Kindred Hearts 9 September 2019 Update

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Kindred Hearts 9 September 2019 Update starts when Nisha comes to her room. She is scared. She says I almost dodged them. Arjun knocks on the door and says nisha come out. Nisha says I am too upset to come out. He says I can understand. Nisha says I am so unlucky. I always try to do good for this family and this happens. I was so happy chini and kaki ma are here. They hate me beacuse of Jiaa. Arjun says dont’ worry they will accept you.

Nisha says I tried so hard. Arjun says its all my mistake. I promised babasa. I didn’t know bringing them here would do this. Let me talk to kaki ma. Nisha says Jia is the probleem. She came between us in last life. I don’t wanna lose you. He says why would you lose me? I will show this Jia’s real face to everyone.

Nisha says the property that you should have, babasa will give it to her. We havee to be very careful. Jia is very clever. Arjun says what should I do? Nisha says get baba’s signature on the property papers. Arjun says baba sa will sign today.

Jia says I am sure nisha mixed something. She wanted me to eat it. Chini says I know. We are in her house at the moment. She is very clever. Jia says she is provoking arjun against us. Jia says what drama happened at lunch, nisha will do something after it. I don’t know whats next.

Kindred Hearts 9 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Nisha texts Arjun and says we should get the signatures tonight. He goes to babasa’s room. Nisha says once he gets signature I will kill these three. Arjun says baba sa please sign these papers. Babasa call Jia. I will only sign it then. Arjun says you will take her permission? I am your son. she killed me. You will trust her? Baba sa says you are not adi. Call jhanvi. He breaks a vase.

Jia comes there. She says i heard some noise here. Nisha says go and do your work. Babasa says call jhanvi. Jia knocks on the door and says open the door babasa I am here. Arjun says jhanvi wants to take this property and ruin us.

Jia says babasa open the door. Nisha says this is my house. Jia says this is my family. Arjun says you don’t trust me. Kill me. You trust that murderer Jahnvi. SHe took my family from me. Chini comes as well. Chini says kaki is not well. Arjun says choose adi or jhanvi. Who you love more? Babasa says I love adi. I will sign. He takes the papers. jia says adi thats your baba sa. Please open the door. Please think before you do anything. Please open the door. Arjun for your babasa.

Arjun puts knife on his arm and says I will kill myself. Baba says no dont do it, I will sign property papers. Arjun stops and thinks about Jia telling him to noto that, hre recalls his life as Adi. Arjun comes out of room, Jia asks what happened? Arjun says I dont remember what I was doing?

Nisha thinks Arjun must have gotten sign on papers. Arjun looks at Nisha and says what are you doing here? you killed us in last birth and came to destroy our peace in this life too? Nisha thinks that seems like Arjun’s memories are not faded completely.

Arjun says get lost from my house. Jia says you remember everything? you remember Nisha killed us. Arjun asks Nisha to get lost. Priya thinks I cant do anything right now. Arjun tries to throw Nisha out but he faints. Jia tries to go to him but Nisha says that I told you he is not fine, he is ill, Chinni asks what happened to him? Nisha says he will be fine in 15 minutes. Jia says I will call doctor. Nisha says its not needed, I am responsible for his health. Kindred Hearts 9 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Jia says you are scared that I will take him to hospital and he will recall everything. Nisha says Adi was mine and Arjun is mine too, you were the other woman who came inbetween. Chinni ask them to stop it.

Jia says fine, lets wait for 15 minutes and if he doesnt wake up then I will take him to hospital. Nisha puts him on bed and says I am here, if you dont leave then.. Jia says then you will call police? Chinni is witness about all this, if you go out of this room then I will go to. Nisha leaves. Jia, Chinni and Priya comes out of room too.

Priya goes to take coffee, Chinni goes to check on Baba. Jia says we will wait for 15 minutes. Nisha thinks that Priya cant go inside and remove his memories, what if he remember everything from past life and blame me? then I will be gone. Jia thinks that Arjun have Baba’s blood, he will remember everything.

Kindred Hearts 9 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Arjun comes out and says what Jia is doing here? did she do something bad again? Jia says you remembered everything, you said Nisha is bad. Arjun says I am not mad, you are here for Kaki only, get lost from here. Nisha says Jia you should rest, Arjun is not feeling well, he should rest too, Arjun glares at Jia and leaves. Nisha smirks.

