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Zee World: Twist of Fate 31 May 2019 Update



Twist of Fate 8th June 2019 Update - Zee World


Zee World: Twist of Fate 31 May 2019 Update

Zee World: Twist of Fate 31 May 2019 Update

Today’s episode: Abhi is reading Kiara and his DNA report and says our DNA matched, I knew she is my daughter! He looks at Pragya’s pic and says my heart knew that she is my daughter, and says now it is proved! He thanks her for giving him what he wished for. He thinks of Pragya’s words and thinks Kiara and Pragya will be with me now. He runs and collides with Tanu. Tanu feels pain.

Abhi asks her to dance and shows Pragya’s pic. Tanu asks why are you showing her pic? Abhi says she is beautiful by behaviour as well. Tanu asks him why is he saying that? Abhi asks why she wants to know and says I am your wife and I have the right to know. Abhi says you don’t need to understand, just Pragya wants to understand.

Tanu thinks why is Abhi so happy and what good news has he gotten about Pragya? Disha is in the Kitchen. Purab tries to romance with her, but she pushes him away. Purab says how will I become romeo? Abhi comes there and asks them to make the day romantic! He tells them that Kiara and his DNA matched with each other; He says he will lift Pragya and Kiara and bring them home! Tanu calls Nikhil and scolds him. Nikhil tells that the DNA test report has come, and says he bribed someone to give him the report. Tanu asks what is the report?

Nikhil says it will come in sometime. Tanu says the report should come to my hands first! Nikhil assures her that she will get the report first. Abhi eats sweets. He tries to take Purab’s sweets. Purab says he will not share it. Disha gives sweets to Abhi. Purab says let my sister (Pragya) come tomorrow. Abhi says I will bring your Sister home. Purab asks him to sit. Disha says what will you tell her? Abhi says I will tell her that he has won the challenge and will show her the DNA report.

Zee World: Twist of Fate 31 May 2019 Update

Purab says she will get upset with you. Abhi says I will handle her. Purab fears that they might have a fight and asks him to say sorry to her. Abhi asks what? Purab asks him to say I did wrong with you… I did many mistakes and thought that I will stay without you, but I forgot that you are my life’s biggest happiness. He says Pragya…come back to my life and return to my life. I promise to keep you as my life.

Abhi says I am going to bring her here and not to propose to her? Disha says Pragya will get angry as she lost the challenge, and asks him to make her understand with love, and talk to her nicely. Purab asks him to do as he said. Abhi says you are teaching a rockstar how to propose? He asks them to romance and goes. Disha asks Purab why he doesn’t make her understand? Purab says it was for only you. Abhi comes there and looks at their romance and goes.

Abhi is driving the car and thinks of Pragya’s words happily. Ke tere sang paani yun saa… song plays. He thinks he will make everything be like before, infact more better than the past.

Tanu scolds Bahadur if any courier came? Bahadur says no. Tanu scolds him for using mobile and asks where is he going? Bahadur says to give tea to Granny! Tanu asks him to stay at the door and wait for the lab guy to come, and take the report from him. Bahadur says should I tell Granny?

Tanu says no and asks him to go and give tea to Granny first and come there!
Disha hears her and thinks Tanu knew the lab report was going to come today, but she didn’t know that it had already come. She worries thinking what will she do?

Granny comes to Sunny’s school and see two women arguing about studies. Granny tells the lady not to pressurize her daughter to study and asks them to listen to Narendra Modi. She tells them about his event on education at 11 am, LIVE on Modi APP.

Zee World: Twist of Fate 31 May 2019 Update

Abhi comes to King’s house and asks Pragya, how is her pain? Pragya says fine. Abhi asks who was the doctor? Abhi says I… He gets nervous and asks her to forgive his mistake and says I forgot your mistake. Pragya asks him to come later. Abhi says I have come to talk! Pragya says I know you have come to snatch Kiara away from me! Abhi says I came to take you as well.


