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Mehek Update

Mehek 10 October 2019 Update



Mehek 10 October 2019 Update

Mehek 10 October 2019 Update starts with Shaurya and Mahek seeing Sooraj in site area. He starts beating him, Mahek asks him to stop. Police moves Shaurya away from him and arrests Sooraj. Shaurya lifts unconscious Anjali and leaves with Mahek.

<< Mehek 9 October 2019 Update 

Doctor treats Anjali and says take care of her, she will wake up soon. Anjali acts like she is unconscious. Karuna cries. Dolly says she will be fine. Anjali wakes up and says Maa.. Karuna says i am with you, dont worry, we all are here. Shaurya says you are fine, did he do something with you? Mahek says Sooraj was arrested, we are with you and you are safe. Karuna asks her to say something. Shaurya says he kidnapped her and physically assaulted her but he is arrested now, I wont spare him, police will beat him good. Anjali says stop it, Sooraj saved my life and you gave him to police?

he saved me and you rewarded him like this, I fainted there so he helped me, if he kidnapped me then why did he stay there? for Shaurya to go and beat him? Shaurya says but I saw.. Anjali says you always see what you want to see, you dont care about others feelings, I was running away from house, I thought that you people dont care and wont understand my feelings but I fainted so Sooraj was giving me CPR, mom if you want to see me happy then please bring Sooraj out of jail.

Shaurya says but what I saw.. Karuna says enough, Shaurya you and Mahek have done enough of you what you both wanted, you have hurt my daughter, she says to Anjali that I will talk to lawyer and free Sooraj. Anjali says take me too, Karuna says yes come with me, they leave. Dolly asks Shaurya and Mahek to stay back, she leaves.

Shaurya sadly sits on bed and says what did I do? Mahek hugs him and consoles him. Shaurya says you asked me to not be angry but I lost my control and broke my sister’s heart. Mahek says you did a mistake but dont be disappointed. Shaurya says it was a sin, I failed, he breaks glass in anger, his hand bleeds. Mahek puts cloth on his wound, she says I am sorry I cant help you but hurting yourself is not a solution, she cries and hugs him.

Karuna, Dolly and Anjali comes to police station. Sooraj comes out of jail, he is injured. Anjali says I am sorry Sorraj, my brother did a mistake. Sooraj says I did mistake by loving you, I got beaten by your brother and police, I dont want to have any relation with you. Anjali says I am sorry, he did a mistake. Sooraj says your brother is a goon, he will beat me whenever his wife tells him, I am poor but have respect.

Mehek 10 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Karuna says to Dolly that this is all Mahek’s doing, she must have provoked Shaurya to beat him. Anjali smirks hearing it. Sooraj starts to leave. Anjali sees knife there and cuts her pulse, she faints. Karuna hugs her and cries. Sooraj runs to her.

Mahek treats Shaurya’s hand. She gets a call and is shocked to know about Anjali. She drops phone in shock and looks at Shaurya.

Anjali is brought to hospital, inspector takes Sooraj’s statement. Karuna cries and says if anything happens to Anjali then I wont be able to forgive myself. Shaurya and Mahek comes there. Shaurya glares at Sooraj. Dolly tells everything to Mahek. Dolly leaves with nurse for formalities. Shaurya says to Karuna that dont worry, Anjali will be fine, I will bring best medical treatment for my sister. Karuna sees Anjali’s blood on her hand and slaps Shaurya hard, Mahek is stunned.

Doctor treats Anjali, nurse says she is lucky she got saved. Doctor says seems like she cut her wrist as warning only as injuries are not severe, lets make her medical report, they leave. Anjali sits up and says doctor is intelligent, this wound is not deep but wound that I will give to Shaurya and Mahek will be deep, he presses on her wound so blood oozes out from bandage.

Outside ward, Karuna says to Shaurya that I have seen your madness and Mahek’s stubbornness. Karuna says to Shaurya and Mahek that you both are responsible for Anjali’s condition, I told you many times to not force Anjali to marry but you didnt listen because you listen to your wife more these days, Shaurya says nothing like that, Mahek says Maa..

