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Mehek 14th June 2019 Update – Zee World

Mehek 14th June 2019 Update on Zee World

Mehek 14thJune 2019 Update – Zee World – Shaurya comes home. Karona dresses Shaurya’s wounds and cries, she says do you even care for me? Shaurya says ofcourse i care for you, Karona says then you would have thought how much it hurt to see you wounded, you keep getting beaten.

I want you and Mahek become one too but this is not the way to show love, how dare Kanta make my son get beaten by goons? Shaurya asks her to not be angry, i promise to not get beaten again ever.

Vicky says yes we will beat them next time, Shaurya wipes Karona’s tears and says why you are crying? i didnt spend time in gym for nothing, i need strong body with strong heart to win heart of girl like Mahek, this is time for happiness.

Mehek 14th June 2019 Update – Zee World

I am bringing daughter in law for you that you like so much, you dont have to cry, its time to make others cry by becoming mother in law, tomorrow is Mehndi, will you go there with Shagun? Karona emotionally looks at him and says okay i will go there, Shaurya smiles at her and lies head in her lap, Karona silently cries.

At night, Mahek looks at Meera Sharma road and recalls how Shaurya dedicated this street to her mother, how he confessed his love, how he proposed her, she silently cries and recalls Kanta’s threats, she recalls Shaurya kissing her, ruke na ruken naina plays.

She recalls Shaurya getting beaten brutally for her and even then coming for sangeet, she breakdowns and holds pillar so tight that it starts bleeding her hand, she whispers Shaurya..

I am sorry, i am not able to want you even if i want you and i cant stop my family, i am sorry, i am sorry that i am giving you so much pain, i am sorry, she cries inconsolably.

In morning, Karona checks Shaurya’s fever and says you have 104 degree temperature, you will rest now, dont argue, Shaurya says i am fine, just go to Mahek’s house and give her shagun otherwise i will not rest, Karona says you are so stubborn, let me put cold cloth on your head.

Mehek 14th June 2019 Update – Zee World

PD asks Jeevan and Ravi to stay at home today, yesterday was sangeet so this means today will be mehndi, Kanta says but.. Karona comes there with Shagun, PD says i knew today is mehndi, come inside mother in law, she hugs Karona.

Karona says to Mahek that i have brought wedding shagun for you, Mahek gets tensed. Kanta says to Karona that you came here with shagun before too, dont you remember what happened after that? or you want Mahek to cry again to fulfill your bratty son’s demands?

Look we dont want to marry Mahek to your son, he wont understand but i hope you understand so stop this drama and leave from here, Karona looks at Mahek, Kanta takes shagun from her and throws it away, all are stunned, Karona says to Kanta that there are many flaws in my son and maybe he cant be forgiven.

I have always seen him working and not loving anyone but today even after getting beaten so badly, he was just thinking about Mahek and i realized that my son has learned to love and only.

Mehek 14 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Mahek has taught him, its God’s will to make Shaurya learn how to love by being with you people and what you did? you learned to hate him, to take revenge from him, he is crying in pain today because of your lesson but he was still thinking about Mahek and Mahek only.

Kanta says i dont trust him, Karona says i am not his biological mother but i have raised him like you have raised Mahek so i thought you would understand my emotions, i have left him at home when he has 102degree fever just because he wanted me to come here,

Karona’s voice breaks telling about Shaurya’s health, Karona says i am sad that you saw his hatred but you couldnt see his love for Mahek, i am folding my hands and begging you to not come inbetween their love.

Mehek 14th June 2019 Update – Zee World

Let Shaurya and Mahek become one, Kanta folds her hands and says you can leave, Karona says my son has chosen right path, he is thinking about fulfilling promise he gave to Mahek, she looks at shagun thrown on ground, she looks at Kanta who glares at her, Karona leaves.

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