Pragya says you might have tried to prove that Kiara is your daughter, but that didn’t happen, so you might have come here to emotionally blackmail me so that when I tell you just that, you’ll take Kiara from here! Abhi says you didn’t need to confess anything, as I know that Kiara is my daughter and you are not King’s wife!

Pragya is shocked. Abhi says we both know that we love each other and Kiara is the proof of our love. He says you have hidden Kiara from me, but you have given me the biggest gift. Pragya says I am not married to King, but Kiara is Mr. Singh’s daughter! Abhi gets angry and says enough! He gets teary eyes and then says sorry. He says you are forcing me, and says I have proved that she is my daughter and the DNA is the proof. He tells that he got their DNA test done and their reports match. He says it is clearly written that she is my daughter!

Pragya is shocked. He says why did you hide this from me, what was your helplessness! He asks how can you hide such a big truth from me and asks her to talk! Pragya cries and gets emotional. She hugs him and says I was scared. Abhi asks why? Pragya says I thought if I take Kiara to you, then you will take her and purnish me for the mistake which I haven’t done. Abhi says didn’t you see love in my eyes? He says Kiara was away from her father for so many years and asks what do you think that I will separate her from her mother?

Pragya says sorry. Abhi says you gave me such a big happiness, that I can leave my life, but not you. He says I don’t want

Kiara alone, but my family! He says both of you are similar and says when I see her, I miss you and when I see you, I miss her. He says did I tell you that I came into this world to meet you and love you? He says today, if I am alive, it’s all because of you, so I want to stay with you, live with you. I can’t separate Kiara from you. He says first, we were two, now, we are three. He says I am pleading and begging infront of you and asks can I get my Kiara and my family back? He says I can’t stay without you both and promises to not fight with her and will never let her go. He says I can do anything if we are together.

Pragya says we will stay together, you, me and Kiara. They have a hug… It turns out to be Abhi’s dream. He thinks I have started dreaming again and says I am going alone, but will return with Kiara and Pragya!

King is at home and thinks of Pragya’s words. He thinks why did Pragya meet me and asked me foe help, she made my career and says he didn’t understand the Karmic connection. He thinks he listens to Pragya and realizes he is in love with her. He thinks his Aunt had told him, and thinks if she is right about him, then she is right about Abhi. He thinks if Abhi has feelings for Pragya?
Abhi comes to King’s house.

Zee World: Twist of Fate 31 May 2019 Update Bahadur is standing at the door and tells Tanu that nobody came. Tanu says I know. Disha hears them. Bahadur asks her to go to her room and says he will bring the report to her room. Tanu scolds him. Disha hears them. The door bell rings.

Tanu sends Bahadur to the Kitchen and opens the door and gets the report. She checks the report and reads that the sample was contaminated. She thinks Abhi couldn’t prove that Kiara is his daughter, then why was he happy? He should be sad and thinks he might be happy to make her feel sad or jealous, and thinks it is good. She thinks once Abhi loves her, then she will not be scared of Pragya.

Disha is hiding and smiling. She recalls waiting outside and colliding with the delivery guy and replacing the reports. She thinks Tanu will be confident now and will not do anything!

Abhi rings the bell. King sees him peeping inside. Abhi asks where is Pragya! King says not today and says today we will talk about your behaviour which changes seeing Pragya. Abhi says I want to meet Pragya and says he will go to school and meet her! King asks him to forget Pragya and take her out of his heart. Abhi asks what happened?

King says his Aunt told him that he has feelings for Pragya, but he ignored her words and told her that Abhishek is his friend and won’t do this, but after all I have seen with my eyes, I have realized that you have feelings for Pragya. Abhi says you are thinking of it wrongly. King says when I kept my hand on her shoulder, you felt pain and when I was about to dance with her, you held her hand and took her to the dance floor. He says it was a cheap thing and asks him to say yes or no. He says his Aunt saw him and Pragya together, but I said no, my friend won’t do this. He says I didn’t know that my friend comes to meet my wife at my house, and have soft feelings for her.