Karuna says you dont talk, I know you are not happy with Anjali coming in house. Shaurya says you are saying hurtful things, its nothing like that. Karuna says I have been seeing things, when Anjali got cheap clothes, when diya in mandir was not lit, I remained silent for house’s peace but I saw everything and I know Mahek will never accept Anjali, Mahek is shocked to hear that.

Mahek cries and says how can you even say that Maa? Karuna jerks away from her. Mahek says I never differentiated between Nehal and Anjali. Karuna says you can make good words but if you are so good then why you made people joke around Anjali in Jagran? She says to Shaurya that you are so blind for Mahek that you wont see that Mahek have put all this fire for Anjali, she tells everything to her family. Mehek 10 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Mahek recalls how Kanta told her once that when new person enters house, problems arise and you can be alone sometime but you have keep bonds strong with people and work harder on your relations. Mahek looks on.

Mahek says ma I know you are angry because Anjali is not well but you know how much i love her. Karuna says you can’t accept her and that is why you are doing all this. You planned her wedding so she goes out of this house. You use shaurya to complete your plan. You knew she wasn’t in your control so you asked Shaurya to use against Anjali. Why do you have her.

Mahek says why would I bring her here? Karuna says you wanted appreciated that you are hungry of. You wanted her to get married and go away from this house. Mahek says ma please dont’ say that. Shaurya says she asked me to listen to Anjali but I was forcing it. karuna shoves Mahek. Shaurya says enough ma. Say whatever you want to say to me but I wont accept all this against my wife.

She is the girl who treated you with more respect than a mother. You can’t see the truth. I wont tolerate a word against Mahek even if its coming from you. Nurse says Anjali is conscious. Karuna says you both wont come in. She goes in.

Shaurya sits with mahek and caresses her face. Sooraj is sitting with Anjali. He says your family wont accept me. Anjali says if they can’t value my love then I dont’ want that family. I don’t wanna live here. Mahek says anjali you don’t need to go anywhere you will live with us. Karuna says get out of here don’t pretend to be nice. Shaurya holds mahek’s hand and leaves.

Karuna says don’t worry your mom is with you. I will always do what you want She goes out. Sooraj says it still didn’t work out like we thought. She didn’t kick Mahek out. Sooraj says don’t worry she will. Shaurya says you can’t do all this shaurya. He says didn’t you hear what she said? She says go in and help her with formalities. SHe is our mother. Karuna and Sooraj come out with Anjali. They go home.

Karuna does pooja and says thank God for saving her. Shaurya and Mahek come home. Karuna says get my suitcase ready. I and Anajli will leave this house. Everyone is dazed. Anjali says in heart whats happening. Karuna says we will leave this house. Anjali says this is your house you will live here. I and Sooraj will go. Karuna says you are my daughter. I will go where you go.

Mehek 10 October 2019 Update ends as Karuna says if this house doesn’t accept my daughter i dont’ want it. You and your wife can live in this house. I and Anjali are leaving this house. Be happy mahek stay happy here alone. we are leaving. Shaurya says no. This is your house. We will leave this house if you dont’ want us near you and Anjali.

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Mehek Update

Mehek 21 October 2019 Update



Mehek 21 October 2019 Update

Mehek 21 October 2019 Update begins when Shaurya asks why this much luggage Ee are going for picnic we can get all there don’t need to take all these she asks I packed so much food it will be spoil harish says don’t worry I will finish it.. They all laugh.. Driver says I will give all information next time.. Swethalana smirks.. Sharmas joined too.. Jeevan hugged shaurya.. Babies crying Nehal says stop crying we are getting late

<< Mehek 20 October 2019 Update 

Everyone is enjoying in summer camp. Harsh and jeevan climb the net. They all play games. Kanta says why isn’t anyone here? Shaurya says this place is booked for us only. Mahek says yes we will have fun. Nehal says lets have food first. Suvetlana is outside with her men. She says it will be fun. She goes in disguised as a trainer. Everyone is having food.

