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Kindred Hearts 30 August 2019

Kindred Hearts 13 August 2019 Update – Nisha comes to Samar, he tells her about accusing Jhanvi for taking advantage him, she says you shouldnt have accused her, Samar says I know I did big mistake, I shouldnt have said all that, I cant even ask for forgiveness. Jhanvi comes to kitchen, she cries recalling Samar’s accusation. Adi comes there and asks why she is crying? did Nisha say something, Jhanvi hugs him and says I am missing you, we are together but cant be with each other, we have to hide and cant meet openly.Kindred Hearts 13 August 2019 Update

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Adi says I know you are doing a lot this family, I know Nisha is hurting you but you are my strength, you are my power, dont lose hope. Jhanvi hugs him and thinks that I am sorry, I cant tell you about Samar otherwise you would break your friendship with Samar, I cant let you do that.

Samar comes to Jhanvi’s room but she is not there, Samar sees Jhanvi and kids’ pictures, he says I did a big mistake by accusing your character but I am repenting my mistake and I will do everything for forgiveness. He leaves a letter at her bedside table.

Samar comes in lounge, kids greet him and leaves. Samar sadly looks at Jhanvi. All are having breakfast, Kaki asks Samar to come too, Samar looks at Jhanvi and goes to dining table. Nisha wishes him for meeting, Kaki asks him to have good breakfast. Samar says to Kaka that I have to say you have first right on my success, Baba says what are you saying? Samar says I have been staying here but cant live here forever so I am thinking of buying other house and shift there.

Kaki says you are like Adi to me, this is your house so you dont have to shift. Samar says I will come all the time to have your food. Baba says dont talk big, you will live here only. Adi says he is right, you are family and will stay here. Nihsa thinks no Samar cant live, my plan will fail if he leaves, only Jhanvi is going to leave. Nisha says all are insisting so stay. Samar says you are all family but I have to start living alone at some point so why not now? Kaka says we are a family so you should stay here.

Samar says I came her to setup business and I have started it so I should take other responsibilities too, Kaka says just have breakfast and dont think too much. Nisha eyes Kaka and is tensed. Kindred Hearts 13 August 2019 Update

Nisha comes to Kaka in his room with tea, Kaka says wow we are getting tea from you? what you want? Nisha says good you know me, Kaka says I know Samar dropped a bomb to leave house and you paled hearing it, you made a plan with Jhanvi and Samar and it failed. Nisha says dont repeat, my plan failed but if Samar leaves then my plan will be destroyed. Kaka says why Samar wants to leave house suddenly?

Nisha says Samar found Jhanvi’s sandal and earring, I thought he would get interested in Jhanvi seeing her things but he started accusing Jhanvi that she is trying to seduce and Jhanvi being egoist yelled at him. Kaka says neither plan nor Adi is in your hands, I pity you, you are like an injured lioness. Nisha says just tell me how to stop Samar from leaving.

Kaka says I tried to stop him but only Jhanvi can help you, she can turn tables in your favor, Nisha looks on. Nisha gets Samar’s call, Samar is in restaurant, he says I forgot file in my room, can you send someone with it, Nisha smirks and says ofcourse.

Jhanvi calls her Maa and says yes I am leaving to come here,she ends call. Jhanvi doesnt see Samar’s letter and starts leaving. Kaki asks her to smile and then go to her Maa. Nisha comes there and says Samar forgot his file here, I am going to give it to him. Jhanvi you are going too? Jhanvi says yes I have some work. Jhanvi starts leaving but Nisha suddenly cries in pain and says I have huge headache, Jhanvi comes to her and says I will call doctor, Nisha says no I just want to rest, I cant go, Jhanvi can you give this file to Samar? he is flora restaurant, Jhanvi gets tensed but says okay I will give file to him, you rest, she takes file from her and leaves. Nisha smirks evilly.

Adi calls Jhanvi and asks if she is missing him? she smiles. Jhanvi says I am going to meet Maa. Adi says I just called to say that I miss you and I love you, she says I love you too, she ends call and smiles.

Kindred Hearts 13 August 2019 Update – Zee World

Jhanvi comes to Samar, she puts file and turns to leave, he says wait, sorry. She says I just came to give file, Samar says did you find my letter? I know its childish but please let me say sorry, I respect you so much but I cross limits and today I crossed too much limit, I am sorry, you dont deserve it.