Abhi says I am your friend and about to tell… but King asks him to say yes or no, and asks him to say if he has feelings for Pragya? Abhi says yes. He says she is so good that natural feelings came out. King says his Aunt was right, you are fixing Tarun and Neha’s relationship so that the society restriction will end, and you will get a chance to get closer to her, so she was right, but whatever you are doing is cheap.

Abhi says you are making fun of my feelings? King says you are making fun of my friendship and says you didn’t think before eying my wife. He asks him to get out! Abhi says you didn’t know what we have between us? King says if I see you with Kiara or Pragya then… !Abhi says the truth is that neither Pragya is your wife nor Kiara is your daughter, so you have no rights on them! King says you know the truth, but that doesn’t matter to my family. He asks did you ask Pragya with whom she wants to live with? He says Pragya is my wife and Kiara is my daughter in society’s view. He says I love Pragya and will marry her soon, so that such people like you stay far away from her.

Zee World: Twist of Fate 31 May 2019 Update

Abhi tries to tell him about their relation. King asks him to remember their enmity and tells that they will not talk other than Neha and Tarun’s marriage! He says after their marriage, you will see Pragya and King’s marriage, and after that, you will not take her name and will call her Mrs. Singh. King closes the door and goes inside. Abhi tells that she’s his wife, but King doesn’t hear him.

Disha waits for Abhi and thinks where is he? She calls Purab and asks about Abhi? Purab says I thought he is at home. Disha says maybe he’s with Pragya Purab ends the call.

Pragya is at Kiara’s school. The Teacher asks her to sign the form and tells that all parents should attend sports day. Pragya signs and gives her the form. The Teacher says you forgot to write the father’s name? Pragya thinks of Abhi and King and tells that if she can give the form later? The Teacher says okay and goes. Pragya thinks to tell Abhi the whole truth after Neha and Tarun’s marriage to lower her heartbeat.

Abhi comes home and falls down in the hall. Disha runs to him and asks why did he drink and when? Abhi says when did I drink? Disha says you are not in your senses. Abhi says I don’t want to be in my senses. He says Pragya’s love gives me happiness at first, and then becomes unbearable! Disha asks what happened? She asks if he met Pragya? She takes him to his room.

King is thinking about Abhi and Pragya. The door bell rings. King thinks to talk to Pragya about their Marriage. Pragya comes inside and tells that there was so much traffic! King says Kiara and my relationship can’t break, so I want you and my relation… Just then, Neha comes there. Pragya says she didn’t get bridal outfit till now? They go inside.

Disha asks Abhi why did he drink today? Abhi says I want to live with Pragya, but when she is not with me, I want to commit suicide and die! Disha asks what happened? Abhi says this hope is dangerous, it becomes the reason of life and death too. He tells her that there is no medicine to heal inside, so he had a drink. He says how will I make my mind forget it, and says my heart will cry. I want to end this heart and mind war! Disha asks what happened? Did anyone say anything?

Abhi says Pragya is going to marry King. He says from where did that joker come into our lives! He tells that King asked him to stay away from Pragya and Kiara. He says how to stay away from Pragya and Kiara when he knows that Pragya is his wife and Kiara is his daughter! He says what to do? He talks to Pragya’s pic and cries.

Zee World: Twist of Fate 31 May 2019 Update

Pragya tells Neha that King’s Aunt will give her shagun (Auspicious gifts) with her hand. King’s Aunt hears Neha coming there and pretends to sleep. King says this ritual is important, I will wake her up. He calls her. They find her awake. King calls her.


Pragya says she will wake up in sometime. King says he will put cold water on her and starts the countdown. King’s Aunt gets up and asks him not to throw water on her. King asks if she was awake? King’s Aunt acts and says she was sleeping. She asks Neha why she came here? Neha says she came to take the bridal clothes.

