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Mehek Update

Mehek 8 September 2019 Update



Mehek 8 September 2019 Update

In Mehek 8 September 2019 Update, Archie comes running to the kitchen and screams. She takes water. A ghost comes and says come near me. Archie faints again. Mahek and Ravi smile. Mahek says poor girl. They put her on bed. There is foam on Shaurya’s face. Mahek cleans it. She says I have to go.

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Shaurya calls doctor. avi and Jevan leave. Ravi sees a lemon under the beed. He says what is this? Mahek says must be mausi’s mantra to send ghosts away. Shaurya asks Archie what happened? She says please save me. He has come. Shaurya says please calm down. Archie says where were you? I looked for you everywhere. He is here. He will take me with him.

Shaurya says please tell me what happened. Archie says he is back. He has found me. He will take me. Shaurya hugs him. Archie says Shaurya please save me.
Shaurya says whom are you talking about? You are just stressed. Kanta says to Dolly I am sure there is some ghost on her. Dolly says yes i put a lemon here and it turned red. KKanta says thats scary. We should call someone who can throw away this ghost. Dolly says who? Kanta says I know someone.

Dolly says bring her here. I won’t let Shaaurya know about it. Kanta says yes he doesn’t believe in all this. Kanta calls Mahek and says get ready. Mata Katiyari devi you have to come to send ghost away. Dolly says to Archie you have a ghost on you. You have to come with me and meet Mata.

Mehek 8 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Archie says stop this nonsense or I will send you to the village you came from. Dolly calls Kanta and says she sin’t agreeing. Mansi and Kanta are getting Mahek ready. Mansi says what will we do now? Mahek says she will have to agree. Archie goes out for jogging. Shaurya is talking to Mahek on video call. He says see the live action. An empty car comes towards Archie. A watchman and dolly see the car going towards archie.

Archie sees the car coming and screams. Archie runs. Sharuya comes and says how did this happen? Someone must have done this. Let me check the car. He says Archie see the note on the car. It is written with blood Waiting for you. Archie is scared. Dolly says this is blood. Archie faints. ddolly says let me check her. Mahek says you hugged her. He says you asked me to marry her now I have to. Mahek says meet me I will tell you. She smirks. Jevan comes home and says we can’t get that place because there is already a mundan today. Kanta says you can’t do anything.

Nehal says let me call Shaurya. He will suggest what to do. Archie is crying. Dolly says I will stay with you all the time. Archie says take me where you were saying. I will go anywhere. Dolly says don’t cry. Archie says lets go. Dolly says to Archie where is your mangal sutra? She says Shaurya never gave me. Dolly says I will ask him to bring you.
Nehal and everyone is preparing.

Kanta says Dolly and Archie must be coming any moment. Kanta says lets call shaurya. Mansi says they must be coming. Kanta says we don’t know where Shaurya is. Dolly and Archie will reach any moment.

Mehek 8 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Mahek and Shaurya re in temple. Mahek says please give us strength. We are going to do something big. Mahek says we are together after so long. Shaurya says I think i left my wallet somewhere. A woman comes and says is it yours? I found outside temple. I saw your photo. Mahek says sarla aunty. You saved us. I was scared. She says why scared? Mahek says new year shouldn’t start like that.

Sarla says don’t worry about little things. She says Shaurya I saw how you brought her back. You have made an example of love. You both will stay together always. MAhek says thank you aunty. Shaurya hugs Mahek and says be careful. Archie is very clever. I will be outside all the time. Her game is over today. Shaurya gets a call from Kanta. She says come herre.

Archie and Dolly will be here soon. Archie and dolly comes to the cave. Archie says this is my daughter in law archie. Kati mai says she has a ghost on her. Archie is scared. Kati mai says there is a ghost after him I can talk to him. He is standing behind you. Someone throttles Archie is scared. Mahek says I will get you out of her ghost. Archie says please leave me. The ghost comes inside Mahek. She says you can’t come in me.