Jhanvi says you should have thought before doing all that. Samar says I know thats why I have decided to stay from house, I will keep creating problems for you and I dont want to bring tension in house I am going to leave house but I just want to say that I am sorry. Jhanvi says dont do another mistake, dont leave house, family is attached to you, I dont care if you live in house or not but family cares.Kindred Hearts 13 August 2019 Update

I didnt tell anyone about the issue, I might not respect you but family does and you should respect their love for you and dont leave house, it would be good if you decide to not leave, she leaves. Samar smiles and thinks that I cant think what you say or think all the time, you are really nice and I am messed up, dont know how you think about others all the time.

Jhanvi tells Survi and Maa about Samar’s fiasco, she says I dont know how my sandal and earring went to his room, Maa says you should have told Adi everything, marriage relation is based on trust. Jhanvi says how could I tell him? Adi was so worried when he saw me crying, he was ready to throw Nisha out of house, I handled everything and didnt want Adi to know the truth and have tension in house. Adi comes there and says really Jhanvi?

Jhanvi tells Survi and Maa about Samar’s fiasco, she says I dont know how my sandal and earring went to his room, Maa says you should have told Adi everything, marriage relation is based on trust. Jhanvi says how could I tell him? Adi was so worried when he saw me crying, he was ready to throw Nisha out of house, I handled everything and didnt want Adi to know the truth and have tension in house.

Adi comes there and says really Jhanvi? Adi says you couldnt even think that your husband is able to take stand for you? he requests Maa and Survi to leave, they leave. Adi says Nisha never trusted me and always lied to me, you know base of every relation is trust and you have broken it. Kindred Hearts 13 August 2019 Update – Zee World

Samar calls Nisha and says I am not leaving house, I couldnt see family sad so I have decided to stay at Adi’s house, Nisha says good,come home, she ends call. Nisha says thank God my plan is working nicely, there will be no choice for Jhanvi other than to accept Samar, my plan is in right track. Flashback shows Nisha coming to Jhanvi’s room and says I should find something to make Adi and Jhanvi fight.

Nisha looks around and Samar apology letter there. She reads it and says this letter will do what I couldnt do last night, after reading this letter, Adi wont want to see Jhanvi’s face and maybe something will happen between Samar and Jhanvi, I am sure Jhanvi didnt tell anything to Adi about Samar’s fiasco. She says its my responsibility to tell him about what is happening with his girlfriend.

Adi comes there, Nisha hides after putting letter on bed. Adi comes there and reads Samar’s letter, Samar wrote that I am sorry Jhanvi for insulting you, I saw your sandal and earring in my room and thought you came in my room late night and insulted you, I pointed at your character without thinking, I am sorry. Adi takes letter and leaves. Nisha is hiding behind door, she sees Adi leaving and smirks. Flashback ends.

Jhanvi says to Adi that its nothing big, Adi shows her Samar’s letter and says its nothing? Samar comes home, he is humming. Nisha comes there and says why you are smiling so big? Samar says its nothing, Nisha says you dont tell me anything, Samar says I have most strong bond with you. Nisha says then tell me if you like Jhanvi? Samar blushes and says what are you saying?

Adi says to Jhanvi that our love is so weak that you have to hide things from me? Jhanvi says I didnt want you to fight with Samar, it not was big thing, Adi says what? he was accusing your character and its nothing for you? Jhanvi says I handled it, Adi says I cant do anything when my own people are hiding things from me.

Jhanvi says its nothing like that, I have handled it, Samar talked to me in limits. Adi says its not about Samar, its about us, you have lied to me, I asked you still you lied to me, its about our relation, trust and love.

Nisha says to Samar that dont lie, tell me do you love Jhanvi? Nisha says see your cheeks are flushing pink, you are silent, you are definitely in love, I will make you get your love, he says how do you know Jhanvi likes me too? Nisha says dont tell about this to anyone, dont tell about your feelings to anyone, dont talk to Jhanvi and tell her about your feelings,she is going through tensed times and we have to be careful.

Kindred Hearts 13 August 2019 Update – Zee World

Samar says you are right, I just want good for her but what happened today, I dont know if she will forgive me. Nisha says she will and will talk to you too, love war is just starting, I will be happy if you and Jhanvi becomes one, you can make her happy and that way I will get my happiness too. She says your coffee is cold.Samar says I am so happy that I can drink it.

Nisha says you are totally in love that you cant think of anything. Samar says stop teasing me. Nisha thinks that Samar will become hurdle between Adi and Jhanvi’s love, great.

Adi says to Jhanvi that you have hurt me, you have hid it from me and lied to me, you have made me question our love with all that, thank you,he angrily leaves. Jhanvi is in tears.