King’s Aunt gives her her clothes and says Tarun will make you wear the mangalsutra (Wedding Necklace) tomorrow. She gives it to Pragya asking her to keep it. Pragya admires it thinking about Abhi. King asks if she likes it? Pragya says that’s why she bought it. King snaps the Wedding Necklace pic and goes.

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Kindred Hearts 21 October 2019 Update



Kindred Hearts 21 October 2019 Update

Kindred Hearts 21 October 2019 Update starts as Rano calls Bini she says is Akash with you.. But he can’t come there, Mai asked him never to see your face again. Akash arranges another car for Bini she leaves. Akash comes home. Ambika says where were you? Lights turn off. Someone plays Akash’s video.

<< Kindred Hearts 20 October 2019 Update

Video plays in which Akash was Bini’s servant. Ambika says do you have any shame? You have ruined our family’s image. Both of my sons are into these stupid girls. She says to Jia you are responsible for all this. Jia says I have nothing to do with this. Akash is not a child. she says if you can’t respect yourself Bini can never respect you. How can you do this.

Self respect is important too. If you do all this you bring shame to your family. Say sorry to Ma. Akash says you are right. He says ma please forgive me. Ambika says its okay. Just be careful next time. Ambika says to Jia I saw a quality in your first time. Thank God there are some family value in your. Jia touches her feet and winks and Rano. Ambika goes to her room. Jia says to Rano what happened?

Rano is doing arti. Arjun comes to Jia’s room and says well done. She says I am doing all this for you. Jia and Arjun come to pooja. Ambika says when will you get on the right track? She says you can’t wear this to pooja. Ambika says whats tomorrow? Rano says you made temple in this house. You do pooja and fast on this day. Ambika gives Rano locker and says there are jewelry in this locker. Get all the jewelry and decorate the idol with it. Rano says I will do it.

Jia says what can I do? Ambika says just be there on time. I know you can’t make parsad. Jia says I will please give me a chance. She says okay. Jia hugs her and says thanks.

Jia comes to kitchen to make parsad. Arjun says lets make parsad. He hugs her. Jia sees Rano outside. She comes out. She hears her talking on call. Rano says there are expensive jewels in the locker. we will replace it with fake ones. No one will know. Jia overhears and says she is such a fraud. I will expose her and her partner.

Jia is making parsads. Ambika asks Jia is it ready? Jia says I will make it on time. Ambika says be careful this time. Jia says yes. Rano comes to her room and says what should I do. Rano gets a call. She says I will get you the money don’t threaten me. Jia overhears.

Rano goes towards the locker. Jia comes with her. Jia says do you want my help? Rano says I will do my work go and do yours. Ambika gives rano a garland and says check it on the idol. Rano gives Ambika water and says jia bring meds for mai. Ambiak sleeps. Rano goes to locker room. jia is keeping an eye on her.

Kindred Hearts 21 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Jia says Rano has stolen the real jewelry check it. Rano says ma i am sorry I made a mistake. Ambika says I caan’t believe this. I respected you so much and trusted you so much. Arjun says how can you do this. Ambika says take off these fake jewels from idols. She takes off the jewels.. rano says mai I made a mistake. Ambika says sorry for what? What are you hiding from us?

Ambika says those jewels are not fake. They are real. Rano says I didn’t steal anything. I didn’t want jia to be blamed for blaming me. I thought I should accept this lie and go from here. So Jia can live easily in this house. Jia loves Arjun. Jia syas you are such a liar. Stop this drama. Check this bag. Jia checks the bag its empty. Rano says you both trust her so i should better leave this house.

Arjun says shut up jia. Don’t stoop so low. You can’t accuse her of stealth.
Rano says to Ambika please don’t be mad at Jia. Ambika says we are sorry. Rano says don’t say that mai. Arjun says I am sorry.