Shaurya calls Dolly and says something. He says archie is so clever? Mahek says in sahil’s voice because of you I died. She throttles him. Sahil says my love for you is beyond life. Archie says to dolly what is he saying. Sahil says you have to pay back for what you have done. You will have to come with me. You will pay for your sins. Archie says what are you saying. He laughs.

Archie says I am sorry sahil. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. Please leave me and go from here. He says you will be mine in life hereafter. I will get your soul out of your body. She says I am sorry I made a mistake. I killed you. Dolly is dazed. She says please don’t kill me. Mahek says sit here. She sees her face and says in heart this is Mahek. This all is drama? Mahek says come sit here. Archie throws sindur in the fire. Everyone coughs and can’t breathe. Archie tries to run. Kanta and Mahek try to stop her.

Shaurya and ravi are trying to connect the cctv footage live. Ravi says what is this smoke? Shaurya runs there. He comes in. Kanta and everyone is coughing. Kanta says Archie took Mahek. Shaurya runs. Shaurya says I will kill Archie.

Archie takes Mahek towards a cliff. Shaurya sees Mahek’s earring. Archie puts Mahek in the car. She sees Shaurya coming. Mahek is leaving her jewelry on the way. Shaurya sees Archie. She points gun at him. She punctures shaurya’s car.

Mahek says Shaurya wont leave you. Archie says you did good drama but you can never win from me. I don’t care what will happen to me. But no one can save you. You will die today. Mahek tries to snatch the gun from her. The car hits a wall. Mahek and Archie both are injured. Mahek tries to unrope her hands. She runs from the car. Archie’s head is on steering. Mahek’s head is bleeding as well. Mahek is on the road. She looks for people to help her. Shaurya is looking for Mahek. Archie comes out of car and shoots in the air. Mahek runs from her.

Mahek goes to the temple. Archie says to Mahek I will send you to the God from here. You thought you will fool me? I will kill you and then your family. Then I will kill Shaurya as well. If he isn’t mine he can’t be anyone else’. Archie is about to shoot Mahek. Archie says no one can save you. Come with me. Mahek throws a coconut towards Archie but she saves herself.

Mehek 8 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Mahek throws cocnut at Archie, Archie shoots at her, Mahek falls down and her head gets injured. Mahek touches Mata’s feet and sees her head bleeding. Archie says people coward like you cant fight, you people give death of yours to others, I have to kill many including you, starting with your family, should I burn them alive in a house or throw their cardown the cliff.. she evilly laughs and points gun at Mahek. Mahek looks around.. suddenly chunri falls from bell and falls on Archie’s face.

Mahek says Jai Maa kali, she takes trishul and attacks Archie’s hand, gun falls from her hand, Archie tensely looks at her. Mahek says you will kill my family? kill my Neev? take my Shaurya away from me? I will kill you today. Archie runs away from her, Mahek runs behind her with trishul. Shaurya is driving fast to reach there.

Mahek is running behind Archie. Archie runs a construction site. She climbs up the stairs. Mahek runs behind her. Archie throws sand in Mahek’s eyes and hits her head on wall, trishul falls from Mahek’s hand. Archie ties Mahek’s hands with rope. Shaurya is near site and hears Mahek’s scream, he runs towards in.

In construction site, Archie hits on Mahek’s head, Mahek is dizzy. Archie says you have made my life hell, if I didnt get Shaurya then you wont get him too. I will die but you will die with me. Shaurya is running towards stairs. Archie ties Mahek with herself, she ties around her waist and Mahek’s waist, she says we both will die and Shaurya will die daily in this guilt. Archie pulls Mahek near the edge of roof and says now you and me will die. Shaurya is climbing up the stairs. Mehek 8 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Mahek screamsfor Shaurya. Archie is about to jump off the roof with Mahek but Shaurya comes there and pulls Mahek to him, ties get loose, Archie falls off the roof while Shaurya pulls Mahek back and hugs her tightly. Shaurya cups Mahek’s face and says I love you Mahek. Mahek says I love you more.. she hugs him tightly. Mahek sees Archie lying dead on ground and hugs Shaurya more tightly. Julie packs her stuff. Mahek comes there dressed in a red gown, she says Maa.. I am sorry, its habit to you call you Maa.