Nisha asks Samar if he has thought how he will win Jhanvi’s heart? Samar smiles, she says you are lost, should I cancel our plan? he says no no, I dont know how to win her heart. Nisha says you really want to win her heart? he nods, she shakes hand with him and says I will help you.

Maa comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says Adi is miffed with me, he never left without listening to me. Maa says I told you that love and trust increases in marriage relation if you share things, misunderstandings happen if you hide things, you shouldnt have hid it from Adi, he is feeling bad. Jhanvi cries.

Jhanvi comes home and think Adi is not taking my call too. Kaki comes there and says I went to temple, I prayed for you and Adi, I brought pious sindoor (vermilion) for you, apply it. Nisha comes there and says my sindoor is finished, give it to me too. Kaki says I forgot to bring it for you, Neha and me. Nisha says you forgot about everyone but not Jhanvi? Kaki says when priest asked me about sindoor, I just took Jhanvi’s name, maybe God wanted her to have it, I will bring it next time for you.

Nisha says God wants every married woman to have sindoor, I will take sindoor from Jhanvi, I am sure she wont have any problem, right? Jhanvi looks on. Nisha brings paper and asks Jhanvi to give her half of sindoor. Jhanvi hesitates and tries to open sindoor box. Nisha says maybe this sindoor have my name written on it, let me open it, she opens box. Jhanvi gives some of the sindoor to Nisha while glaring at her. Kaki feels bad.

Nisha thanks her and says I will keep this sindoor carefully in my room. Nisha starts taking sindoor on paper to her room but she mistakenly steps on kids’ toys and slips, sindoor falls away from her hands and she falls down. Jhanvi rushes to her. Nisha says what is all this? Jhanvi says I will talk to kids to not mess with toys. Nisha says dont talk to kids, they are kids and will do things but my sindoor fell down. Kaki says maybe God wanted Jhanvi only to have sindoor, I will bring sindoor for you when I go to temple next time, lets have aarti now.

Kaki asks Jhanvi to take her sindoor to her room, Jhanvi says I will keep it in mandir so God will protect it. Jhanvi prays that I didnt want to hurt Adi, I just want him happy and I cant live with him being angry, please bring him back. Nisha glares at her and thinks that I have right on this sindoor and Adi, you will return me both in month, just wait and watch how I take my things back.

Adi is telling stories to kids. Chinni asks to bring mama too so they will play with her, he says we will play later, you sleep now. Jhanvi brings gulab jamon(sweets). Adi turns to leave, kids stop him and ask him to have it too. Jhanvi says yes its your favorite, Adi glares at her. Adi makes kids eat it, Chinni asks Adi to feed Jhanvi too. Adi stares at her, Jhanvi sadly looks at him. Adi says good night and leaves without making her eat.

Nisha is worried and recalls how she slipped and sindoor fell from her hands, she recalls how Kaki said that maybe only Jhanvi was fated to have it. Adi comes there. Nisha says you come late and then spend time with kids, why not their mother spend time with them? Adi says I am already worried so dont irritate me. Nisha thinks that Adi is worried? he might have a fight with Jhanvi and it means my plan is working, thats great.

Jhanvi comes in garden, she recalls Adi’s words that she hurt him. Suddenly Gazebo’s lights are turned on, its fully decorated with lights and flowers, there is table set for two and sorry written on pastries and there is coffee too. Jhanvi smiles seeing all that, she takes flowers and says seems like Adi’s anger died down, thank God.

Samar comes there and says atleast forgive me now. Samar comes to her and sits on his knees, he shows her balloon which has sorry written on it, he smiles at her while she looks at him with confusion and anger. Samar says look I know you have forgiven me but I will do anything to ask for it, I know you like coffee too so I brought coffee on this table, you stopped me from leaving house but you didnt forgive me.

Jhanvi recalls Adi getting angry on her for hiding things.Samar says please can I get a chance to rectify my mistakes? we can restart our friendship where there will be no misunderstandings. Jhanvi recalls Adi’s words and shouts no, I dont want to be your friend, do you even realize what you did? you think I will get happy seeing all this decorations? I am not a kid, you know I am paying for your mistake, you thought I will get happy seeing all these stupid things? you wanted forgiveness so you did all this, you just think about yourself, try to understand about someone else, I am requesting you to not talk to me again. She storms off. Samar stands there in shock and is hurt. Nisha comes there.