Ambika starts the pooja. She says Rano stopped the problem in the pooja. I am proud of you. God always does justice people. She gives rano jewel and leaves. Arjun is angry.

Jia comes to her room and says how is this possible. I heard her talking on phone Rano comes and says what happened? I won again. Jia says go from here. Rano says you are so stupid. You know what happened? I was all pretended to fool you. i wanted you to do all this drama. jia says you are so clever. Rano says i know. I am not crazy I know how to get whats mine. jia says Arjun is not a thing. Rano says yes he is a man, my man. He will hate you so much. Jia says they wont trust me. I have to be careful.

jia comes to Arjun. Jia says Arjun i made a mistake I am sorry. Jia slips. Arjun holds her but he leaves in anger. Rano says one day he will go completely away from you. He will be only mine. Jia keeps calling Arjun but his phone is off. She says why isn’t he picking his phone. Arjun comes home. Jia says I am sorry Arjun. Lets eat. he says I have eaten already go and eat. Jia sits in tears. Next morning, Ambika says you both have to fast today. They have to stay silent too. Arjun says for sometime too atleast you will not blame Rano.

Kindred Hearts 21 October 2019 Update ends as Rano writes to Jia mai will slip and fall down. there is oil and she will get burned from it. Jia comes to Ambika. Ambika says move aside. Jia tries to stop ma from lightening the candle. The candle falls form her hand. Mai gets angry at her. she says are you crazy. What were you trying to do? Do you have any shame.

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The Heir 21 October 2019 Update on Zee World



The Heir 21 October 2019 Update

The Heir 21 October 2019 Update starts when Amba says Simran will go to her inlaws after marriage, people are good. She thinks I will get Simran from Bajwas and not let her go anywhere. Nihaal thinks to inform Mohini about Raj and Mannu. Mannu says we will go home and see what’s inside this. They leave. Amba asks Mohini to move away.

<< The Heir 20 October 2019 Update

Mohini says you will need two approvals from Bajwas, Preet will give her nod, what about second one, you better leave. Amba says you are not doing right. Amrit comes and says its a yes from my side. She asks Amba and Babli to come in. Mannu says maybe doctor was not telling us truth openly, there is something that can get Simran’s memory back, I will leave from your life forever.

Raj looks at her. Amba and Amrit make Simran ready. Amba says we are going to meet someone, you have to look beautiful. Simran asks for Rohan, her hero, will he come, she refuses to go without him. Amrit says I will call Rohan, Simran listens to him. Amba thinks Rohan can bring hurdle, how to explain Simran.

Harjeet says Mohini, its not about stopping Simran, its respect fight between Pavaniya and Bajwa, Amba thinks she can take her mad daughter from here, no. She says I m here, trust me, Amba won’t get two Bajwas to agree with her. Harjeet says Amrit said yes, if Preet says yes. She says I won’t let her say yes, Preet is worried to get Simran’s memory back, she won’t let Simran go away.

Rohan comes. Simran hugs him and says I won’t go anywhere without you, mummy is taking me somewhere. Amba says come Rohan, help me in making your Bhabhi ready, I heard she listens to you a lot. Rohan gets shocked. Simran says I will wear this, how do I look. Rohan gets tearful eyes.

Amrit says Jagan and sarpanch have come, if Simran’s marriage gets fixed today, I will get peace. Amba asks Rohan to help again, as he is Simran’s devar.

Rohan says no need to remind again and again, that she is my Bhabhi. Amba says don’t ever forget this. Simran says you can’t scold hero like this, he is my friend, I won’t come with you. Rohan asks Simran to sit, don’t get angry. Simran says mummy has scolded me. He says we were just talking.

Raj and Mannu come home and see the guests. Mohini hugs Mannu and says congrats, Simran got an alliance, Amba called even panchayat, groom and his family have come, Amba is here, she is making Simran ready. Mannu and Raj get shocked.

