Zee World: King of Hearts 2nd June 2019 Update

King of Hearts 14 November 2019 Update

Zee World: King of Hearts 2nd June 2019 Update

Zee World: King of Hearts 2nd June 2019 Update

Tody’s episode begins when Sid wakes up in the morning and doesn’t see Roshni in bed. He freshens up and runs to the living room, asking everyone if they’ve seen Roshni. He asks Pratima if she saw Roshni? She says no and asks if he has any work with her? He says no. The servant is taking out the trash. Sid tells him to hold on. The trash contains the package Rajveer received. He heads towards it and Rajveer almost faints, seeing Sid heading towards the dustbin. He is about to open the dustbin lid when Roshni comes.

Rajveer is relieved. Pratima asks where she has been? Roshni says she went to get a permanent solution to their problems. DD says she is happy she now sees Sid for who he is, and the family will live peacefully when he… Roshni asks if it’s when he leaves the house, and if that’s what she wants, she shouldn’t worry because she found a solution to that as well! She places several bundles of money on the table for DD and tells her to count it; it’s 1 million! Everyone is shocked. Roshni says she is repaying the loan DD used to hold Sid all this while, so they don’t have to tolerate the insults anymore, and they will leave the house today! Everyone is even more shocked. Rajveer is smiling. Roshni is packing up their things in the room. Sid asks where she got the money?

Roshni says it’s not important; what’s important is that they are free, and he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone again. Sid asks again where she got the money? Roshni says the important thing is that he trusts her.Sid says he trusts her, but he can’t just leave the family. Roshni asks if he’s talking about the same family that never let a chance to insult him go by? She says she won’t let him live a life of humiliation any longer.

Zee World: King of Hearts 2nd June 2019 Update

DD appears and tells Roshni that she is making the biggest mistake of her life! Does she think she can just pay the money and go without any explanation? Roshni says they only explain to those with whom they share a strong bond! She says she has given DD what she wants and values so much; money, and now, she has that, so she won’t need any explanation.

Sid tells Roshni that they should talk about it. DD tells Roshni that Sid is only interested in her wealth so she should let him go! Sid tells DD that this is not the right time for her to be saying such things. Roshni picks up her suitcase and pulls Sid by the arm. DD follows them to the living room and tells Roshni that she can’t let Sid come in between them!

Roshni tells her to go and check the room; she fixed the door and the electricity is paid for, so the next tenant won’t have a problem. Sid is not happy at the banter between the Mum and daughter. DD tells Roshni that she can’t ignore the fact that she’s her Mother! Roshni says she is not her Mother and cares only for money! DD asks why is she crying then? Roshni says she is missing her Mother and if she really was here, she would not have talked like this. Sid asks her to rethink about her decision.

Roshni asks if he will not come with her? Sid reminisces his promise to Bablu that he will unite both Mother and daughter and the incidents thereafter. Roshni asks him if he wants to come or not and picks her bag. Roshni links her band with Sid’s and they walk out. DD falls to the ground, crying and calling Roshni back, but Roshni doesn’t look back.

Rajveer goes to his room and commends himself for the move he made to make a woman like DD cry out in pain. He says DD was right and Money truly makes the world go round. He has a flashback of when he gave Roshni the money: Roshni at first said she can’t collect the Money because Sid will be upset. Rajveer says he is doing it to help, and she can pay back later. He tells her not to tell Sid. He tells himself thar once Roshni and Sid leave, DD will be traumatized, and he will handle her business after that!

Zee World: King of Hearts 2nd June 2019 Update

DD is in Roshni’s room touching the empty wardrobe and crying. She sees a photo of Roshni as a little girl and starts crying. She says she can’t believe her daughter left her for that filthy man! She gets upset and turns the room upside down, then she crumbles to the ground in a fit of tears. Pratima rushes to her to ask if she’s okay?