Nisha says I am really sorry, I thought it would work on Jhanvi and your image will change in her eyes but it didnt happen, Jhanvi’s self respect is important to her, she has high morals. Samar says I know she is very upset. Nisha says its just for time being, if your love is true, if your feelings are pure then I promise you she will bow down to your love. Samar smiles and nods. Nisha is miffed for her plan not working.
In morning, Adi gets ready for office.

Jhanvi comes to him and says are you still angry? Raj comes there and says shall we leave? Adi glares at Jhanvi and leaves. Nisha sees all this and thinks seeing Adi angry and jhanvi sad made my day. She leaves. Survi calls Jhanvi and asks if Adi calmed down or not? Jhanvi says he is not even looking at me, dont know how to pacify him.

Kindred Hearts 13 August 2019 Update ends when Survi says dont talk like daily soap heroine, you are Jhanvi Jindal, wives have many weapons so use one to pacify, take bold avatar and do something special. Jhanvi says what? Survi says you know him better so do something special and pacify him, she ends call. Jhanvi thinks for an idea.

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Lady Luck 5 December 2019 Update



Lady Luck 5 December 2019 Update

Lady Luck 5 December 2019 Update on Zee World

Ansh refuses snacks when Bhoomi says please take it and maan takes a bite. Varun says will you eat alone or will you feed Bhoomi too. Maan does so and everyone is happy. Suman says how will you live in this room. Surbhi cribbing about the mattress and the small cupboard. Bhoomi asks taiji and dhara for kitchen work but they refuse. Bhoomi is standing with the shukla ladies in the kitchen. Ladies ask how are her in laws.

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Bhoomi says everyone is good and they take care of her. Dadi asks about bhabhimaa, Bhoomi says that she is less angry and changes topic.

Dadi self talk that Bhoomi can’t hide things from me. Anshmi are leaving. Bhoomi father comes and says thank you to Maan for taking a stand for his daughter. Maan says to give me ashirwad so that he can fulfil his responsibilities as their son and calls him papa. Maan calls for Suman but she comes out screaming with stomach ache. She says she can’t go with them and can’t travel that far.

Anshmi are in the car. Bhoomi says thank you for pretending in front of her family. Maan says they didn’t do anything wrong with me so I will always be good to them. But you always wronged me so how can I do anything right to you..

Suman calls Lata and informs that she isn’t well so she has stayed in ujjain and Anshmi are coming alone. Lata informs bhabhimaa about Suman. She says that shukla family welcomed surbhi with open heart. Lata asks bhabhimaa that when Anshmi return can they do the pagphere Rasm. Maan loves Bhoomi, for his sake can’t we accept her as maan’s wife not as bahu. Bhabhimaa says she can do anything for Maan happiness, but do not expect anything from her.Lady Luck 5 December 2019 Update

Anshmi reach home. As they are entering Lata says stop. Without Arti you can’t come inside. Lata does the grahpravesh ritual of hand prints on the door. Maan holds Bhoomi hand and imprint the wall. Everyone is happy. Maan wipes his hand, Lata asks Bhoomi to clean her hands too. Lata asks her to drop the kalash and come inside.

Bhoomi holds the kalash in her hand saying that I am still not accepted in this family and goes to the mandir. She puts it in a red cloth and ties it. And bring the kalash back to bhabhimaa. Saying that the day when you all accept me that day I will do this Rasm.
Bhabhimaa says keep dreaming. Bhoomi says I know you are angry but this ain’t a dream but my vishwas. Someday I will earn your blessings.

Varun sees Surbhi sad and asks what happened to her. She says it is very hot here without AC and asks when will he bring TV to their room. He says TV is in hall and TV’s real entertainment is with family. Surbhi thinks now she has to listen bhajan instead of rock music.

Suman hears their conversation and thinks soon Varun will be mad behind Surbhi and will be her slave. Daadi sees Suman outside Varun and Surbhi’s room door and asks what is she doing there. She says she is having stomach ache, so she came to take tablets from Varun. Shanti daadi asks it is too late. Suman says she is not waring watch, so does not know time. Daadi thinks something is wrong.

Bhoomi gets ready in the morning and sees Maan still sleeping. She goes to kitchen and asks Latha if she needs her help. Latha asks her to go and spend time with Maan.

Suman sees breakfast already ready at Shukla house and asks Janaki and Dhara if they prepare breakfast so early. They nod yes. She then goes to Surbhi and asks her to act as good bahu to lure Varun.

Bhoomi waits for Maan to wake up, but he does not. She prays god that she did not ask for this. Latha on breakfast table asks Agram if she should call Bhoomi. He asks her to have breakfast silently.