Mohini scares that inlaws can keep Simran as queen or maid, but Amba’s wish will be fulfilled. Mannu says I have to talk to Amba. Mohini thinks now Mannu will never agree for Simran’s marriage. She goes to Amba. Babli hugs her. Mannu asks what happened to you. Amba asks what, I m taking Simran from here to secure her.

Mannu says she is not in such state that anyone handles her, Rohan and Raj manage her here, try to understand, till she gets her memory back, she is not safe anywhere, I m here. Raj comes and looks on. Mannu says when her memory comes back, we will get her married anywhere you want, she does not know what’s marriage, how will she manage new relation, she will get fine soon.

Amba scolds Mannu. She says I won’t trust Raj and Rohan, you became Bajwas bahu, but Simran is still my daughter, she is not safe here. Amrit comes and asks is Simran ready. Mannu asks Amrit to explain Amba. Amba says Mannu thinks Simran won’t be happy, you explain her. Mannu says I m doing this for Simran’s happiness, explain Amba. Amba says if you try to stop Simran’s marriage, you will lose me.

The Heir 21 October 2019 Update on Zee World

Amba ask Amrit to take Simran. She asks Mannu not to stop her. They go. Raj says I think you should say yes for Simran’s marriage. Mannu calls him selfish. She says you are saying this as Simran will go from here and you will get free of me. He shuts the door. Rohan sees Simran and thinks Simran will get away from me, I won’t be able to meet her, if there is Lord, this relation shouldn’t happen today. Mannu goes downstairs.

Jagan introduces her to guests. Mannu greets the guests. Amba asks Simran to say she also likes. Simran says as Amba tells her. Jagan says its everyone’s yes, get sweets, Simran come home. Harjeet asks Jagan to learn having patience, two Bajwas members should say yes, till then marriage can’t happen. Amba says Amrit and Mannu will be saying yes. Amba asks Mannu to say, she said its her yes. Mohini sees Harjeet. She says Preet did not say yes in front of us.

Sarpanch asks Mannu to tell her decision. Jagan asks Mannu to say what she told Amba. Mannu recalls Amba’s words. Mohini says long silence means its her no. Harjeet says its her ….. Mannu says yes, I agree to Simran’s marriage. Amba and Jagan get glad. Mannu says but, I want to ask few things to would be groom.

Jagan says we have talked to them, enough. Mannu asks the guy why did he agree to marry a mad girl, he can get alliance of better girls. Guy says after marriage…. Amba says he will get Simran’s treatment done after marriage. Raj messages Mannu.

Mannu asks him to tell them about his first wife. The guy says what shall I tell about her, I gave her divorce. Mannu asks in which pind court. He says my pind court, as we stay here. Amba asks what are you asking. Mannu says wait, I have papers that has written that he has given divorce in his wife’s pind court. He says I m saying truth. Mannu says we can’t trust you, what proof you have, I have the proof. He says I did not give divorce to my wife, how did papers come. They all get shocked.

Mannu says now you are saying truth, how can you come to marry Simran when you did not give divorce to your first wife. Sarpanch says yes, this marriage can’t happen. Amba scolds the guy. Harjeet and Mohini smile. Amba asks the groom’s family to leave. They leave. Amba says I have to get Simran married, but not with such guy, I will find a nice guy for her. Sarpanch says fine, till then you can’t take Simran from here. Raj smiles.

Amba gets angry and sees Mannu. Mannu thinks Amba is doing wrong, I won’t let Simran go till she gets her memory.

Flash Back shows Raj telling Mannu that he wants her to leave, but not on the price that Simran’s life spoils, we have to think to come out of this situation, this man maybe really good to marry Simran or someone fraud who came with a plan, we have to do something that Amba’s promise does not break and he goes. Flash Back ends.

Amrit comes to Mannu and says when everyone walks on one path, you show the right path. Mannu says I would have not saved Simran if Raj did not support me. Sakshi comes to meet Raj. She gets hurt. He runs to help her.