Julie says this is blessing for me that you call me Maa, we must have done something nice in last birth that we got you. Mehek says you are mother for me and if you take me as daughter then stay with me. Julie says I have to go, we are alive because of you otherwise my son didnt leave any chance, I want to do nice thing for remaining life,

I will go to an orphanage in Banaras and serve poor people there, Neev will live with you, he will have good life with you and Shaurya. Kanta does her aarti, Julie thanks her. Kanta says you are leaving such a nice gift for us, you have given us Neev so we are thankful to you. Julie says I should leave before Neev comes as then I wont be able to leave, she hugs Mahek and leaves. All are enjoying in Kanta’s house. Shaurya is playing with Neev.

Kanta says to Mahek that you took Neev’s responsibility but will Karona accept him? and Shaurya cares about him but will he accept him? Mahek says I have taken his responsibility, Shaurya is fond of him and Shaurya is himself like a kid, he would have gotten sad without Neev, I am sure Neev will be part of our lives easily. Kanta says God play twisted games to bring out something good, I think all this happened so we can have Neev in our lives. Nehal brings some gifts. Mehek 8 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Mahek says Shaurya we shopped yesterday Shaurya? Shaurya says good job Nehal, he says to Mahek that from the time I have seen you in this look, I wanted to buy all designer dresses for you, you look so good, I wanted to make you look more hot as people should know you are my wife.

Mahek says you look spilled milk, Shaurya says you look more bad. Neev says dont say bad for my mom, Nehal says this Neev is mama’s boy. Neev runs behing Nehal. Mahek says to Shaurya that I will go and pack, Shaurya pulls her closer and says be with me like this.. he kisses his fingers and plants them on her cheeks, she blushes and tries to move away but Shaurya pulls her closer, Dil diyan gallan..

Shaurya says some dresses are such that Kanta chachi should not see them otherwise she will be scarred so pack wisely, Mahek pouts at him. Nehal is running behind Neev and suddenly faints. All rush to her. Doctor comes to check Nehal, Nehal is awake and says to family that I am fine, Mansi says then why you would you faint. Doctor says she needs rest, Mansi says why did she faint then? Doctor says it was good fainting.. all are worried. Doctor says take care of her, she is pregnant for 3 months, all are shocked to hear it. Mehek 8 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Shaurya takes doctor to send him off. Mahek comes to Shaurya. Shaurya says to Mahek that no one will listen to Nehal, I am scared that they might raise hand on Nehal, we have to keep them calm. They hear Ravi shouting at Nehal. Shaurya gives chocolate to Neev and asks him to sit in lounge. They come to Nehal’s room. Ravi shouts at Nehal what is happening? whom do you have affair with?

Ravi is about to slap her but shaurya pulls him away and says she did a mistake, Ravi says she did a sin, we gave her this upbringing? He says to Mansi that you dont know about your daughter’s life? dont know what she is upto? what kind of mother are you? now give poison to me and yourself.

Balwant asks him to stop it. Ravi cries and says we had respect only but she put our heads down in shame. Nehal cries hearing it. Nehal says I am sorry papa.. Mansi slaps her and says your sorry wont end your sin.. Shaurya ask them to stop it, are you all done? Nehal did a mistake but she didnt do it deliberately, its boy’s mistake too, we should take care of Nehal, she is pregnant for God’s sake.

Ravi says you live in posh area so you can talk all this but we live close knit society and it matters a lot here, people kill here when they know about mother without marriage, Mansi says they dont blame boy, nobody will marry her now. Shaurya says me and Mahek wants to talk to Nehal alone. Mahek looks on. Karuna and Dolly are waiting Shaurya and Mahek. Servant comes in and says here is the new gardner.

Dolly says ask him to bring good flowers. Dolly says we will welcome them in the house. Vicky says awara made Mahek’s favorite dishes.