Surbhi comes for breakfast and greets Daadaji and Rajender. Janaki asks her to sit with her mom. Dhara gets dali/porridge for Suman and says since she has stomach ache, she prepared this. Surbhi smirks looking at Suman’s condition.

Shanti comes there with Bhoomi’s suitcase and apologizes for coming during breakfast. Maan says she does not have to and asks her to sit for breakfast. She says she does not like eating at daughter’s house. He says it is her son’s house also and asks to sit.

Vasundhara irks seeing her. Shanti requests to forget the past and accept Bhoomi. Vasundhara walks out. Shanti thinks she will make her accept Bhoomi for sure as she is the one who selected her for Maan.

Suman takes Surbhi to kitchen and thinks how to switch on gas. Janaki asks what happened. Suman says Surbhi is getting shy. Janaki asks her not to and says she will go other side while she starts her choolha pooja/kitchen pooja.

Suman says Surbhi that her saas is very dumb and she can easily get into her good books. She pinches her and asks to cry loudly. Janaki comes and asks what happened. Suman says she is afraid thinking she may spoil food. Janaki says she will teach her. she gets Shanti’s call who asks if Surbhi’s choolha pooja is done.

She says yes. Shanti on the other side asks Latha if bhoomi’s choolha pooja is done. Latha looks at Vasundhara and says not yet. Shanti says she will also accompany Bhoomi to kitchen. Bhoomi asks her to sit while she prepeares food of everyone.

Lady Luck 5 December 2019 Update ends when Bhoomi goes to kitchen and while weeping thinks she has to hide her and Maan’s fight in front of everyone, wipes tears and starts preparing food. Maan comes to pick water and clashes with her. He smiles, but gets conscious and leaves. Bhoomi thinks she will get into Ansh and Badi maa’s hearts soon.

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Zee World Updates

Married Again 4 December 2019 Update



Married Again 4 December 2019 Update on Zee World

Raj says he doesnt love anybody other than Sarita. As he leaves, divya is tensed. Shiela and granny are discussing how sarita’s prayers paid off. granny also tell Fatso to fast also to get a nice husband. Granny says that those who walk on coal burning, get their desire burning. But fatso doesnmt like this idea. However raj who hears this, likes the idea.

Prev: Married Again 3 December 2019 Update

Shiela retires to her room too. As granny begins to rest, Raj comes to her and asks about her pain. Granny says that she expects this in old age, but her pain has gone with his concern. Raj assk about the mannat thing that she talked about. Granny again confirms it, saying that what wanted with true heart is always fulfilled.

Sarita comes to divya, and tells her that Raj isnt home till 4:00 a.m. and that she’s very tensed. She asks divya to try his number, but they hear the noise of Raj’s motorbike. They both find Raj limping in pain, and are distraught. Divya attends to him immediately, while sarita waits from a distance. Divya goes to him, and starts attending to him, and sees ther horrible blisters underneath his feet. sarita is pained to see him in pain from a distance. When divya asks how this happened, Raj says that he went to the Shiv Parvati temple. Divya is stunned that walked on ashes.

Raj says that what he did so far for sarita, was all fake and false and that his heart wasnt into it. But today he truly did it for her happpiness, and that he wants her to live, and she marries someone who loves her and gives her the pleasure of a family, and that he doesnt want her to live like this, as she has all the right to have this. he says that false hopes are in vain, and that she wont get anything through this.

Raj says that he went to ask for giving his life to sarita, and maybe with true devotion, he might be able to save her life. Divya is emotional, while sarita is overwhlemed to hear such concern for her. He says that he wants her to live, and remarry her to a person who loves her much. raj says that if sarita knows this, her hopes would be dashed, as after a long time, she is smiling and that should not vanish, and that he would get her remarried, and asks for Divya’s support in this.

Divya agrees, while sarita in in tears hearing this. Sarita thinks that Raj is doingf this, and she is lying and betraying such a true man, and that this cant be love, as love is only selfless and giving, not attaining. She says that its been enough, and she would say everything to Raj. She says that he would be in lesser pain, if he hears the truth.

The next morning, Divya is upset and sad with a headache in her room. She wakes up to find sarita in the room. Divya asks what happened. Sarita says that she coulodnt sleep all night, feeling guilty about betraying Raj. Divya asks if she thinks she’s happy lying to raj, but they dont have any other option. Sarita says to divya that she would just go and tell the entrie truth to raj, and aslo agree to whoever he wishes to marry her off to. But divya stops her saying that now raj has started feeling for her, and they are very near to their success.