The Heir 21 October 2019 Update ends when Mannu comes and thinks to thank Raj. She sees Raj and Sakshi. Sakshi thanks Raj. Mannu turns to go. Raj stops her. Mannu says I came to thank, I could save Simran by your help, thanks. He nods. Mannu says when can we see that pendrive. Raj says right now, come. Raj goes with Mannu. Sakshi thinks I understood Preet’s game, Raj is just mine.

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King of Hearts 21 October 2019 Update



King of Hearts 21 September 2019 Update

King of Hearts 21 October 2019 Update starts with Kunal ordering his thugs to throw Sid out! As they drag him out, Sid stares at Roshni. Roshni looks at him with pity. Simran enters and orders the Men to leave him alone! She slaps Sid twice. Bansi and her family are shocked.

<< King of Hearts 20 October 2019 Update

Simran tells Sid that there is no reason for him to keep chasing Roshni, so she is warning him for the last time to stop! She apologises to the family and tells them that Sid won’t bother Roshni and the family again. She warns them not to also bother her family again! She takes Sid with her. When they get to the door, Sid commends her on the acting and asks why she had to slap him? She says she needed to make them believe.

At night, Roshni is standing by the balcony and thinking of Sid. Kunal comes to her and she says she has to go somewhere. He asks if she doesn’t like him anymore? He holds her and she pulls away from him. He asks if she likes it when Sid touches her? He holds her down on the bed and she screams. King of Hearts 21 October 2019 Update

A bell rings in the room Sid/Jyoti is sleeping in. Roshni runs away form Kunal but he chases her around the room. When he catches her, he slaps her. Sid/Jyoti enters the room and pushes him off, then beats him till he passes out. The rest of the household rush in.

Bansi asks Jyoti why she hit Kunal! Sid says Kunal is supposed to be a Man, but he doesn’t act like one! Bansi says Roshni is his Wife and he can do whatever he wants to her! Sid says as as long as he’s in the house, nobody will maltreat any Woman! He reminds Bansi that she’s a Woman too and should stand up for other Women!

Kunal regains consciousness and threatens to deal with Roshni! Roshni cowers in fear. Sid blocks him and says he knows how to show Men like him their place! She takes off her slipper and tells Bansi to talk to her Grandson otherwise, she would hit him with the slipper and call the Police on him! Kunal throws a punch but Shabnam stops him. She takes him out of the room and Bansi follows. Sid goes to Roshni and holds her.

In the morning, Sid/Jyoti goes to wake Roshni up. She wakes up and sees flowers all around her room. She asks who did it? Sid says he did it and wanted her to lead a happy life. Roshni looks sad. He asks if she’s still thinking about what happened? Roshni says Kunal could repeat what he did last night and he claims to be her husband.

Sid says as long as he’s with her, nothing can happen to her and he believes what he told Kunal would sink in. He asks her what she wants to eat? She says she wants some sweet because someone told her it helps generate good thoughts. Sid is happy she remembers something from the past.

Sid is at his family home, as himself. Raj asks if there is any progress with Roshni’s memory? Sid smiles and says there is progress as she remembers what he always says about eating sweets. Simran gives him a container of sweets to give to Roshni.

Shabnam sees Sid in town. He is dressed in his Jyoti disguise and hides from her. A Woman stands behind him to shield him. Shabnam doesn’t see him anymore so she leaves. Sid is relieved and thanks the lady for helping him. She asks why he’s dressed as a Woman? He says he’s doing it for his love. She asks him for his name and tells him her own name as Survi.

Kunal is having a nap. Shabnam pours a glass of water on him. He asks what’s going on? Bansi tells her she’s crossing her limit! Shabnam asks if he still wants Roshni? He says he does. She tells him to pursue her gently and not by force as he did last night. She says they can’t just fire Jyoti because she will go straight to the Police to report last night incident, but she has a plan to help Kunal win Roshni.