A car stops. Shaurya and Mahek come in. Mahek says Shaurya please calm down.. Shaurya comes in and starts beating Vicky. Dolly says what are you doing. Shaurya hits him with rod. Karuna says please don’t do this. Why are you hitting him. Karuna says whats happening Mahek? Shaurya says he will tell himself. Karuna says what he did? Shaurya says he is a father without marriage. Everyone is dazed.

Shaurya says you know who the girl is.. Nehal. Everyone is shocked. Shaurya says I kept ignoring your mistakes but this wont be pardoned. i want to kick you out of this house. He ruined her life. Nehal is my family. You should have thought about me and Mahek at least. Mahek says sit down and talk. Shaurya says find a solution or I will kick you out of this house. He leaves. Vicky says to Mahek I am really sorry. Its all my mistake. I really love Nehal.

Mahek says you know Shaurya gets angry. What you two did is wrong. At least you could take me in confidence. He says there were so many problems. Mahek says for how long had it been happening? he says ever since you left. Shaurya used to send me to your house. I really love Nehal. I am not lying. Mehek 8 September 2019 Update on Zee World

The new gardener is keeping an eye on them. Dolly says what? He says I brought the flowers you asked for. Shaurya says to mahek abortion is the right option. Mahek says are you serious? He says thats the logical solution. She says its a life. He says its just fetus. It doesn’t feel any pain. Mahek says no.

Nehal and Vicky will decide what they want. Shaurrya says if he was responsible this wont have happened. Mahek says nehal is equally responsible. Shaurya says vicky has no responsibility. If i knew before I wont have let him go close to Nehal. Dolly says the girls should have control. Who can responsible men. Vicky says no she is not a bad girl. Please dont’ say such things about her.

Sharuya says I wont let mahek spend time with this loser. He has no way to survive on his own. Mahek says don’t be so critical. No one is as ambitious as you. But he worked for white chilies as well. If they love each other I will get them married. Pandit ji says 15th january can be the date. Mahek says thank you ma. She says this is all we can do. They both love each other.

Dolly says she did this for money. Mahek says no she can’t have such intentions. She is my sister. She can’t do this for money. He says I am sorry for what I did but i will marry her now. Karuna says sort your matter with Shurti asap. Meet Mr. Khurana. Mahek says shaurya will look into on personally. Be a good father. Be responsible.

Shaurya says he can never be responsible. He says Vicky minister had to call right? but you forgot. Right? See how responsible he is. This was a great contract but he forgot.

Same way he will forget his family. Vicky says I am sorry. Shaurya says see.. Mahek says please. Shaurya says so you ever thought.. how all these luxuries come from? i can afford your family But how will you look after them? And when you can’t handle one more divorce. I wont be part of your wedding. And you all.. She is pregnant get her married no matter what a loser guy is.

The Gardner calls someone and says he has left. Shaurya comes to white chilies. There is welding going on. It falls in Shaurya’s eyes. The worker says I am really sorry. Lets go to the doctor.

Doctor checks Shaurya’s eyes. Mahek comes as well. He says my eyes really hurt. Doctor says we are scanning his eyes. Some wood pieces fell into it. They scan his eyes. He says we will get your eyes washed. They will be fine soon. Mahek says thank you doctor. They leave.

Mehek 8 September 2019 Update ends as Shaurya and Mahek pay the bill. The gardener takes sketch of Shaurya’s eyes from the doctor and pays him. He calls someone and says its done.

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Mehek Update

Mehek 20 November 2019 Update



Mehek 20 November 2019 Update

Mehek 20 November 2019 Update on Zee World

Mehek 20 November 2019 Update

Mahek says ma I am fine. Sajita says you are my life. Swati says you know how worried ma is. Sharma says why you fainted. Mahek says I felt very weird. Shaurya caresses her and says are you okay? She says I felt like we have done this before as well. Shaurya says in heart I felt the same but I can’t tell her right now.

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Suvetlana and Arush come. Shaurya says thanks for coming. Suvetlana says we were so worried for her. We know you would be worried. We are with you. Nurse says so many peopel can’t stay here. Swati says I will stay here. Saurya says I will. She is my wife to be. You all go and rest. Sajita says I want to spend time with her.