Sarita says that it feels good only in serials, but in life Raj is her husband, and she cant torture him like this. Divya says that she has lied, and she would bear its repurcussions. Sarita says that she wont change her decsision. Divya tries to get her to change her mind, and is tensed at this descision of hers.

Sohan is surprised to see there being a puja in the house. They are all baffled as to who called the priests. They are surprised when Raj says that he did. kamla asks when did she start believing in all this, as he vowed 10 years back, that he wont step into the house. The priests ask who is this puja for. He shocks everyone saying that its for his wife, sarita. Sarita however is overwhelmed.

Kamla is very angry that he has gone mad. Raj asks to get ahead with the puja. Granny is super happy, but is shocked when she hears that he’s doing the Maha Mrityunjaya Vow, and reprimands him for doing this with sarita, when she’s so alive. Raj tells granny, when she questions about his recent care for Sarita, tells them about divya’s prophecy. This troubles everyone in the family. raj tries to makwe them connect with the recent incidents that led him to believ that she may be dying.

This surprises everyone as they listen with rqapt attention. raj says that this isnt a joke, and that he agrees that he never loved her, or considered him his wife, but he did manage to save his life, as she’s a part of their family. The prists ask them to get ready for the puja, especially sarita.

The priests start with the chants recital. Sarita sist along with Raj for the puja. The priest calls for shiela to tie the dupatta around the bride and the groom, while sarita is overwhelmed at such concern. The prist asks them to do the sankalp, and to extend their right hands for this.

Married Again 4 December 2019 Update

They start the ritual for the couple, while divya watches getting emotional. He is asked to put the sindoor on his wife, so that her troubles are taken away, and she would be able to start afresh. As he fills her head with vermillion, she is emotional at this gesture, while divya is somehwat pained.

The priest also asks him to put the mangalsutra, and while raj does so, sarita still is feeling guilty about lying to him, who’s so concerned for her. She thinks that their new foundation is on the basis of a lie. The prist asks sarita to give water to the tulsi pot outside. She goes teary eyed.

Sarita does so, and starts praying. She is joined by divya, who tells her that this is wrong, and asks her to go and tell everything to raj. Sarita too agrees, saying that raj is so true for her, whereas she is lying. Divya asks her to go and tell Raj. As sarita goes, Divya praya that after hearing the lie, Raj might see the love and devotion on sarita, and all the anger and frustration on her, so that they maybe able to start their life with renewed vigour.

Sarita awkwardly gets food for Raj, and calls out to him, who’s busy in his work. raj comes to her and ask her the reason. He takes the food from her. Raj asks her not to come there, as its dangerous, and that she should be at home till the trouble avrets.Married Again 4 December 2019 Update

Sarita says that she wants to say something. He asks her not to worry, as nothing would happen, or he wont let it happen, as god never does injustice. sarita says that God doesnt, man does injustice, when they forget the difference betrween right and wrong, in the whim to attain something.

Sarita says that she doesnt know how to apologize to him, but blurts it out saying that whatever she said, was all a lie, and tells him of the entrie plan, without even looking up to see the reaction. She says that the temple accident today was an accident and not intended.

She apologizes to be stooping to this level, and that divya isnt to be blamed for this, as he forced her to. she says that she wants every punishment that she deserves, and will remarry whoever he wants her to. She says that the world should know, to what lengths the husband can go for the wife’s happiness.

She says that the society is convened to believe that the wives are very ideal. She says that not only husbands but the wives too are to be blamed. She says that she would accept his descision. But as she looks up, she finds Raj attending to a little girl, and realises that he didnt hear anything. Raj comes upto her and asks what was she saying.

Divya gets gaurav’s call and sombrely says that she missed him, as she has just such a burden on her heart, and wanted to confess to someone. Gaurav asks her to look out the window. She is happy to see him, who says that he too was missing her, hence he came. Divya thanks him for this.

Divya tells him that in the wake of sacrificing, they told him a lie, and goes on to tell him everything. Gaurav is shocked. divya continues saying that this would develop sympathy in raj’s heart for sarita, and he might end up loving her. She tells him everything, every plan, which they did without any evil thoughts. she says that she knows Raj still loves her the same, and breatehs for her, but isnt willing to accept that their relation was over long when he got married.