Shaurya says MMahek why are you eating for three people. Karuna says why are you teasing her. Let her eat. Vicky says Nehal lets go play games. She says but kids.. Karuna says I will handle them. Shaurya nd Mahek go too. The race starts. Everyone trues to stop others. Nehal and Vicky win. Suvetlana comes in with her people. They disperse in all directions.

Harsh goes to get medicine for kids. Suvetlana says come up please. All people go up. Mahek and nehal go up. Shaurya gets a call. He goes out. Everyone is on suspension bridge? Inspector calls Shaurya and suvetlana is in your house? Shaurya says what? you arrested her yesterday. He says no we never arrested her. Shaurya is dazed. He says stop.

Suvetlana and her men run from there. She has set ropes on fire already. Everyone up is scared. Shaurya says nothing will happen. He tries to blow the fire. Shaurya slowly gets up and brings everyone down. Sutelana runs. Shaurya gives everyone water. Mahek says your hand is burned. She hugs him. Kanta says who did all this? Jeevan says suvtelana but she is in jail?

Shaurya says no. He tells everyone about his conversation with inspector. Shaurya says where is mom? Karuna has fainted and kids are not there. Nehal says where are my kids? She faints. Manis hugs her and says nehall.. Shaurya asks guards to look everywhere. Karuna is crying. She says its all my mistake.

Shurya says don’t worry I wont let anything happen to the kids. Jeevan looks everywhere. He says lets go to police. Nehal is crying. Vicky comes to her. He says kids are nowhere. Mansi is crying. Kanta says nothing will happen please dont’ cry. Nehal says where are my kids Vicky? please do something. Mahek says please calm donw. Nehal says please come with me. My kids. She screams.

Mehek 21 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Vicky says please calm down. She cires. Shaurya says Nehal control yourself. He hugs her. He says i promise you I will find them. They are safe. Suvetlana wont do anything to them. I promise I will bring them back.

Suvetlana is on her way with kids. She says their heartbeats will stop after they see what I do next. Everyone brings nehal back to her room. She screams and cries. dolly says God will protect your kids. She says but they are so little. She says how Suvetlana do this. Karuna says she is not a mother. SHe is full of hate. We thought she at least loved Vicky but she doesn’t. She has no shame.
Harsh says she prepared fake police. She makes plan b with everything. Shaurya says how could we be fooled. They call police. Suvetlana brings kids to her thugs. The kid are crying.

Doctor gives Nehal sedatives. Mahek sees everyone crying. Awara says Mahek there is a call for you. Mahek hears it and is shocked. She says Vicky come with me. Kanta asks awara where is mahek? He says she went out with Vikcy.

Police shows tracking device to Shaurya. He says put it on call when she asks for ransom. Mahek says Shauyra.. They all go out. Suvetlana is there. She says don’t blame with these dirty allegations. Ravi says I will kill you. She syas Vicky call and told me everything. I can’t be blamed of this. Karuna says it is her game. Police says it can’t be otherwise she wont have come here. Vicky asks police to leave. They leave. They leave.

Nehal comes and says where are my kids. I know you have them. Mahek says stop this all. she doesn’t have the kids. Kanta says how can you trust her. Police says we have to go. We will do our interrogation.

Suvetlana sits inside and says we have the babies. See them. Everyone is dazed. Mahek says we were blackmailed so we had to send police away from here. Dolly says vicky is out of his mind too. mahek says we are not mad suddenly. she shows them video of the kids crying. Nehal says my kids she is crying. she says show me. Mahek says no don’t. Kanta says you will rot in hell. Suvetlana says why do you wnt to kill the kids. Call lawyer and give me this property I will give you the kids back. This should happen by tonight you will have the kids back.

Nehal is crying. Suvetlana says ask them to give me this property if they wanna save the kids. Nehal says please dont’ do all this. She leaves. She says do as I say if you want peace in your life. Nehal cries.

Balvan coughs. Kanta says papa ji isn’t feeling well. He says i can’t see my kids on this trouble. Kanta says God will help us.
Shaurya and Mahek sign the papers. Suvetlana says on call the real blast is something you wont have seen before. The countdown has started.