Shaurya kisses her forehead. Suveltan says mahek get well soon. MAhek holds her hand and says I will be fine. I wanna ask you so many things. I am learn too. I wanna learn boxing. Its my time to pay you back.

Sajita gives mahek meds She thinks about suvetlana. She says I wish shaurya was here. Mahek comes to Shaurya and says I feel like suvetlana attacked us. He says I doubt her too but why would she do this? Mahek says she as a reason. He says where were you going? She says to her place. He says are you crazy. Mahek says its about our lives. We have to find out.

Mahek and shauyrya come outside her house. He says are you crazy. Mahek says please don’t waste time. Suvetlana leaves in her car. Mahek and shaurya follow her. She says where is she going? They follow Suvetlana. She goes inside. Shaurya says mahek lets go from here. Se falls. suvetlana looks outside.

Baba says God will give you benefit of doing this havan for someone else’ life. You are doing tis for mahek. Suvetlana understands that mahek and shaurya are there.

Suvetlanna says thank you so much baba. Shaurya says mahek lets go. I told you not to come here. Mahek says wait a minute. He says lets go. Mahek says listen. He says let me call your mom. Suvetlana says thank you baba for saving me from mahek and shauyra. He says you are very to close to killin her. She says I just need your help.

Mahek comes home. Sweeti sparkles flowers on both of them. Mahek says thank you. Sajita says what happened to your leg? She says just numb. Sajita says what will you eat? Come with me swati. Shaurya says stop thinking about her mahek. Suvetlana comes and says welcome back Mahek.

Suvetlana comes home and says with Shaurya and Mahek I think we should get Arush and Sweeti married too. Sajita says how will we prepare in this less time. Sharma says she is right. Shaury and Mahek should come together soon. Swati says you are right aunty. Lets prepare.

Mahek says we shouldn’t be hasty. Sajtia says you wanted to marry him early too. Mahek says we will marry as per our plan. Shaiury says no we will get married this. Sajti says please say yes mahek. We will prepare everything. Mahek nods. Swati says congratulations.

Rashmi prepares for haldi and mehdni. She says everything should be perfect. Suvetlan sasy to arush get ready. He says you can’t force me to marry. Suvetlana slaps him and says if you want to make your life better marry. Try to understand. I am doing what is right for both of us. Nothing should go wrong or you know wat will I do. She leaves.

Mahek is worried. SHe says Suvetlana is upto something. She calls Shaurya and says dont’ get me wrong. I wanna marry you but we shouldn’t be hasty. Why is suvetlana saying all this. Shaurya says please dont’ stop this weddng now. Relax dont’ worry. Sweeti takes the phone and says its sangeet get ready and let him get ready too. Call after function. Mahek is worried. SAjita asks Mahek to get ready. Sharma brings in sweets and everytihng.

Maehk says everything is happening so fast. Mahek says there is some reason. Shaurya says I doubt too. Mahek tells him everything. He says let it go like this., We will grab and see her what is her plann.

Rasmi does arti and welcomes everyone. People start dancing. Shaurya comes too. Swati dances. Sharuya gives a rose to Mahek. He says I can’t stay away from you. sHe says me too. Sweeti says so hasty? Tey tease them. Suvetlana gets a call. SHe says don’t be late. Come from front door. Sharma is hearing. He says mahek was right. Suvetlana calls baba and says everything is like what we planned. Sharma comes to Mahek and tells her everything. Everyone is busy in dancing. He says we have to be careful.

Mahek says I will come with you too. Mahek says suvetlana isn’t here either. He says lets expose her. Mahek says its about sweeti’s wedding too. We have to wait. Shaurya says wait? Shaurya says I wont wait for anyone. He makes her eat sweets. Shaurya says mahek is hiding something from me.

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Mehek Update

Mehek 19 November 2019 Update



Mehek 19 November 2019 Update

Mehek 19 November 2019 Update on Zee World

Mehek 19 November 2019 Update on Zee World

Shaurya and Mahek stops Yuvraj’s car. Police arrives there. Inspector says to Yuvraj that you are forcing your daughter to marry? They take out Sweety from car. Sweety hugs Shaurya. Yuvraj says a father can marry his daughter. Inspector says you are forcing her, she is an adult and have right to marry.