Divya says, thinking that she’s talking to gaurav that how can she take someone else’s life, and that sarita is with Raj, and her responsibility, and why should their love spoil sarita’s life. Hence they concocted up this lie, of sarita dying, so that Raj can come close to her. She says that they betrayed Raj, and when he gets to know this, he would be shattered. Gaurav asks what would she say, Divya says that she would manage, and that he should leave before he’s seen by anyone. Gaurav gets into the car and drives off. As she turns around, wiping her eyes, she is shocked to find Raj standing behind her, stunned himself at seeing this.

Divya fumbles through her words, not guessing raj’s state of mind. Raj comes to her and says that she’s very fine actress, and hence she did so beautiful in real life too. He sys that she acted so well that Raj also got beffoled, and that even he didnt know the truth, one who knew her well. He asks if he should place the heart out for her, and what did she get by bhetraying him, and why did he suffer for these ten years, that sdarita’s life got spoiled due to her, and reprimands her for the death lie. He asks her why did she return back, as he had learnt to live without her.

Divya says that he wasnt living, and also spoiling along with his, another life that was attached to him. Raj asks her who is she to tell him to dictate his life. He says that whatever maybe their relation, sarita never lied, and once she got influenced, she has learnt to act well. But divya vehemently says that sarita isnt to be blamed, and that its all her fault. Raj says that she is indeed. He cups her face, and assk if she thought that raj was a fool and emotional, that he would fall in love with sarita so easily, when he loved her for ten years, and reminds that he hd told hr that this isnt possible. He says that he is a fool to be loving her today too. divya says that this isnt possible.

He asks why not, and if its a sin to be loving someone for ten years. Divya says that it is, since he’s married now, and the truth is his marriage, and not the promises that they made. She says that the honeymoon night is the truth, and not the sleepless nights that they spent. She says that he should have burnt their relationship in the fire that he saw and took seven circles around it, with sarita. She says that their relation ended when he put vermillion in sarita’s mind. He says that it was all a lie.

Divya says that even when he didnt want to run his family business, he made it reach great heights, then why cant he work on his relations. He says that he was honest in loving her, and thats the only thing that he didnt change. He asks her if she ever loved him any second or time. Divya says, with lowered eyes, that she did and doesnt love anymore. He asks her to face him, and say that she doesnt love him anymore. She breaks out saying that She doesnt love him anymore. This shocks raj, while divya is distraught.

Divya says that she loves gaurav and was going to marry him, but then explains how her life changed when she saw sarita. He asks her if she is still living in reel life. Divya asks him to let go of her, as its paining. Raj asks if she even knows what pain means, its when the mind hates someone, and the heart loves him dearly. He says that till now there was love, but from now, only hatred for the betrayal that she did. Divya says that he might hate her all she wants, but that he should only love sarita.

Married Again 4 December 2019 Update ends when Raj turns around and asks her to leave, and never return, or else he might go so far, that noone canm bring him back. divya is upset. Sarita is very tensed to hear this from a distance.

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Gangaa 4 December 2019 Update



Gangaa 4 December 2019 Update

Gangaa 4 December 2019 Update begins when Krishna goes and asks sagar whats the matter and why isnt he talking to her. he doesnt respond. she asks if he fought with her mother, and when he complies, she asks him to talk to her atleast, as they are friends atleast. when she continues to irritate him, he says that she doesnt have any idea, how much she is like her mother.

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Krishna starts pointing out the dissimilarities between her and her mother and tells about the promise that ganga made. she got it fulfilled too. he bends on his knees, and says that when her mother doesnt want them to be talking, then they shouldnt. but she says that she has decided that she wants to be friends with him. he asks her to listen to her mother, as they shouldnt talk, if she doesnt want, and as it is, he shall go to London, away from her and her mother.

Krishna continues to badger him on, and says that she too wishes to go with him, to London. He asks whats gotten into her and whats wrong and that she isnt that special to him, as they are very newly related, that he takes her to london. he asks her if she even realises what pain it takes to settle in London, as he has worked hard and studied for years to be able to establish himself there and that neither her nor her mother have the calibre or the talent to ever be able to make it to London. he asks her to stop seeing dreams of london, and continue studying, and stop this emotional rant, and do something fruitful in life, if she wants to geat ahead. he vents out his entire frustration at her, and leaves. she is stunned to receive such a treatment from him. she breaks down into tears. As she rushes back home, krishna is in uncontrollable tears, as she remembers his barbed words.