Nisha talkts to Priya and says Arjun forgot his memories in 15 minutes. Priya says I saved you, I did all the work, I went to make coffee when we were waiting for Arjun to wake up. Flashback shows Priya not going to kitchen but stealthily coming to Arjun’s room, she puts machine on his head and feeds in his mind that Jhanvi killed you, she wants to separate you from Nisha, you have to protect Nisha and keep Jhanvi away, Arjund repeated it.. flashback ends. Nisha says you are genius, we will have to do something about Jia.

Jia comes to Priya and says you are housemate? where are you going seeing me? Priya says whats your problem? Jia says I need juice and breakfast, make it for me, you dont know how to cook it? Priya says I can only cook punjabi food, jia says then make makki ki roti, its punjabi dish, make it. Priya glares at her. Jia thinks today it will be proven that you can cook or not, you are really housemate or Nisha’s partner in crime. Priya is tensed.

Priya calls Nisha and says Jia gave me food order to know if I am housemate or not, this Jia is clever. Nisha says I will do something, she ends call. Jia comes there and asks if you were ordering food? Priya says let me work. Jia says I thought I will learn cooking from you so I will sit here, Priya says let me cook. Jia says I want to see what you are cooking, I want to give you company. Priya says I dont need it.

Nisha calls someoe and gives him some work which is muted, she ends call. Arjun comes there. Nisha says I understand that Kaki and Chinni are behaving like strangers, this is happening because of Jia. Arjun says I will finish her game soon. Nisha says we have less time, what if Jia makes Baba sign property papers? we should send Jia away. Arjun says then Kaki will leave too, I wont break my house for Jia. Nisha says we can shift Kaki and Chinni to nearby flat then jia can go there, then you wont be stressed and you can take Baba’s sign on property papers.

Arjun says Kaki is more than a mother for me so dont tell me this again, he leaves. Nisha says he is loving family like Adi and Jia.. I have to finish her game.

Priya is working in kitchen, Jia is irritating her and says you want to impress everyone. Priya tries to cut veggies and gets her finger cut, she cries in pain. Jia applies ointment on her finger and says if you try to torture Arjun, Kaki, Baba and Chinni then you wont be able to apply any ointment on wounds. They hear some noise and comes out.

There are priests in lounge. Nisha brings Kaki and Chinni there. She says to Kaki that you didnt get peace here so I have called them to do pooja for Arjun’s and family’s long life. Arjun says thats good. Jia thinks Nisha doesnt believe in prayers, whats new drama? Nisha says to priests that as parsad is made by elders of house so Kaki will make it. Jia thinks that she is doing all this so Priya doesnt have to cook food. Jia asks priest if he is real priest or fake one on rent?

All are shocked to hear it. Priest says this is insult, how dare you insult our prayers? no we wont do pooja here. Nisha says I am sorry on her behalf. Jia says I am sorry, I was curious, you are not wearing locket too. Kaki asks her to stop it. Jia says made Priya can make parsad. Priest says this is insult, we are leaving.

Nisha says we are sorry, she is a foreigner and is a guest here, we are sorry. Kaki says I am elder, forgive her a kid, I will make original food for you. Kaki asks Jia to say sorry. Arjun says dont listen to this girl.

Jia says sorry to priests. Kaki says I will start cooking, all leave. Nisha says to Jia that stay away from my family matters, she leaves. Priya smirks at Jia and leaves. Jia is miffed and thinks that Nisha and Priya won, what she wants to do with this pooja? Kindred Hearts 9 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Priest is setting things for pooja. Jia says how will you do pooja without havan? priest says you think we dont know how to do pooja? Jia says I am talking for your interest, you will get more reward if you do havan too, Arjun has big heart and he will reward more. Priest gets excited and says we dont do pooja for reward, we would have done havan anyway, bring havan kund. Nisha hears it and thinks she must be thinking something, why she wants havan to happen?

Priest starts doing havan with Arjun. Arjun is doing rituals and looking at fire of havan. Jia thinks I hope my plan works. Nisha thinks whats her plan with this? Kaki and Chinni are there too. Arjun looks at fire and starts recalling how he and Jhanvi were surrounded by fire in last birth and how Jhanvi got shot.. how she fell on him and died and how it was Nisha who shot them.. he gets angry and throws things away. He grabs Nisha and says I asked you leave then how you came back? he takes burning stick and threatens Nisha but Jia takes him away.

Jia brings Arjun to room, Arjun says I wont spare her.Jia hugs him and says calm down, I am with you, relax. Arjun hugs her and calms down. Jia thinks its time to make him remember everything.