Previous: Mehek 18 November 2019 Update

Maa comes there and asks what happened? Yuvraj says to Mahek that this is all happening because of you, he tries to attack her ut Shaurya pushes him away and says if you try to touch Mahek then I will forget you are my father. Yuvraj says you are shame for me. Inspector slaps him and says you are forcing your daughter. Maa says he was just finding a nice family for her.

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Yuvraj says to Shaurya that I gave you everything but you raised hand on me today, police was beating me and you are silent here? you are a shame for us. Shaurya says I am saving my sister from you, you did injustice.

Inspector says to Sweety that you can file FIR on Yuvraj. She says I dont want to file any FIR. Shaurya says then I want him to leave this house, he cant comeback till I marry Mahek. Maa says to Yuvraj that lets go, inspector ask them to leave.

Sweety thanks Shaurya for saving her life, she says to Mahek that you put your life in danger for me, I cant thank you enough. Mahek says you are like Swati for me, Shaurya would have done same for her, Shaurya nods. Sweety goes to call Aarosh.

Shaurya calls Svetlana and says I am sorry, please dont stop Aarosh from this marriage. Svetlana thinks that prey has come for hunting itself. Svetlana says this proposal have come to our door again so I cant say no. Shaurya says my mom should have talked to you but she is ill and father is out of home so I am talking.

Svetlana says my happiness is with Aarosh and if he wants to marry Sweety so I am happy. Shaurya thanks her and asks if they can do roka today? she says yes, she ends call. Sweety hugs Shaurya and thanks him. Svetlana says I will shed Shaurya and Mahek’s blood now.

Mahek starts getting ready for roka, ishq tera le dooba plays. She wears jewelry and does her makeup. She smiles in mirror and recalls how Shaurya stood up for her.

Mahek comes in porch and says we have to go. They are ready, Sajita brings gifts. Mahek says its not my marriage, Sajita says its like your marriage? Mahek says what? Swati says tell her. Sajita says you will be bride now, Smriti called and wants your roka with Shaurya today. Mahek says what? she gets happy and hugs her.

Roka starts at Shaurya’s house. Shaurya is waiting for Mahek. Swati says dont worry, she is coming. Mahek comes down from stairs. Shaurya ogles at her, tere mere pyar ki umar plays. Shayra hints at Sajita. Shaurya greets her. Sajita says I talked to Rashmi, she told me to do roka today, I will handle everything. Sajita and Swati leaves.

Shaurya says to Mahek that you are looking so beautiful, I can marry today. Mahek says you want slap? Svetlana comes there and congratulate them. Shaurya thanks her for approval, Svetlana says I did everything for Aarosh and Smriti’s happiness. She says to Mahek that you are looking beautiful.

Aarosh and Smriti’s aarti starts. Aarosh thinks what to do? Svetlana looks at Shaurya and Mahek and thinks they have less days to live. Shaurya gives gold chain to Aarosh. Aarosh makes Smriti wear the ring, all clap. Swati asks Mahek to go for aarti. She tries to take aarti plate from Mahek but it falls and fire starts from diya.

Svetlana’s dress burns, shaurya takes water and pours it on her dress. Svetlana gets worried. All rush to her. Mahek sees a wound mark on Svetlana’s neck. Mahek thinks that she had scratched the person that night who tried to kill them. She sees same mark on Svetlana’s neck and thinks that she has same mark, why I am thinking this?

Why would Svetlana try to kill us? am I wrong? She sees Svetlana tensed and trying to hide her neck wound from Mahek. She thinks that my neck mark is clear, what if Mahek sees it? then I will be caught. Mehek 19 November 2019 Update

Shaurya says to Swati that it was not your mistake. She says no my sister’s function destroyed because of me. Mahek thinks to talk to Shaurya about Svetlana. Svetlana asks for washroom. Girl takes her from there. Mahek looks on.