Ganga finds her and asks her whats the matter. she rushes from there and is distressed, and starts throwing things on the floor. ganga is apalled and comes and asks whats the matter. krishna narrates everything, and cites that he is very bad and an egoist. ganga is distraught and makes her assured that he shall have to apologise, when she makes him realise his mistake. but krishna says that she merely wants to be with him as she clutches at her tightly and hugs her.

Ganga thinks that he has crossed all limits today, and he wouldnt ever gain that kind of respect from her again. Later at night, ganga continues to assure and advise her not to feel bad because of him. krishna vehemently assures that she wouldnt go to him, and that she was right but she didnt realise it then, and says that she was right in calling it off with sagar, as he is like that. she says that he thinks she befriended him for wanting to go to london, and that she doesnt need his money too.

Ganga says that they shall manage on their own. but krishna vehemently assures that she doesnt want to go to london, as she doesnt have a point to prove to anybody. Krishna says that she doesnt wish to go anywhere. ganga gets emotional and asks her to come along. krishna asks where is she going. ganga gets a vessel of water, and then distracts krishna by talking about something her father did to cheer her up.

Gangaa 4 December 2019 Update on Zee World

Meanwhile, sagar stops at an idol by the lord, and apologises for hurting a small child, as he knows she isnt at fault, but she is her mother’s daughter, and thats what she got punished for. he talks about how hurt he himself is, but he couldnt do anything else, as in between their fight, she was being sandwiched.

When kashish returtns late at night, she finds ganga standing tensedly, and then asks how is krishna. she says that she fine and that the fever has gone down, ganga asks point blank if she was busy in work or with pulkit. kashish stands stunned. ganga confronts her. kashish accepts it, and says that love just happened, and ganga asks her not to get so filmy, and asks her to think atleast, as supriya isnt at fault. she is overwhelmed wondering how is it possible, that pulkit made a mistake like that. Kashish says that this is a mistake, and wants to rectify it, and hence he is planning to divorce her.

Ganga gets enraged and slaps her tight across her face. while all surround, pulkit is boggled as to whats wrong. supriya breaks it out to him, and he is shocked. all eye him tensedly. he denies saying that they are merely friends. ammaji and others show him the video then, and pulkit is aghast. now they confront him whats going on, and if he wishes to leave supriya for that girl. they all reprimand him, for his callous and heinous behaviour towards supriya.

Pulkit responds back that madhavi and niru have a different story, and that supriya shall go through the same pain too. he then clarifies as to how the child shouldnt be made a bone of contention. he says that he accepted his fate but she went into depression, and distanced herself, and he got lonely. he tries to clarify, but she gives him the blame, and then points out both their faults.

Meanwhile, Kashish too explains the same as to how she just wanted to help him, through his maritsl crisis, and never knew when they started loving each other, and werent able to spend a second apart. ganga wonders how could she go oblivious without understanding whats going on. she asks her to forget him, but kashish says that she cant as she loves him.

Ganga says that it doesnt make sense, as she would get nothing out of it, and wonders why didnt pulkit solve the problem with supriya, and he bitterly disappointed everyone. she tells kashish that pulkit used her, to get out of the loneliness, and that he wouldnt ever leave his wife, as she knows the family. she asks why should she believe her, as she teaches everyone about ethics, as she loves sagar even after he got married, then how can she be wrong. ganga says that she did love him, after he married, but never got him close, and that she always wanted him to be happy with jhanvi.

Kashish says that she isnt noble like her, and that she wants him, and wont share him. she dials pulkit’s number, but he continues cancelling seeing the tension amounting. she dials again but he doesnt pick up. when he doesnt, ammaji asks him to pick up and talk. kashish asks her not to look sympathetic towards her, as she shall go and get pulkit, and he shall answer her questions. she rushes out crying.

Ganga goes after her, but she outruns her. madhavi asks him to speak up, while he is at a loss of an answer. supriya speaks up saying that since he isnt happy, he can take whatever decision he wants. madhavi asks him to speak up. zoya hopes that the family breaks so that she can rule. just then, kashis comes and pulkit is at a loss of an answer. ammaji reprimands her galore and then all are tensed, while kashish asks pulkit to speak up.

Ammaji takes kashish by the hand and drives her out. she throws her, and she directly lands into ganga’s arms, who rushes to save her. she compliments ammaji that once again, she was throwing another girl out today. as she directs insults at her, saagar comes at defence. a verbal duel follows. sagar reminds her not to talk like this, as she isnt related to this family. ganga retorts back saying that kashish is her family and she wont stand anytalking to her like that. kashish is distraught, as she finds pulkit standing there watching helplessly the entire scene. tension amounts.

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