DD says her daughter says she hates her, and that she’s not her Mother. She tells Pratima to go and ask Bablu if he wants to stay in the house or wants to leave like Roshni, since all the Middle class people knows how to turn the Children of the rich people against their family! Pratima calls her sister-in-law, and tells her not to talk like that, pls. DD gets upset and tells her not to call her that and pretend to sympathise with her! She throws her out of the room and shuts the door.

Sid and Roshni are back at Prashant’s place. He says she still hasn’t told him where she got the money from and she is keeping something from him. Roshni says she is not keeping anything from him. Sid asks if she is happy because he knows she is not; she just left her family home. Roshni says he also left his family home to be with her, so she will adjust just like he did. Sid asks her again where she got the Money? Roshni says it was her money; her father opened an account in her name and the money matured, so she was able to collect it. She asks if he’s happy now that he knows, but Sid doesn’t look convinced.

Simran and Raj arrive and ask them what happened? Roshni tells them that they have finally come back home! Sid stares at Roshni as she speaks. Sid and his father are on the balcony. He tells his father everything. Raj reminds Sid that he told him it won’t be easy. Sid says he doesn’t know how Roshni got so much money; her story is not true, and he will follow Bablu to the bank tomorrow to find out. He says DD was very heartbroken when Roshni was leaving the house. Raj tells him that he has faith in him and he knows Sid can fix it.

Next morning, Roshni looks at a set of bangles DD gave her, and she prays silently that her Mum forgives her for using them to help keep Sid’s honour intact. She is about to leave the house when she runs into Simran who wants her to eat. She lies that she has to be at the NGO. Simran says she is rushing off same way Sid did earlier. Roshni wonders where Sid might have gone?

Sid and Bablu come out of a bank. Sid says he knew Roshni was lying and she never owned a savings account. They see Roshni trying to pawn off the bangles DD gave her.
Bablu says he wants to go and talk to her. Sid tells him to hold on so they can see what she will do with the Money she gets from the bangles.

Zee World: King of Hearts 2nd June 2019 Update

Simran’s friend comes to meet her and asks about her reason for shifting into a Poor locality? Simran says we became Poor for our daughter-in-law. They ask her to tell them about the prospective girl?

Kesar sees DD in the living room and asks why her eyes are swollen? DD says they froze all of Roshni’s accounts, so she doesn’t know where she got the access to 1 million. She tells him to find out about it! Samaira says she will tell them how Roshni got the money. Roshni walks up to Rajveer in his car.

Samaira gives some papers to DD and says it’s Rajveer’s bank statement! Roshni took Money from my husband. How could she even dare do that! Imagine DD’s daughter took help from my husband! DD gets tensed.

Roshni tells Rajveer she was only able to raise 25 thousand and she will return his money in instalments. He says she is like his younger sister and he’s only accepting the money to help her keep her self-respect. Sid watches them in anger and when Rajveer drives away, he approaches Roshni. She is shocked to see him, but says he wouldn’t have allowed her if she had told him.
Sid says what she did isn’t right; now she has to sell off her expensive things for cheap just to pay Rajveer back.

Zee World: King of Hearts 2nd June 2019 Update

DD arrives in her car and says she knew it! They stare at her and she says Sid played his cards very well. She asks if he thinks she will accept the money he collected from Rajveer?
She tells Roshni that the plan was for Sid to work for the money, but she’s not surprised that Sid who is a Middle class, had to stoop to such a level!

Roshni says DD can’t talk to them about playing fair when she never plays fair, and calls her Durga Devi! DD gets shocked. Roshni dares her to go and report them to the Police, and says we won’t become your Servants again! She tells her to go away!

Raj and Simran see them and approach them. Roshni tells DD that Sid didn’t know about the plan and the matter of the money is now between her and Rajveer, so she should leave them alone!
She sees Sid’s Parents and walks up to them. She says “Mum, Dad, let’s go home.” They walk away and as DD is about to leave, Sid tells her not to worry because Roshni is just upset and he will fix everything.

DD tells him to just spare her because he got what he wanted and must be celebrating now? She walks away dejectedly to her car. Sid thinks to himself that the more he tries to reunite Roshni and DD, the further they drift apart.

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