Svetlana sees her mark in mirror in washroom and says oh my God its clear, what if Shaurya and Mahek sees it? I am done.. she calms down and says I am over thinking, she tries to relax and applies makeup on her mark. She thinks that Mahek wouldnt have seen it, there were a lot of people there so Mahek must not have noticed it.

Mahek is in deep thoughts. Coach comes there. Sajita says where were you? Coach says priest left so I had to arrange another priest, everything will happen as per the time. He asks why everyone is sad? Sajita says its a sad news, she tells him everything. Coach says what? Swati wipes her tears. Priest comes there. Mahek thinks what I saw was true?

Shaurya comes to Mahek and asks what happened? you look tensed. Mahek sees bride and groom coming and says we will talk later. Sajita asks Shaurya and Aarosh to come. She asks Smriti to bring Svetlana.

Smriti comes to Svetlana and says pooja have started. Svetlana comes there and thinks that I have to stop Mahek and Shaurya becoming one. She acts like fainting. All stop pooja and rush to her.

Doctor checks Suvetlana and says she will be fine. Suvetlana opens eyes. Arush says are you okay mom? She says I am sorry because of me the function stopped. Swati says I am sorry. sHaurya says you are part of this family we can’t do any function without you. Suvetlan says its okay please go. Arush says i will stay here with mom.

Sweeti says I will too. Suvetlana recalls baba asked her to stop this engagement. She says I will have to stop this engagement at any cost. Shaurya says this relationship doesn’t end if we don’t engage today.

Shaurya says to mahek why are you worried? Dont’ worry. Everything will be good. we are together. Suvetlana comes downstairs. SHe says I will go home and rest. My medicines are home. I don’t wanna bug you more. Suvetlana says I will drop you too. Mahek and everyone leave with Suvetlana.

Shaurya says what happened to Mahek? He says Mahek looked really worried. Sweeti says I know what she was going through. She also thought like me that you will be engaged today. But fate had other plans. I have a plan to cheer her mood though. Shaurya says lets go.

Suvetlana says Sajita are you okay? Sajita says fate had another plan. Mahek says it all felt like someone planned this. Someone who doesn’t like seeing us happy. am I right Suvetlana? She says yes. Mahek says you came to Dehli early that day. Suvetlana says I was stuck there. Mahek says okay. Their home comes. Mahek goes in.

Suvetlana says to sajita I am sorry for today. Mahek says don’t worry we will arrange another function better than this. she says in heart there is something with tis lady.

Mahek calls Shaurya. Sweeti says dont’ pick. We will surprise her. Mahek recalls the woman who was attacking them. she says maybe she as behind all this. Or am I thinking too much. Sucetlana comes home angry and says I will give them worst death this time.

Swati gives tea to sajita. Shaurya and Sweeti come home. He says can I meet Mahek? Sajita says mahek come. Someone is here. she looks at shaurya. Shaurya says what happened shouldn’t have. I know you are hurt. We can do this on another day. But I want to make you mine right now. And I don’t need a mohrat for that.

He takes out ring and says Mahek will you marry me. She says yes. Shaurya makes her wear the ring. Mahek faints. Shaurya says are you okay? She says yes. She hugs him. Suvetlana says I will never let them be together.

Mahek faints. Sajita says mahek please open your eyes. He picks her and takes her to room. Baba calls suvetlana and says you have to separate them. Arush calls Sweeti. She tells him that they are engaged and mahek fainted. Suvetlana says we should go.

Shaurya says to Sajita she will be fine. Doctor says she is fine. Was she in anxiety. She shouldn’t have any stress. Shaurya recalls Mahek wanted to tell him something.

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Mehek Update

Mehek 18 November 2019 Update



Mehek 18 November 2019 Update

Mehek 18 November 2019 Update starts when Mahek sees a woman. She runs after her and grasps her. Mahek takes off her veil but she shoves her and runs. Mahek tells police there was a woman. shaurya says are you okay? Mahek says it was a woman. Suvetlana sits in her car and says how they run away every time.