Roshni’s Grandmother tells DD she wants to take Roshni to the Witch Doctor and she thinks the Doctor is the one casting spells on Roshni. They hear Shabnam on the Phone saying she would be at the Mausoleum in a few minutes. They panic. They follow Shabnam as she goes to the Mausoleum. She knows she’s being followed.

King of Hearts 21 October 2019 Update on Zee World

When they get inside the place, they see a Witch Doctor performing a ritual. Shabnam hides and smirks. DD asks the Witch Doctor for the Woman who just came in? He ignores her. DD says it’s a strange place and leaves with her Mother.

Kunal is flogging himself with a belt. Premal and Bansi beg him to stop. Bansi tells Roshni that he feels remorse for what he did to her, that’s why he’s purnishing himself.

Shabnam tells Roshni that he has realised his mistake, that’s why he’s doing it. She tells Roshni that they will help her gain her memory back but Roshni needs to trust them and she needs to know that her Grandmother and DD are not her real family and Jyoti doesn’t care about her. Roshni looks confused. Shabnam asks if she doesn’t trust them? Roshni says she does. Kunal stops flogging himself. Roshni goes to him and says she will trust him.

Sid enters the house as Jyoti with the sweets his Mother gave him. Kunal is lying on his bed and Roshni is helping him clean the wounds on his back. Shabnam says things are okay now. Bansi tells Roshni that they need to start from the scratch and Roshni needs to get married to Kunal.
DD and Roshni’s Grandmother return home. DD realises Sid/Jyoti is just coming in as well, so she asks who has been looking after Roshni?

Bansi tells Kunal to put a ring on Roshni’s finger. He does and Shabnam tells Roshni that it’s her turn. DD and Sid are looking for Roshni around the house. Roshni hesitates but takes the ring from Shabnam. She has hazy flashbacks of Sid giving her a ring. She puts the ring on Kunal’s finger but looks unhappy.

DD, Sid and Grandmother barge into the room. Bansi tells them that Roshni just got engaged and they should see how happy she is. Shabnam says they will get married in a few days. Bansi asks Jyoti what’s in the container? He says it’s sweets. Bansi says it’s just as well, they will celebrate with it. She tells Kunal to feed Roshni. Roshni has tears streaming down her face as Kunal feeds her. Sid turns his face away. Roshni feeds Kunal too. Bansi gives Jyoti some Money and says she has looked after Roshni very well, so she should keep it.

Sid goes to the bathroom, furious. He takes off his wig and splashes some Water on his face as he remembers Roshni and Kunal exchanging rings. Roshni is by herself n her room. She asks why she’s attracted to the strange Man when Kunal is her husband? She wonders if she’s doing something wrong?

Sid puts a Video call through to her from the bathroom. He is dressed as himself. Roshni is shocked to see him on her Phone. He says he’s disappointed she didn’t tell him she got engaged. She asks how he knows and how he got her number? Sid says he knows she’s not happy with Kunal so why is she doing it?

Roshni looks at a photo of her and Kunal on the wall. Sid asks why she got engaged to a horrible Man like Kunal who doesn’t love her when she knows she won’t be happy with him? Roshni says she can’t hurt her family again and if regaining her memory means she has to marry Kunal, then she would do it. Sid asks if she loves Kunal?

Kunal knocks on the bathroom door asking who is inside? Sid keeps quiet. Kunal gets upset. Premal also comes there and tells him to calm down. Kunal threatens to break down the door. Sid is confused. Kunal forces the door open and his jaw drops. Shabnam enters Roshni’s room and asks her if anyone called her?

King of Hearts 21 October 2019 Update stops as Roshni says it was a wrong number. Shabnam tells her that it’s a good thing she got engaged to Kunal. Roshni says she wants to rest. Shabnam stands up to leave. Roshni brings out her Phone and looks at it. Shabnam watches her, then leaves the room

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