Kindred Hearts 15 October 2019 Update

Kindred Hearts 21 October 2019 Update

Kindred Hearts 15 October 2019 Update starts when Akash asks Arjun when will you tell Jia? He says soon. Akash says when? He says I will. He says I will text her. He texts Jia. Arjun says I hope she reads it and forgives me. Someone takes her phone and deletes the text.

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Arjun comes out nd says Jia.. He hers someone crying in her room. arjun says Jia.. Please listen open the door. I want to tell you everything. You can ask me anythign you want. Please forgive me. She says go from here I want to be alone. arjun leaves. It was Nisha. She says thanks for leaving your phonee here Jia. Arjun is so stupid.

Jia is outside. Arjun comes to her. He says I am sorry. You wont leave me right? She says why wouldd I leave you idiot? He says thanks for understanding. She says you are with me why would I worry. he says I love you. She hugs him. she says where is my surprise? He says its ready. Lets eat first.

Next morning Jia wakes up. Petals falls on her. Her whole room is decorated. Deep comes in and hugs her. She says thanks. Jia opens the gift box. It has a dress. Jia wears it. He says yoou look so good. I want to make this day special. Jia says we should keep an eye on Nisha. He says don’t worry she can’t do anything. He hugs her.

Nisha says Arjun thinks he is safe now and now his life would be more troubled. Arjuna and Chiragh are getting decorations. Ajrun says Bini and Akash will get married today as well. Bini says I am so happy. She says Arjun thanks for this surprise. Nish says first Arjun and Jia will get married and then Akash and Bini.

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Arjun says you go and sign divorce papers. Nisha says prepare. I have prepared too. Bini says mom lets go and check my wedding outfit. Akash says to Ajrun thanks for the surprise. Jia really loves you that’s why she stayed by your side even after knowing everything. Arjun says go and get ready groom. Arjun says to Jia how do you feel? She smiles. He says shy.. Go get get ready.

The wedding starts.jia comes downstairs as bride. Bini comes too. Bini sits next to Akash and Jia sits next to Arjun. Kaki ties Arjun and Jia’s knot. Nisha texts someone. Arjun says to Nisha go and tie Bini’s knot leave this phone this time at least. She ties this knot. She says in heart I have to stop this. She burns the cloth a bit. Bini coughs due to smoke. Nisha says what happened.

Nisha says someone bring water. Bini faints. Arjun takes her to room. Akash checks bini. She gets up.. Nisha says she is weak. She can’t get married today. Arjun says in heart we can’t let nisha win.

Kindred Hearts 15 October 2019 Update ends as Arjun says when bini feels better in a while we will get married. kaki says no you two should get married. Guests are waiting. Arjun says Akash bring Bini as well.


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