<< Mehek 17 November 2019 Update

Yuvraj comes home. Sweeti says ma.. He ropes her hands and says now I will see how you go anywhere. She says youa re my dad. He says I can even kill you. Dadi locks ehr in a room.

Shaurya and mahek are in hospital. His treatment is going on. He screams. Mahek caresses his face and says you are strong. She holds his hand and they dress his wound.

Sajita comes and hugs mahek. She says thank God you are fine. Mahek says your love was with me. Sajita says SHaurya thanks for taking care of my Mahek. He says it is equally important for me. Mahek says he saved me. Sharuya says I wont ever let you face anything alone.

Swati says so cute. I knew you were made for each other. Swati says she is so shy. Sajita says my mahek will always be happy like this now. Sharma comes. He says are you better? Thank God you two are fine. Police couldn’t find who attacked you. Mahek says we told them everything. don’t know who were they.

Shaurya says ma must be really worried for me. Sajita says tell her you are here. She doesn’t pick. Swati says you will stay with us. Sharma says you can leave tomorrow when you are better. Lets go.

Mahek fixes the bed. Shaurya says it looks good. Make me eat. She says I made this food for you. Eat it completely. He says you will do what I ask if I eat it all. She makes him eat a bite. He coughs because its too spicy. Mahek laughs.

Suveltna says how to they get out of my plan every time. I will stab from front this time. This matter has to close forever. Suvetlana comes home. Arish says where were you mom? She says don’t ask me questions.

Sajita does Shaurya and Mahek’s arti. She says thank God you two are safe. Sajita says mahek take shaurya to his room and help him. She says Shaurya you can rest in Mahek’s room. Mahek says I need rest too. Sajita says take food for him. Mahek coems to shaurya. He says welcome to the room. Mahek says want more food? She falls on him. Shaurya caresses her face.

Mehek 18 November 2019 Update on Zee World

Mahek says someone will come. He says we will shy them away. Mahek shoves him. He eats and makes her eat. Shaurya caresses her face. Sajita comes. Mahek shoves him. Sajita says to Mahek did you eat? He says yes. She says thanks for saving Mahek’s life. She makes him eat kheer. Shaurya says will you give me something if I ask? She says I know you will ask for mahek. Talk to your mom. I am ready.

Shaurya tries to call home but no one picks. Shaurya texts mahek to come and meet him in the room. Door knocks. He opens with a pout to kiss. Its sajita. She says what are you doing. He says I thought.. I am sorry. Sajita says mahek chose the wrong guy. He says no she chose the right girl. Sajita laughs and says all this after wedding. Shaurya says I wont do this mistake again. I am sorry. Sajita picks shaurya’s phone but its from his home.

Shaurya comes home running. He says to yvuraj where is ma? Is she okay? He shows her the bed and says she needs rest. Doctor asked her to rest. Yuvraj says she will be fine. shaurya recalls rashmi didn’t pick the phone. Shaurya says why is no one sitting with her? Dadi says she is resting.

Shuarya calls Mahek and tells her everything. He says didi isn’t home either. mahek says find out where is sweeti. Yuvraj says to dadi Shaurya shouldn’t know. Dadi says dont’ worry. shaurya looks for sweeti everywhere. There is no watchman on the gate.

Mehek says I hope sweeti is fine. Shaurya comes near garage and says is someone there. He sees lock on the door. He says why did I hear noise from inside? Sweeeti shoves a table and tries to make noise. Shaurya says it came from inside. He peeks inside and comes in from the window. Shaurya sees Sweeti and is dazed.

Shaurya says who did all this? She says dad. He is an animal. He hugs her and says don’t cry. She says kill me if you think marrying arush is wrong. shaurya says everything will be over today. Mahek calls him. He says I wont let anything happen to didi. Mahek says if you talk to him he will create problems for her. You have to take care of sweeti. I have a plan.

Mehek 18 November 2019 Update ends when Dadi gives parsad to Shaurya. She says I will handle everything. Yuvraj and his thugs picks Sweeti. she is pretending that no one came there and saw her. Yuvraj says now you see. He outs sweeti in car but Shaurya and Mahek stand on the gate. Yuvraj is dazed.

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