Jia says you came to talk to Nisha, what happened then? Arjun says I scolded her then.. I.. fainted. Jia says try to remember what happened? you take Nisha’s side when you wake up, you say that I killed you, Arjun says what? Jia says do you remember trying to take Baba’s sign on papers? Arjun says I dont remember anything. Jia says Nisha is playing with your mind and that Priya is involved too. Arjun says what is happening, Jia says just try to remember.

Nisha says to herself that Jia is clever, she made Arjun remember things using his weakness fire, I have to talk to Arjun. Chinni and Kaki comes there, Kaki says you cant go, Jia is talking to Arjun.Nisha says this is my house, she goes to Jia’s room.
Jia asks Arjun if he doesnt remember anything? he says no. Jia makes him remember how he brought them home..

Nisha comes outside room and asks Jia to open door. Chinni and Kaki stops her. Jia hears Kaki’s scream and comes out of room. Nisha have hurt Kaki on foot. Jia and Chinni takes her from there. Kaki is limping. Priya comes to Arjun’s room with Nisha. Arjun strangles Priya but faints.

Jia asks Kaki what Nisha did? Chinni says Nisha hurt her with burning stick, Jia says we have to tell Arjun, we dont have to bear this pain. Chinni says Nisha will make you like you are lying. Kaki asks Jia to go and check up on Arjun, Jia leaves.

Priya makes Arjun sit on wheelchair and says to Nisha that we cant do his treatment in this house, I will take him outside of house to do his session. Nisha says you are right, you know what Arjun means to me right, Priya nods. Nisha says I will handle Jia. Priya leaves with Arjun. Jia comes to Nisha and asks where did you send Arjun with maid? Nisha says to hospital.

Jia says what are you doing with Arjun? Nisha says you are not part of family, stay away from my Arjun, see what I did with Kaki? Jia says I want to show your real face to Arjun. Nisha says you didnt get Adi, you wont get Arjun of Baba’s property, Jia says I know why you have brought Kaki here for property only.

Nisha says yes I want to throw Kaki and Chinni out of Arjun’s life and I can throw them out of world too, you know its easy for Nisha to do it, tell that oldie Kaki to stay in limits, she leaves. Jia thinks I have to find out where Priya took Arjun.

Priya brings Arjun to room, they are wearing bathrobes, Priya hypnotizes him that Jhanvi killed him. Arjun opens eyes and they both laugh. Priya says Nisha and Jia have made me mad, I have to say you are playing with Jia and Nisha both, you use them both to your advantage. Arjun says soon we will live luxury life, I just have to win Jia and Nisha’s trust.Priya says whats the plan?

Arjun says keep doing what you are doing, I will be with Jia and Nisha both. Priya says how you thought all this? Arjun says Nisha have done so many sins so I can eat up her property, and that Jia tried throw me in fire so I turned things around. Priya asks how do you know about Adi so much? Kindred Hearts 9 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Arjun says story started.. flashback shows Nisha meeting Arjun and got shocked, then how Jia thought he was Adi, how she told him about Adi and Jhanvi, then I researched for Adi and Baba helped, flashback shows Baba showing Adi’s box to Arjun, how Arjun found Adi’s personal diary in box, he read how Adi and Jhanvi broke teej’s fast by hiding from Nisha.. Arjun says to Priya that Adi had fun, he had two wives under one roof, I am learning from him how to handle two women, Nisha killed him.. Jia told me.

Priya says how? Arjun says she called me in mandir, started fire there and how Arjun saved her from fire, how he made her believe that he is Adi and remembered everything. Arjun says I played them both and used their knowledge of past birth against them. Arjun says my friend Babblu, I had to hide everything from him, he thinks I am Adi.

Priya says he knows about this? Arjun says I will tell him on right them but you know Jia took me to meet Kaki and Kaki took my test, it was written in Adi’s diary so I passed the test, then I went to Nisha, then fainted and she brought you.

Kindred Hearts 9 September 2019 Update ends as Priya says Nisha is a fool, she believed my words easily. Arjun says Nisha thinks she is controlling my mind but she doesnt know that I am going to eat up her whole wealth and property. They drink wine and celebrate. Priya asks whats your plan? Arjun says I will fool Jia easily, keep Nisha in dark and play, I will open up my cards slowly. Priya thinks Arjun is clever, if I stay with him then I will earn from him and Nisha both. Arjun thinks Priya must be dreaming of money too, I know everything.


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