Shaurya is going somewhere. Mahek says where are you going? He says restaurant. She syas in all this? Tell me where are you going? He shows the chip he put in Suvetlana’s bag. she says I will come with you. Or take police. He says no you have to stay here. she says no I will come with you. Mahek and Shauyra are in rickshaw on their way. He says I asked you not to come with me. mahek says it is dangerous there. He says don’t know suvetlana.

Kanta says where is Shaurya and Mahek? They haven’t even eaten anything. She says they aren’t home. Dolly says they never tell before going. Shaurya and Mahek reach the location. They hear kids crying. Shaurya says let me go inside. He coems in and sees a phone. The kids noise is coming from it. He says Mahek.. She was fooling us.

Mehek 21 October 2019 Update ends as Kanta calls mahek and says please save us. Mahek says is everything okay? kanta tells her the location. Suvetlana says if you are done being James bond come on to this address. Your whole family is there. Mahek and Shaurya rush there.

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Mehek Update

Mehek 20 October 2019 Update on Zee World



Mehek 20 October 2019 Update

Mehek 20 October 2019 Update starts when Nehal says to Mahek this is all so embarrassing for Vicky. Mahek says Shaurya doesn’t listen. Dolly saysv what are these guards for? Karuna says we have to be careful. Suvetlana comes to her room and says on call I will ruin this family. I am in here again. the game will start now.

<< Mehek 19 October 2019 Update

Mansi calls Nehal. She tells her everything. Dolly calls Kanta and tells her everything. Mansi says I am really worried. ravi says she is Vicky’s mother. I think they are doing right.
Dolly says that woman is very bad. Kanta says don’t say anything but keep an eye on her.

Shaurya is agitated. He comes out adn says to the guard is there any movement? He says no she didn’t come out of her room.

Dolly comes to Nehal’s room and puts glass on the floor. suvetlana steps on it. Vicky says can you be done with all this?
Mahek says Anjali’s body is being released. Karuna stands up in tears. Suvetlana says I am sorry. She says maybe that was her fate. Everyone goes ot her funeral. Karuna is really upset.

Suvetlana comes out of the room. Shaurya says in heart that car cleaning guy looked weird. Suvetlana mixes something in tea of body guards. all of them faint. Vicky comes downstairs. He says Nehal.. Suvetlana comes with NEhal. She has gun on her head. She says I am not blind. Vicky says mom what is this. Shaurya says brakes are fail. He is scared.

Suvetlana says keep the kids here. Nehal says please don’t harm my kids. Suvetlana says decide who will die first? You all will die together. Shaurya tries to put brakes but he can’t stop the car. Everyojne is scared. The car hits a wall.

Suvetlana says to Vicky you are a loser. I hve to kill you. She puts gun on him and Nehal. She puts in on the kids. Nehal says I beg you don’t harm my kids. They are your blood too. Karuna says you all have to go up.

Harsh comes home. He sees the guards fainted everywhere. He sees whats going on in the house. Suvetlana’s men come and take him in too. She says these are so pretty lets send them up. Nehal says please don’t do anything. Suvetlana says you all have ruined my life. Vicky tries to snatch the gun from her.

Suvetlana shoots nehal. She screams and falls down. shaurya’s head is bleeding. Mahek’s head bleeds too. She says I am fine. Shaury says we have to rush back home. He calls home but no one picks. shaurya says this wasn’t an accident. Suvetlana did all this. I asked you not to do all this Mahek but you never listen.

The bullet hits Nehal’s hand. She screams. Suvetlana says if you love her let her die don’t try to save her. shaurya tries to get the rickshaw. Dolly says I hope Nehal and kids are safe.

