. She says we reached till here, everything will get fine, trust our love. He agrees.

Raavi comes to Simran and asks what happened, why are you still awake. Simran says I m not getting sleep, I will try to sleep. Raavi asks why are you worried, won’t you tell me, is there anything about Rohan. Simran says I went to give medicines to Rohan, he refused, he didn’t talk to me, he said he loved me and doesn’t love now, he lost a lot for this love and now he is tired. Raavi says you wanted this to happen. Simran says yes, but when he said this, I feel something broke within, I got confused. The Heir 19 November 2019 Update

Raavi says I know you may not agree, these things are complicated when heart and mind runs on different tracks, forget what happened before, move on, I m not saying that you forget Raman, but memories should be good. She asks Simran to sleep. She leaves.

Raavi sees Amba worried. Amba says forgive me, I couldn’t stop Jagan from going jail. Raavi says no, you are eldest, Charan was a man who united this family, Jagan could never do this, I also supported him in all his wrong things, the day when he tried to kill Babli before birth, you and Mannu supported me, my eyes opened that day, I get courage from you, I have no regrets that he went to jail, he got many chances from this family. She says I know Pavaniyas and Bajwas’ enmity is strong, but Charan wanted this enmity to end.

Raj did a lot for us, we should accept him. Its morning, Mannu serves food to everyone. Amba asks did Raj call, what did panchayat decide. Mannu says don’t know. Raj comes and asks Mannu to come out, its a good news, she has become sarpanch. They all smile. Raj says panchayat decided this, I m very happy. He lifts her happily. He sees Amba and drops her. He asks Mannu to take Amba’s blessings.

Mannu touches Amba’s feet. The men come and shout denying to accept Preet as sarpanch. Amba asks what’s your problem when panchayat chose her as sarpanch. The man says we can’t let a woman become a sarpanch, her character….. Amba scolds them.

She says Chandar trapped Mannu and Sarpanch ji, police arrested him, he accepted that he framed Mannu. Rohan will give statement in court, Chandar has spread the epidemic in village, Preet has exposed him, she has saved you all from that devil, when sins increase, some Devi’s sword is raised to end it, do you agree or not, that woman, see that Devi.

Mannu is that woman, you all used to have her ruling when you thought she is a boy, now when you know she is a girl, you find her wrong, see where a woman reached, we don’t have voting rights for women, you all have to decide today, if you think women is weak, she is useless, then do something that you don’t get birth by a woman’s womb, why do you call a woman as Maa, why shall she bear the pain to deliver a child if she is weak, you are strong right, you give birth to a child now, you get called as dad and mum. The men get ashamed.

They apologize to Amba. The man says Preet is our sarpanch from now on, we will not let her sister get any trouble now. Raj and Rohan lift Mannu and chant her name. Mannu smiles.

Its morning, Raj gets a bag. Mannu asks where are you going. He says my home, my work got over here, I should leave now. Mannu doesn’t agree. He asks her to understand, don’t make him weak. He says I will not stop loving you, you stay in my heart, not in this house. They cry. She says no, you said we will fight. He says for the sake of our love, let me go, if I stay here, I won’t be able to go ever, your family can’t accept me with love, I can’t stay happy, I want to tell you something, I have always loved you, I love you and will love you forever. Amba looks on.

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