Mehek 20 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Nehal request to swetlana…Harish threaten her saying kids haven’t harmed you and you have rivalry with me and Shaurya so let go this kids ..Vicky and Nehal..they are your family… Vicky also request and swetlana tells Vicky that he is remembering now that she is his mother…he has supported Shaurya and send her to jail..and pushes him…

Shaurya gets a lift and they all sit in the car …Vicky stand back and tells he has supported Shaurya and he will always support him because he was right…and Bhabhi has gone against his wish and brought you inside but you aren’t worth of trusting…and you can’t be my mother.. Vicky shouts at her…

Swetlana picks his baby and tells your dad blood is boiling and now she has to kill someone she holds gun on baby head and everyone ask not to shoot… suddenly someone throws smoke bombs and whole Sharma family comes inside and attack them… swetlana runs out of house..she threatens a car driver on the road and sits a drive away.. Shaurya reaches along with family.. he tried to follow her but Karuna stops him..

Mahek says she will follow her..she takes a bike of a girl and follow her … inside Khanna mansion Shaurya beats swetlana goons..mahek hits swetlana and bringw her back to KM ..police comes and arrest them…Mahek slaps swetlana before she leaves saying this is the last time you have hurted our family…

Kanta hugs mahek.. they all go inside…Vicky says sorry to Shaurya and ask to forgive him…Nehal also tells sorry saying she would have lost her kids …mahek says it was her mistake to bring swetlana back… Shaurya ask them to stop saying sorry as mistake happens with everyone..and says he needs a prize as he was right about swetlana..he ask chachi to make tea for them…later Karuna ask kanta when did she came back…

Kanta says she was worried about them and came back and tried calling Everyone but phone was not reachable…than they came here and once they reached here they understood the scene …and Ravi had some Diwali crackers in his car and they used that and some how managed to save them..

Swetlana has already bribed the inspector and he sets her free on the way … later she meets her men and plan to attack khannas … Shaurya plans to go out with family..but maasi tells they will go to Mandir first…

Mehek gets ready shaurya came from behind silently and hugged her. She asks why you always do something new.. He says I’m feeling not good. She says did you get any fever she tries to find thermometer.. He watches her.. Okay you don’t go anywhere we will cancel the program. She again says I will do one thing I will call kantha chachi she is expert in handling fevers. He says now why to disturb chachi we will handle.. She asks now fever uthar gayi Kya.. He says what to do if you are not coming to me I only have to come to you.. new baby is coming so have to take care big baby also .. He pulls her on him.. She tries to go away but he pulls again..

Driver calls swethalana says have one matter what will I get if I Return. Khanna family are going to amusement park for picnic. Swethalana says I will give more money.. Dolly is packing so much luggage.

Mehek 20 October 2019 Update ends as Shaurya asks why this much luggage Ee are going for picnic we can get all there don’t need to take all these she asks I packed so much food it will be spoil harish says don’t worry I will finish it.. They all laugh.. Driver says I will give all information next time.. Swethalana smirks.. Sharmas joined too.. Jeevan hugged shaurya.. Babies crying Nehal says stop crying we are getting late

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Mehek Update

Mehek 18 October 2019 Update



Mehek 18 October 2019 Update

Mehek 18 October 2019 Update starts when Anjali throttles Mahek and says you tried to kill me? Dolly says please stop. Anjali says you will die and Shaurya will go to jail. You thought you would give me poison. Doctor says it wasn’t poison. Anjali says you are fooling me you don’t know anything. Call police everything will be clear.

<< Mehek 17 October 2019 Update

Dolly calls Shaurya and tells him everything. Anjali calls police and says mahek gave me poison. Mahek says no i didn’t know anything. Anjali says then drink it and tell everyone it doesn’t have anything. Anjali forces mahek to drink it. She says nothing would happen. mahek coughs and faints.

Dolly says she is pregnant and you made her drink champagne. Mahek opens eyes and drinks water. Mahek says I dont drink. Inspector says to anjali are you crazy. You don’t have right to do anything like this. Mahek you can complain. Mahek says i wont do anything. Police leaves. Anjali asks her men to kick them out.

Anjali says she tried killing me? I have to find out what their plan is. She comes to outhouse. Mahek calls shauyra nad says she will have to trust us. Mahek says to Shaurya I feel bad these days. anjali is hidden under bed. She looks in the bag for poison. She can’t find anything. Anjali sneaks out. dolly says I heard some noise. They look everywhere. Mahek says must be a rat. Anjali goes away. Mahek and dolly smirk. Mahek says we have to stay ahead of her.

Next morning mahek adn dolly come ot house. Anjali says how dare you come without permission? Go and do your work now. She says go and clean the garden and swimming pool. Dolly says but anjalu is pregnant. Anjali says if you want shaurya out then go and do all this. clean swimming pool first. Dolly and Mahek come out. Dolly says I so want to kill her.

Anjali is on her way to somewhere. She says to driver stop using your phone. Mahek calls the driver. She calls the doctor. Doctor says Anjali called but didn’t talk about transplant. Mahek is in police station. She says we have to do something. What if she goes to another doctor? He says how will you find out? She says i have to go there and find out. He says be careful.

Mehek 18 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Nehal calls Mahek and says we saw a car and Anajli in it. We are following her. mahek says I am coming there. Nehal and Vicky come to city hospital. Anjali is in there too. Nehal’s condition is not well. AKash says you rest here. I will see what can be done. Mahek comes to city hospital. Vicky calls Mahek and says please follow Anjali. We can’t go because Nehal’s condition is worsened. Mahek comes in and looks for Anajli. They see her with a doctor. Mahek says she will know the truth and our game will be over.

Anjali gets her reports checked. She comes out. Mahek and Vicky hide. mahek comes to doctor and asks about anjali. He says there is a problem in her lever. Shakti comes in. He says how are you Mahek? He says I was in village. I came here and got to know everything.

Don’t worry this doctor is my nephew. The doctor tells them everything. He saw anjali’s reports and said who is the donor? She said Karuna my mom.He said you should talk to donor and get your transplant done asap.

Mahek comes to Nehal. She asks vicky to stay with her. Mahek comes to Karuna. An old woman tells Mahek Anjali is coming here. Mahek calls Shaurya and says Shauyra anajali is coming here. He says ma please don’t lose this chance. You have to make your emotions work. Please be careful.. She says okay.

Karuna says to Anjali why are you here now? What do you want now? I gave you everythign but you wanted money only. Anjali says I am sorry ma. I will die please save me. Forget everything. karuna says how? She says I am your daughter afterall. karuna says sunita ji meet my daughter. Mahek is on call with shaurya. ANjali twists Karuna’s hand and says you are laughing at my condition? Karuna shoves her and reads newspaper.

Anjali says do what I saw or your son will always ve in jail. Karuna says okay I will give you my liver. But in return you have to sign these papers and write all your sins on these. Anjali says I will never do that. She leaves. Mahek comes out and says you did right ma.

Anjali calls Karuna. Anjali says ma I am ready to accept everything. You have to give me your liver tomorrow morning. Mahek calls Nehal. She says we are all worried for you. But we know anjali wont understand. Anjali comes there and says you can go to your sister of you want. If your husband comes out you wont work here. I can do anything. Mahek says should I go? Anjali says yes go and take dolly too. Where are my meds? Mahek gives her meds.

Mahek and dolly leave. Anjali comes to Karuna with her thugs. They try to kidnap her. karuna screams. The old women wake up and come with hockeys. They stop anjali. Anjali points gun at them and says stay quite here. She points the gun at Karuna. They take Karuna. The old women call Mahek and tell her everything. Mahek is dazed.

Anjali kidnaps doctor too. She says she is the donor. Do the transplant. he says I can’t transplant here there are not equipment. Anjali gives him equipments. She says I will give you so much money you wont need to work. Care about your life not hers. He gets ready to operate Karuna. Anjali says good morning mom. Karuna coughs.

Mehek 18 October 2019 Update ends as Karuna says why are you doing all this. Anjali says when I saw you in TV with your family I hated you. I thought my ma was poor and you were here living your life in fun. You threw me away. I will take all your money and happiness and even your liver. I decided how I will destroy you and your life. She tells Karuna whole story. Mahek comes in with police. They arrest. Anjali. Mahek snatches her gun. She says your game is over. We have recorded your confession.

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